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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to repair the LED lamp ?

From the exotic to the mundane switched light sources such as LED lamps.With the advent of bright LEDs was only a matter of time when they will replace the artificial light sources will come to replace less efficient lamps.And so it happened, shelves and showcases sites are full of suggestions of LED light bulbs.They began to do all and sundry, as it requires no specific equipment, all the components produced by well-functioning technology and circuitry run-and unprecedentedly easy to build such a light source.And now you have become the proud owner of LED light bulbs, and for some time she pleased, but suddenly stopped working.Well if this lamp branded with a guarantee, becauseit can be changed, if you suddenly stopped working early.And what to do if the products of unknown Chinese brand, "Space" or the warranty ran out?Do not rush to get upset and throw it in the trash.In this article we'll show you how to repair the LED lamps with their hands, providing step by step instructions and video.

  • acquainted with the device LED bulbs
  • How to fix the faulty item?
  • idea for home masters

acquainted with the device LED bulbs

Before proceeding to repair bulbs on a 220-volt or 12, you need to familiarize themselves with its device.As mentioned above, the structure is extremely simple.The lamp can be divided into three parts: a body with a cap and a light filter, power board LEDs, LED module.

Having examined carefully the body, you'll get the inside of the electronic circuit.The majority of Chinese manufacturers of inexpensive devices such as the "corn" and similar LED light emitters, mounted capacitor transformerless current sources.In these schemes, the capacitor acts as a limiter of voltage and current.

Disassembled enclosure

Information for the reader to say that the operating voltage of the LED is 3.3 volts, and the semiconductor chip current of about 20 to 50 mA, depending on the type of diode.If these parameters are too high, the diode will overheat and the crystal breaks, fails.

How LED light bulbs are arranged.Consistently in the chain of 50 - 60 LEDs soldered together, together forming a light-emitting element for voltage of 180 volts.Power capacitor with a resistor limits the current and voltage to the required level.

Scheme LED light source

Most manufacturers of these devices are on the deliberate deception, and that's the thing: if you increase the current through the crystal above the working face value, but within reasonable limits, the radiation from the diode increases.In this regard, the same will heat up, with which is possible to fight a short time.This trick is what sets them against the competition, because of the greater brightness at the same declared capacity.However, it leads to a drop in light emission or rupture with time and user bitter disappointment.

How to fix the faulty item?

So having an idea about the structure of the electronic circuit of our LED lamp that does not work, look at how to repair it at home.

First make a visual inspection of IC and diodes themselves.In 80% of cases, the breakdown of a burned-out LED.To implement the repair, it is necessary to first find a diode which differs visually from the rest, for example, the presence of the black point expressed as shown below in the image, and then replace it with a new one.

Burned LEDs

video lesson repair LED light bulb, which burned LED:

How to fix a burnt LED lamp socket E27
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can also burn limiting resistor.Rarely fail run capacitors, its breakdown disabling other elements of LED devices.

Once you study this page, we hope that you have a soldering iron and a minimum concepts in electronics.Now troubleshooting procedure.the diode can be checked as a multimeter, and crown with a limiting resistor 1 ohm.Alternately placing wires on the LED conclusions defective will shine.Multimeter set to continuity and make the LED lights up, when the polarity.

If problems with the light emitter is found, the tester check the current limiting resistor, in most of his denomination schemes about 100 to 200 ohms.A more complex repair recommend reviewing video:

Repairing driver

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also the scourge of modern schemes is such a thing as "cold soldering".It eventually breaks down when in contact badly flooded tin soldering spot.

Cold soldering photo

Chain destroyed physically and breaks the integrity of the scheme, with the result that the LED lamp does not turn on.Damage can be repaired by re-warming the contact points with the application of flux to it.

Rare fault - is the breakdown of the rectifier diode and a capacitor, which happens during the surge.With the tester can set it thoroughly.By identifying the cause and replace the faulty item can be returned to operation bulbs.You can learn more about how to check capacitor, you can in our corresponding article.

The more expensive LED devices instead of a capacitor power supply is a switching power supply that automatically adjusts to the line voltage, and regulating it, the output keeps a constant voltage and current, without giving crystals diodes overheating, ensuring a long service life and constant light output.

Switching regulator

fault search method does not differ from the above, and most likely it will be a cold solder joints on any of the elements.Repair LED lamp in this case is not difficult.

If diode lamp does not light up or flickers, it is not always the reason for its failure.In most cases the flashing is due to the fact that it is connected to the switch with backlight.In this case the problem can be solved by replacing the switch to normal.Also, as the repair can consider another simple way to fix the problem - turn off the backlight for the switch by disconnecting the diode light bulb in it.

Sometimes, however, still the lamp may blink, becauseit is something departed, for example, sealed-off wire from the socket.In this case, fix it simply, with the following technologies:
What if the table lamp flickers?
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idea for home masters

read our article maybe you there is such a question, and whether the most you can collect a light source?It is possible, that's what I did before I started to use the factory LED, and by virtue of the specificity of chandeliers and design. Using LED strip and converted electronic transformer, the lamp was manufactured at the work desk with two modes of operation.Later he made a night light on a powerful three-voltaic diode and decorative sconces of twine.

can also learn about how to make the LED light bulb in our separate publication.We hope this article we are interested in you, not just the ability to repair the LED lamps with their hands, but also the idea of ​​creating a beautiful and unusual light sources!