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August 12, 2017 18:07

What if the kettle does not switch off when boiling ?

Electric mandatory attribute of all offices and production huts.This warm one warm winter, relieve fatigue on a weekday, share homesick at dinner, and will be an occasion to take a break during a hard day's work.However, as with any device, it may fail.Calling the water and turn on the device to the network, while running away for a couple of minutes to call colleagues for tea, you can go back and find a Finnish sauna, the cause of which was paruyuschy kettle.In this article we look at why kettle does not switch off at boiling, and how to fix it by hand.

  • Reasons for failure
  • How to repair their own hands?

Reasons for failure

If the kettle does not switch off when boiling water, then the causes of faults can be:

  • not closed the lid;
  • large gap between the lid and the body;
  • no filter, or unevenly located;
  • scale formation on the walls.
  • broken switch or a bimetallic strip, which acts on it.

The process of boiling photos

Below we look at how to repair the kettle, which he will not turn off when boiled.If you're ready to disassemble the device and try to repair, read below what should be done.

How to repair their own hands?

Electric is designed so that when boiling water vapor is going under the hood and reaches a certain concentration, is sent to a special department in which the switch.The latter, in turn, automatically snaps under heating button, thereby disconnects from the network kettle.Visually design of the device you can see in the diagram below:


The first step is to inspect electric, possibly in anticipation of a rush and break colleague did not close the lid tightly, or uneven standing filter prevented the tightly closed.Please note that the open lid is the most frequent reason why the kettle does not switch off when boiling.

cover Open

If it's all right, it is worth a look inside the appliance.From the side of the handle between the lid and the wall there is a hole for discharging steam to the switch.It should be clean, free of obstructions and congestion of scale.The old kettle and a small hole is often clogged, causing the device does not turn off itself when boiling water.The new models have this drawback, so if you want to replace the unit, be sure to read our tips on choosing an electric kettle for the home.

If you visited all the order and did not find the cause, most likely kettle will not turn off automatically when the boiling due to the switch.To reach it, you have to disassemble the unit almost completely.To do this, on the bottom cover to unleash all the screws, remove it, roll out the screws on the handle, gently without damaging the latch and remove.Try to remember the sequence of their actions, so that after the repair you can quickly collect the body.

disassembly Technique

draw your attention to the fact that the switch design does not provide for repair and intervention, so that only the replacement of the unit allows for a similar fix the kettle with his hands.

Why do we recommend replacement instead of repair? no guarantee that the device will operate correctly, as well as before the failure.As a result - forgetfulness, relying on automation, will complete boil-off water from the machine unattended, which would entail the risk of fire.

If, however, you are on your own risk you want to repair the Maker, who for a long time does not turn off when boiling, it needs to get to the switch, and the first thing to visually inspect it.If scorched contacts, strip them with fine sandpaper.More to learn in detail about the repair you can in the video below:

repair technology
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