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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to Repair aerogrill at home?

If at some point you find that your aerogrill broke: not heated either not turned on, do not immediately relate to the studio equipment, especially if it is not under warranty.Sometimes the reasons for failure are quite simple and you will be able to repair it yourself in minutes.Then we'll show you what to do in order to properly carry out repairs aerogrill their hands, providing the most common types of faults.

  • not react to the inclusion
  • Mild warm
  • not cool fan
  • faulty control unit

not react to the inclusion

first failure, whichface often - equipment not included.Do not panic, because sometimes the cause of failure can be the following banal situation:

  1. electrical plug is not plugged in or loose contact.As strange as it did not look, but still lack power very often the so-called cause breakage aerogrill.Pay attention not only on contact with the socket, but also on the connection cord to the technique itself (in the back, as shown in the photo).Very often it is the last connection point causes problems.In addition, check the integrity of the cord that you might have killed.If you, yourself will make a replacement or repair of the damaged section.To learn how to replace the plug, we described in the relevant article!
    Safety button , and place the cord connection
  2. out of service outlet.Check the mount point itself, there is power in it.Perhaps aerogrill it is not included because it is not working outlet.All you need to repair - check the AC mains voltage indicator with a screwdriver as shown in the photo.Using a screwdriver indicator
  3. not exposed to the correct mode.If the display lights up, but nothing happens when you press the "Start" button, you will most likely put the wrong mode.This will indicate the timer, which will show the numbers 00:00.Photo touchscreen
  4. Handle not lowered until it stops.In many models under the handle is a button that protects the equipment against accidental activation.If the handle is not tight, you can not turn the cooking.

If all these points are not appropriate for your case, will have to produce more complex aerogrill repairs on their own - to disassemble the cabinet and take turns to test each circuit element.Using a multimeter

for "continuity" parts need to use a special Tester - Multimeter.With this tool, check the resistance of the fuse which blows when power surges.If aerogrill really does not work because of failure of the thermal fuse, replace it with a new one with the same parameters (worth a penny).Replacement instructions are provided on the video tutorial:

How to replace the fuse with his hands aerogrill

YouTube Preview
to this trouble you no longer disturbed, be sure to install the network surge protector!

If the fuse is OK, rang all the other elements of the circuit - heater control unit, as well as visually check all wiring connections.Perhaps somewhere there was a break contact, which will need to solder.How does this technique, you can see on this video:

review of existing models
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Mild warm

In case aerogrill not heated or slightly warm from below, it is safe to say that not working heater.The cause of the fault can be wear on the heating element at the end of service life or an open circuit.In the latter case, you can try to repair the damaged area, but claimed a lot of reviews on the internet, it is easier to buy a new part than to spend more than one hour to repair.Picture heating element

By the way, it should be noted immediately that often goes down the heating element in the form of a halogen lamp, so that the life of 2 years compared to the 10-ies of the metal heating element.If the lamp does not heat under the hood it is not necessary to replace it with the same.Much would be correct to replace the heater to the metal.In this case, the need to dismantle the protective grille, remove the bracket, unscrew the heater and disconnect the wires.After replacing the parts are going in reverse.As you can see, aerogrill repair their own hands, which is not picking up the temperature, it can be done without the very specific knowledge in electrics!

not cool fan

You may encounter a situation where aerogrill not roasted bottom dishes either not heated due to the fact that it is not spinning fan.In this case, the repair technique is to ensure that it is necessary to disassemble the cabinet and visually view the contacts connected to the fan.If somewhere there was a broken wire, solder it.In that case, if the fan does not work fully, it is better to replace a new one with the same parameters and dimensions.The fan on the lid

that you understand the importance of a good fan, and now we briefly describe its principle of operation.When the heater is heated to a certain temperature, the fan starts spinning and blows hot air to the food.When incorrect fan operation may be a situation where bad aerogrill baked through or not before the end of cooks underneath.

faulty control unit

Well, the last, most complex fault - it does not work when the control unit - timer, thermostat, power button or switch modes.In this case, the reverse can occur even when no aerogrill off.Most often such a situation arises in touch screens, though they are convenient but more prone to breakdowns and costly repairs.Control block

The only thing you can do - check the integrity of the contacts and the touch pad to ring tester.If it does not work, the repair will be beyond the power of the novice electrician, so you'll have to hand over equipment to a service center.Do not be afraid, because the situation when aerogrill is closed on failure of the control unit, is very rare and occurs only in the case if you bought cheap Chinese model of the device.

Here we have listed all of the most popular failure of this type of household appliance.As you can see, with their own hands Repair aerogrill produce quite realistic, so if the device does not work, now you know what to do to repair it yourself!

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