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August 12, 2017 18:07

Return traction vacuum cleaner - 4 reasons for poor absorption

If during cleaning Have you noticed that the vacuum cleaner sucks air or bad does not pull all the trash, you need to immediately try to determine the cause of the fault.Sometimes it is banal - the filter pollution, and sometimes the lack of traction caused by a more serious malfunction.Then we will tell readers Electricians site itself, why can disappear absorption and what to do to repair the equipment yourself!

  • Check
  • bag clean filter
  • examine components
  • Repairing engine


bag first thing you need to do - to check how filled bag.If debris has filled more than 2/3 capacity, traction may become weaker or even an abyss, when you're vacuuming.The paper bag should be replaced by a new one, becauseit is disposable.If the capacity of a fabric, it can be carefully vytrusit and set back into the guides, but it is better to wash with clean water and dry.Paper disposable bag

As a rule, in modern models of technology degree of contamination of the bag of garbage appears on the housing.Light indication in the form of light bulbs will light green when the container is still empty, and red when it is time to carry out the replacement.

If you spend cleaning and vacuum cleaner still sucks bad, look at the power regulator, possibly accidentally set it at least as a result of which the device does not pull air.Suction power regulator

clean filter

Going further in fault finding to check the purity of the fine filter (installed in front of the engine) and exhaust filter HEPA, which is attached to the back side of the case for plastic grating.As for his need to either completely replace the first filter, or wash with water and dry, depending on the flexibility of the material.The HEPA filter, as a rule, should be replaced after every 50 hours of operation equipment to pull the vacuum cleaner is not lost at the most inopportune moment.We checked, replaced, and a vacuum cleaner, as before, collects and absorbs bad rubbish?We view the following elements of the suction system.Photo filter cleaning Exhaust filter

recommend immediately view a video showing the trick to increase the performance of the device:

life hacking to increase the suction power
YouTube Preview

examine components

process of elimination to move on and move on to the next possible reason thatvacuum became a bad draw - damaged hose or brush.Regarding the hose, it can not be fully inserted into the housing or damaged as shown in the photograph.The result - a vacuum does not pull or pull quite weak.Entering the hose in the housing Damage to the hose

brushes checked the level of contamination.Usually they remain the debris like hair and a thin rope.You need to remove all the dirt and check whether there was a craving.You also need to make sure that the brush roller is free to rotate and are not worn.Perhaps simply bearing jammed, causing the brush prevent air suction.In general, it should be noted that very often inconvenient attachment is the "culprit" that pull the vacuum cleaner is weak.Usually such a moment facing buyers of cheap Chinese equipment.Brush

also try cleaning hose wire, perhaps somewhere in the debris prevents the passage of dust in the bag, which can also be accompanied by the fact that machinery is buzzing, or even a very loud noise, but does not suck air.Make sure that the reason is poor draft hose can turn it off and check the quality of the suction arm at the outlet of the housing.If in this case no vacuum sucking, there is only one possible malfunction - motor.

Repairing engine

And finally, what can be - the failure of the engine.This fault can be determined by touching the hand body - very hot, it means that something is wrong.Apart from the fact that the engine is overheating and strongly heated, it can still be switched off abruptly.You do not know what the reason, if the vacuum cleaner does not suck on and off?Read on for some reason lost traction and what to do to repair!Technique unassembled

first need to remove a decorative protection of the body and use a multimeter to ring all the regions of the chain.Typically, equipment is not working due to a blown fuse.If so, replace it with a new one with exactly the same parameters.In that case, if the winding is open-circuited at one of the coils, it is better to choose a new vacuum cleaner and, sinceMotor will purchase an expensive pleasure.Besides it can simply break off contact in one of the wire connections.Then the repair will not be complications, especially if you "make friends" with a soldering iron.

If the problem is the fact that the vacuum does not pull on and off because the motor brushes that you decide to replace, be careful when connecting them.Improper connection of the brushes can be the reason that the vacuum cleaner does not suck after repair, and blowing dust.

That's all the major causes of faults.Finally I would like to note that if you have bad draws a vacuum cleaner with water filter, we must act by analogy with the usual appliances.The only difference is that instead of the dust bag must be properly rinsed aquafiltering!We hope that you now know what to do with any worsening of thrust or its complete absence!

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