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August 12, 2017 18:07

Instructions for connecting the earthing-pin grounding

difference euro outlet from the Soviet product is further connected the ground wire in addition to the phase and the ground terminals of the housing.In addition, there is a difference in construction - the diameter of the sockets in the European version is increased by 0.8 mm.Well, the last difference is that modern outlet can handle up to 32 A, while the Soviet designed to load up to 10 Amps.Then we'll show you how to connect the earthing-pin to the ground with his hands, leaving little instruction, photo examples and wiring.

  • installation instructions
  • Non-standard situations

installation instructions

So that You can view to see the difference between the European and Soviet different housings, provide dataphoto:

Soviet housing standard

Soviet standard housing

Modern standard

Modern standard

As you can see, earthing-pin is on the sides of the copper terminals, which are grounded.The advantage of this embodiment is that the connecting cord from the appliance, protective earth starts to work before they will yield voltage from 220 volts.Even if the equipment is faulty and breaks the tension on the metal lining, you will be protected from electric shock.

To manually connect to the earthing-pin power supply, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off electricity at the introductory panel.To make the connection under tension is strictly prohibited!Disabling protective automation
  2. According to the wiring diagram, apply the marks on the wall in the place where it will be placed euro outlet.It should be noted that the height of the installation of sockets is not standardized rules and GOST RB, so you can choose the most appropriate for their conditions away from the floor.Typically, in order to connect the earthing-pin take back height from the floor at least 30 cm.
  3. Proshtrobite wall under the housing unit (if you want to install inside the walls).If you need to connect the earthing-pin invoice, this step is not necessary to perform.To learn how to correctly perform shtroblenie wall under the wiring can be found in the corresponding article.Shtroblenie concrete wall puncher
  4. Set Escutcheon and vmazhte it into the wall (again, if the body for concealed installation).If you have decided to hold an open wiring method in a wooden house, between the socket and the wall will need to put a piece of asbestos insulation.result
  5. Connect the wires to the appropriate terminals.Please note that it is necessary to connect the earthing-pin to ground.As a rule, is connected to the right phase, zero - the left and the "ground" - in the middle.We recommend you review the wiring plan, to continue to do things right: Transparent wiring diagram
  6. Secure housing in Stroebe.To do this, insert the plug into podrozetnik and dilute presser feet on each side (using screws).If the bill earthing-pin, simply attach it to the wall samorzeami.Properly mounted enclosure
  7. Install the plastic cover.Installation of decorative panels produced by a central screw jacks for connection between the power plug.
Video installation instructions
YouTube Preview
Installing dual model
YouTube Preview

That's the way you can connect to a grounded earthing-pin and set it in a wall of concrete, brick or plaster.If you have no ground wiring or any questions about the connection, you may find the answer to them below.

Non-standard situations

So, there are several situations in which there are difficulties with earthing-pin connection.We now consider the two most relevant today.

  1. No wiring grounding.If you live in the old Khrushchev, which is not provided for the protective conductor PE, earthing-pin can be connected in two ways.First - just insulate the yellow-green wire and connect it to a power outlet.In this case, you simply will not be ground in the apartment and the chance of electric shock, of course, will increase.Second - to do the vanishing of electrical wiring.But this option protection is extremely dangerous and even prohibited the SAE rules.Recommended still dwell on the first embodiment, only an additional set RCD in the apartment.Connecting without grounding
  2. necessary to establish earthing-pin in place of the Soviet.In this case, the installation is facilitated becauseyou will be ready Stroebe (if the place of the old outlet of accommodation is large enough).All you need - to dismantle old podrozetnik and insert a new, and then fix the European model rozetochki.

In this installation guide and earthing-pin connection with their hands ends.In the video, the example we have given, in more detail all the stages of the installation, so be sure to read the operating instructions!

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