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Electricity And Safety

August 12, 2017 18:07

What if the bathroom has a shock ?

Very often the owners of private houses and apartments are turning to professional electricians for help when the mixer wall or beat current.Of course, fingers tingling is not very strong, but it is dangerous to human life, asany subsequent impact can be much stronger.Then we'll show you why in the bathroom has a shock and what to do to solve this dangerous problem.

  • list of possible causes
  • How to fix the situation?

list of possible causes

So, first let's talk about that because of what the jet of water from the tap or the bath itself burns your fingers.Problems can be either due to a malfunction of your posting, and the fault of the neighbors.In the first case, the main causes of electrical shocks are considered:

  1. Washing machine or water heater is not grounded and in case of failure the current fighting.If until now you did not grounded in a private house, then how can you decide this point faster.The yellow-green wire, also referred to as "land" to protect you when electricity leaks, thereby faucet or pipe will not be pinching.To learn how to ground the wiring in the apartment we were told.
  2. damaged insulation in the wiring.Very often the cause of failure is a broken wire in the wall, which, in fact, creates electrical current leakage to the metal tap, bath and damp walls.Find a wire break in the wall, you can use a special device to search for hidden wiring.If you have skills in the use of such devices, you can read our instructions or call a professional to he found the problem area.Damage to the wire insulation
  3. If a stream of water from the tap has a current, it is likely that there was a failure of the heating element of the heater.Check this point, you can use a multimeter, again, if you know how to use it.If you live in an apartment, it is possible that the water heater broke his neighbors, bringing water from the mixer pinches fingers.Dangerous water jet
  4. Also, in the case of an apartment, rather often uneducated neighbors make ground in the bathroom, connecting a wire to the PE riser.As a result - with leaks in their current apartment beats you.Or consider another unfortunate case.Some neighbors are trying to save on electricity by connecting the neutral wire to water pipes that allow to unwind meter.As you know, in this connection electricity will pass through the pipes to your bathroom and, as a result, the crane and the damp walls are a little beat current.

clearly see one of the reasons you can on video:

How do you know that the case in the boiler?

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Above we indicated the main reasons why you may be a little pinch your fingers in the bathroom.Now let's talk about how to solve each of the problems.

How to fix the situation?

If you live in a private home, be sure to do the wiring and grounding, respectively, if it is, check the integrity of the loop by measuring its resistance.Also make sure that the water heater or washing machine is undamaged.First, disconnect them from the network, and if the electric shocks stop, go to Troubleshooting.Search breakdown in the wiring is difficult to determine without having certain skills, however, if you wish, try to make an audit of all outlets, switches, and check the wiring in the wall of a special tester.By the way, do outlet in the bathroom should have a degree of protection IP 44 or higher.Switches have better outside of the electrical safety reasons.

resistance measurements

Sockets with caps

also need to be sure to protect the electrical circuit breakers, which will instantly turn off the electricity at the service area, if it detects leakage current.For the bathroom is recommended to select the RCD with tripping characteristic 10 mA.

RCD panel

Another important point - the presence of obschedomovoy and individual potential equalization system, which integrates all the pipes in the bathroom, the sink and the bathtub to the ground bus.Make sure that you have the apartment there is such a system, and last but not least - check its performance.

potential equalization system

Well, if you made sure that the washing machine with a boiler whole, and the wiring is OK, but the bathroom breaks shock, feel free to go to the neighbors and find out what problems can be in their apartment.If you believe that they are unwound counter so or just do unsafe ground, bringing you beats the current contact with the application in your service organization, which will come with a test and find out what was going on.inspection

That's all that I wanted to tell you about this matter.Hopefully, you now know why the bathroom has a current tap water, the walls of either the mixer and what to do to solve the problem!