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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make ground in the garage ?

not always garage is located in a private house and is connected to a reliable home electrical outlet.Very often motorists keep their vehicles in the garage cooperatives located separately, which is not very much and care about the state of the wiring serviced garage facilities.That is why is necessary to take care of its security, changing the old wiring and creating individual ground loop.Then we will tell readers site itself Electricians how to make ground in the garage with his hands, and whether it is necessary at all.

Garage wiring

  • Why a ground loop?
  • Existing systems
  • instructions on connecting

Why a ground loop?

fact that most garages do with metal is not very good waterproofing, resulting in increased humidity is present indoors.At the same time, motorists at the car repair using powerful power - welding machine, compressor, heaters, etc.These appliances must be earthed otherwise leakage current on the body, especially if the work place in a humid environment, you can become a victim of electric shock.In the best case could end the trauma that you remembered for a lifetime.In order to once again not to risk their lives to make a recommended grounding in the garage with his hands, spending a little time and money.Below we provide a simple guide on how to properly hold a ground loop and which circuit is better not to use.

Existing systems

So, first a brief look at how it is possible to make the ground garage.There are several systems used to date.

  1. TN-C.In this case, the phase of an electric junction is applied and combined conductor (zero to the ground, PEN).This wire PEN already entering divided separately to PE and N, which leads to the garage ground with their hands.The disadvantage of this scheme is that the combined wire breakage phase grounded will move to all appliances.As a result - all your metal lamps and power will flow 220 volts.One touch and the consequences can be fatal, so do yourself a variant of protection we do not recommend.TN -C
  2. TN-S.More reliable grounding of the garage, however, it will be possible to meet him in reality is unlikely becausethis society must lend to consumers separate N and PE wire from the substation to own VRU.It is clear that to do this is not profitable, so this scheme we reject the grounding circuit.TN -C
  3. TN-C-S.One of the most secure systems, which are as follows: from the substation to the cooperative ASU extends combined PEN conductor and organized repeated grounding.Already from the VRU to consumers is five-wire cable: 3-phase, zero and earth.Modern developers use precisely this protection circuit wiring for 380 volts, but the owners of the old garages, will likely have to pay for the modernization of the wiring.Naturally, it does not always agree to this car enthusiasts.TN -C -S
  4. TT.Well, the last circuit ground garage - make the personal circuit of several metal electrodes, dug into the ground next to the garage location.As you know, this is the easiest and cheapest way to protect the wiring, which we now discuss.TT

Below we consider a variant of the ground installation in the garage with his hands.Instructions with photo examples will help you to make your own PE loop with minimal time and money.


connection So, first analyze the circuit diagram of the correct grounding of the garage premises.

In the opening panel is required to connect the RCD, which protects the wiring detection of leakage currents.Residual current device is a very good assistant to the grounding circuit, becausein the event of an emergency, instantly disconnects electricity input.

As for the grounding circuit on the garage 220, it can be performed either in the form of a triangle or in a straight line, as shown below.Some electricians recommend to make a T-circuit protection - 2 electrode to drive in the corners with the front of the room and 2 electrode embedded in the observation well.All earthing rail 4 are interconnected and are connected to corresponding bus in the shield.

electrodes may be represented by the corners of the metal and a length of 2 to 2.5 meters.Corner size must be at least 50 * 50 mm.If you decide to use a metal pipe to make ground garage with his hands, its diameter must be at least 32 mm and wall thickness of more than 3.5 mm.

Well, the last circuit element - flexible wire that connects the underground structure to the ground bus.It is recommended to use the copper wire at least 6 mm.kv.or aluminum with a cross section more than 16 mm.kv.

prepare all the materials you can start assembling the circuit.The first thing you need to dig into the ground electrodes.To prepare this small holes, a depth of 50 cm, according to the chosen pattern, and Dig trenches between the grounding connection fittings.The most suitable distance between the electrodes - 1.2 meters.Dug a pit under the ground circuit of the garage, you can continue driving to the corner of the ground.It is recommended to advance undermine its lower end grinder, then a sledgehammer to drive the electrode, so that he came to the end (the upper end should be below the earth's surface by half a meter).Trench

Valves in the land

hammered corners interconnected metal strip, with a minimum width of 4 cm and a minimum thickness of 5 mm.Joining elements of the scheme recommended by welding, pre-stripping metal to shine.Compound ground electrodes

For the convenience of connecting wires to the corner is recommended to weld a bolt or a special terminal, as shown in the photo below.Clamp for connection of flexible wires

At least three-conductor wire extends from the flap 220 volts in the garage and connected to a grounded outlet and fixtures.Visually see the whole process, you can video lessons below, we strongly recommend that you read.Earth bar in panel photo

first milestone
YouTube Preview
second milestone
YouTube Preview

Here on such instructions can be easily ground to make the garage with his hands.As you can see, everything is quite simple and not time consuming.If the garage space to stay in the home, it is not necessary to make an individual protective circuit.Correct grounding will initially make a private home, then let three-conductor wire from the home guard to the garage.

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