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August 12, 2017 18:07

Waterproofing mastics : study types with guidance for use


mastic mastic material is completely ready to use.Petroleum bitumen serves as a basis with process additives, mineral fillers and a solvent.This material is relatively cheap, reliable and does not require any special knowledge to work with it, thanks to this, today it is widely claimed.Mastic roofing cold does not require preheating before laying.It is divided into two types: water-based and polyester.It is used for the following purposes:

  • repair roofs;
  • isolation of the junction;
  • sealing various joints;
  • To protect against acts of precipitation of metal structures;
  • to protect the assembly welds;
  • for protection against the effects of corrosion of metal constructions of places of contiguity to the brick and concrete structures.

Its Priming compositions saturated and degrease the surface, thereby enhance the adhesion of plaster layers.Bituminous mastic is bitumen-latex dispersion system.It has a dispersed phase (bitumen), which is distributed in the particulate water environment.Mastics based on polyesters are divided into two types: filled with bitumen and bitumen-polymer containing a polymer modifier and a solvent.

Note!Before applying the mastic is desirable to clean the surface from dust and dirt.

Regulations quality work

To waterproofing layer was quality, mastic for roofing should be used in compliance with certain rules.Firstly, the mastic should necessarily be performed in industrial conditions, the presence of all necessary certificates.To determine its organoleptic quality possible way.

example, bituminous mastics have a ratio of weight to volume ratio is less than unity.This means that bitumen is lighter than water.So, in dvadtsatilitrovoe bucket should contain not more than 19 kg of material.If this value is greater, the composition includes various additives, which make it a less quality.The good sealant will last many years and will reliably protect the roof even when the frosts more than -50 ° C.

Note!Qualitative composition after drying on the kind of matte and slightly velvety.

Secondly, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology of application of mastic.After unpacking the material is well stirred before use.Carefully follow to prepare the surface for the compositions polimerbitumnogo and bitumen-butyl rubber.Place the application must be dry, clean, chemically neutral and non-fat.Bitumen-latex and bitumen-emulsion compositions are not so demanding to clean the surface.

Recommendations for efficient operation

recommended that the mastic roof waterproofing was applied at least two layers (along and across), it will make the protective properties as efficient as possible.The layer thickness should not exceed one and a half millimeters, it will give a good polymerization of the material.The first layer must be dry for 6-9 hours, and only then is applied to the second and all subsequent.

New layers are applied only after drying previous.The work must be carried out at zero temperature, if there is an urgent need for waterproofing sub-zero temperatures, the paste is added to the accelerator, it will polymerize the material faster. Important!All layers of the composition should be applied within one day from the date of the first coat.

Working with a very simple structure, but, as you would with any kind of waterproofing, it requires some caution.Avoid contact with mucous membranes of mastic.In the process, use protective clothing, gloves and goggles.