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August 12, 2017 18:08

As a self- mount shower


  • 1 installation siphon soul
  • 2 mounting tray shower
  • 3 Fixing wall shower
  • 4 Connecting water shower yourself
  • 5 assembly Recommendation showercabin

Some bathrooms have such dimensions as to establish a full bathroom in them impossible.A practical solution in such situations would be the purchase and installation of the shower set shower cabin with his own hands.It is also very cost-effective option for the repair and regeneration of small bath room.

Self-assembly of the shower - a very troublesome and time-consuming process that complicates the work in a confined space.All actions should be carried out in stages, performing dosborku and final adjustment.Remedy failures shower.

current building stores offer a huge variety of showers.Many of them have instructions comprising several schematic drawings.

installation methods are divided into the shower corner and square types.And they are different from the structure types that are:

  • open, they include only the pallet and the front side;
  • closed, they consist of a tray, a front wall, roof and rear wall.

design type is chosen depending on the size of the room.The main assembly of the complexity of the soul is cramped room, so you should take into account the further maintenance of the installation.

installation siphon soul

Getting siphon shower installation, you should decide on the optimum height of the pallet.To do this, you must make preliminary measurements, profit and try the place of installation of all fasteners.In addition, you can connect to the sewer drain.

At low pallet excellent option would be installation of a simple siphon.To ensure the smooth repair and stonecrops siphon must be installed so as to be readily accessed and pipes.Siphon should be selected according to the diameter and type of pallet.

Assembly shower tray

Self-assembling the pallet shower is recommended to be divided into two stages:

  • baiting fasteners;
  • application on-site.

For the first stage is best suitable large room, which has a flat floor.Hold it directly into the bathroom to be uncomfortable.

Installing the siphon and the frame

This position is convenient to mount the siphon and the frame.

Fixing the frame

frame must be fixed.

Connecting the drain soul

Here is the drain connected to the soul.

Before installing the tray, you must connect the water drainage system.This is done by flexible hoses.The first step is to collect the tray.To do this:

  1. put the tray on the legs;
  2. long screw studs to full stop;
  3. spin on the central leg of the shortest support;
  4. secure tray to wooden bars and tighten all fasteners;
  5. expose the remaining legs to distribute the load on the pallet to the level and secure;
  6. insert fasteners for the screen;
  7. put the tray on the floor at the installation site soul;
  8. connect the flexible hoses to the water supply and drain hose to the drain;
  9. check drains and leaks.
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Setting the tray legs

legs should be set so as to provide quick water withdrawal.

To see full output from the sump water, it is recommended to connect the drain hose and fill it with water to sewer.Work drain better than water goes faster.Regulate it can change pallet heights.

When buying sets of shower enclosure installation instruction manual, which lists all the joints and make the necessary schemes.

wall mount shower

very important stage in the self-installing shower enclosures is the installation of glass.This requires:

  1. mark the wall mounting locations sidebar, it becomes level;
  2. make holes in the wall for fastening elements, it is done with a drill or hammer;
  3. fix sidebar soul to the wall;
  4. attach glass to the detail of the booth panels and monitor the absence of gaps;
  5. install both side panels and an adapter between them;
  6. attach the panels to the upper frame.
Installing wall

Mounting wall shower

When assembling a closed shower cubicle:

  1. fix on the wall panel forming a roof;
  2. wear loop silicone on the back wall, and inserted into a horizontal groove panel;
  3. secured with plastic clips;
  4. attach the front of the side panels;
  5. mount side panels;
  6. install the upper part;
  7. silicone rollers mount in sliding doors;
  8. install sliding doors, eliminating distortions.
Mounting of the side walls

wall installation soul produced in this way.

When the plastic walls of the showers open-needed sealing.Sliding elements require the installation of the sealing gum.The joints undergo silicone sealant

Connecting water shower yourself

When connecting the water supply to the shower you need to use special connectors and reliable pipe.In this situation perfectly fit fasteners and practical clips.

connection begins with the ceiling of the main water supply.Then, in the wall or tile drilled hole using a drill, in which the anchor is installed and screws, not forgetting the silicone sealant.Thereafter, the hoses are fixed.On the outside of the shower panels are installed water pipes and decorative plates.Then checked the correct installation and integrity, as well as fixed handle.

Recommendations for assembly shower

  • When buying a shower enclosure is recommended to specify all the sizes, given the size of the room.The selected material will depend on the method of mounting and suitable for this element;
  • Many pallets are made of plastic that can not withstand the water volume and weight of the person, therefore it is necessary to construct drainage podium;
  • necessary to observe the highest standards precautions when installing the glass elements.
  • makes installation of the shower enclosure, it is recommended to carefully check the possibility of leaks and leaks;
  • In addition, it is recommended to take into account the preferences of all those who will use the shower.It can be located right or left of the door.

When all instructions and accounting requirements necessary install a shower stall with his hands does not involve extra costs.And the knowledge gained during the assembly process, help resolve quickly any, which arose as a result of operating problems.