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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heating System Leningradka

«Leningrader» called the heating system, the scheme which was developed during the Soviet era, but it continues with great success, and in the construction of modern buildings.And the main reason for its enduring popularity and immense respect among experts on heating systems is its extreme ease of installation.To heat it in all the rooms of the building, you just set the elementary heating equipment: boilers, pipes with expansion tank, and of directly heating radiators.Assemble all this working farm in the complex forces almost every handyman.Also read about the heating scheme of single-storey houses.

The most significant "Leningradka 'benefits include the following:

  • minimum equipment costs;
  • small installation labor intensity;
  • the possibility of heating pipe laying absolutely anywhere;
  • good aesthetics due to the small number of available pipes eyes;
  • the ability to connect multiple boilers.

heating pipe can be laid along the outer walls of the building, that is to surround it with one ring.This hot coolant is removed from the boiler supply pipe, which is connected in series to the heating of the building all appliances, including such popular today, "warm floor".At the end of the way coolant is supplied through the inlet of the return all in the same pot.

Varieties Leningradka system

Varieties system Leningradka

Meanwhile, "from Leningrad" still not without some unpleasant features:

  • due to the gradual cooling of coolant during movement through the pipes last circular radiators have to do more and more multi-section;
  • dismantling powerful radiator is not always simple and easy.

The principle of "Leningradka»

In this wiring diagram all appliances (boilers, pipes and radiators) are connected in a consistent manner.Therefore, the return on the input temperature of the coolant will be much lower than the output in the supply pipe.It is due to this difference in temperature is precisely maintained coolant circuit.At the same time on one-pipe "Leningradsky" can successfully create efficient heating systems for both single-storey and two-storey houses for.

The operating principle of the system Leningradka

principle system robots Leningradka

Since the scheme under consideration allows laying pipes below the floor level, you need to take care of their robust thermal insulation.First, it will increase the efficiency of the entire system.Second, to avoid undesirable overheating structural floor elements.

Assembly and its features.

pipeline "Leningradka" forms an annular closed system, laid around the perimeter of the house.Directly next to the boiler is made tie-riser, which is necessary to provide sufficient heat to start the movement of coolant temperature difference.At the same time near the top of the vertical tie connects the expansion tank.Due to the system pressure of the coolant tank in a heating system will always remain constant regardless of the temperature.

Radiators are connected in a simple tie-heating pipe.Depending on the wiring diagram, Box can be done in two ways.

  1. Bottom connection.Thus radiators are connected to the system through its bottom nozzles.
  2. diagonal connection, in which the coolant is introduced through the top tube on one side of the radiator, and is output from the bottom on the opposite side.This method of connection is sometimes referred to as full bore
Mounting systems


system In addition, the simplicity of "Leningradka" design does not mean the inadmissibility of the use of its system of additional control elements, which are full of almost all popular modern heating system.For example, it allowed the installation of thermostatic valves in order to save energy, balancing valves and faucets absolutely any principle of action.Also, by using those same taps and valves allow adjustment of coolant flow in the separate radiators so that this intervention provided no appreciable effect on the temperature of downstream elements of the system according to the scheme.

Another feature that can be taken into account when creating the design and installation of this system in place, it is widely used cranes and bypasses to connect radiators.Thanks to them, not only facilitates the repair of radiators due to their ability to shoot without stopping the entire system, but also to make their full replacement as such need.Read also about the heating of the wooden house.

Video - installation of heating systems Leningradka