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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to eliminate breakage shower


  • 1 How to repair shower hose
  • 2 How to repair a pallet shower
  • 3 How to fix the faucet in the shower
  • 4 Repair siphon in the shower
  • 5 How to replace the cartridge in the shower
  • 6 How to replace the glass in the shower
  • 7 repair Other types of soul

main causes of faults in the shower could be improper assembly or installation, as well as long service life.Even very high quality and luxury products are subject to all sorts of breakdowns and it is natural.However, repair shower cabins with their own hands can be made simply, if we understand how to fix a number of common problems.

How to repair shower hose

most often in the shower hose bursts.Before you repair the shower hose, it should go to the store and buy a new one, as the easiest solution would be to replace it with new one.To do this:

  • Remove the funnel;
  • with a special key to unscrew the nut from the mixer;
  • Install a mixer new hose, using the rubber gasket;
  • Install new hose for watering, using nuts.
Install yoke on the shower hose

With clamp can be repaired shower hose.

purchasing new hose is best to go to the store with the old.This will help to buy a product with a similar thread on the nut.

If for some reason it is impossible to replace, you need to figure out how to fix the shower hose.To do this, you can choose the appropriate size and diameter of the element of the PVC hose and insert in leaky place or install the clamp.

How to repair the shower tray

Due to improper installation, which arises from incorrect adjustment of the legs in the support frame of the pallet or of careless operation, there may be a crack.If you can not replace it with a new one, you need to know how to repair the shower tray.

If cracks do not exceed a length of 35 cm or holes no larger than 100x100 mm excellent solution to the problem is to pour a liquid acrylic.To do this, you must purchase a repair kit for acrylic baths, which includes a liquid acrylic, curing agent and abrasive laces.For repairs should:

  • Expand crack a few millimeters using the grinder;
  • Clean the repair area on the tray of dirt, degrease;
  • Prepare a mixture of liquid acrylic and hardener according to instructions;
  • Pour the mixture into the hole or crack;
  • Remove excess mixture, using a rubber spatula;
  • seal with tape and leave to dry completely;
  • Remove the cling film and polishing the repaired spot.

fixed the hole or crack, it is necessary to find out and get rid of the cause.This can strengthen the pallet, laying brick underneath the pillow and her bay mounting foam with low expansion coefficient.

Brick pillow shower tray

Brick cushion to protect the tray from the cracks.

How to fix the faucet in the shower

faucet in the shower has a more complex device than other plumbing devices.The causes of breakdowns can be a variety of factors, making it a frequent phenomenon.Therefore, in normal operation, it is necessary to know how to repair shower mixer in case of breakage.

Often, many are faced with such a problem, a weak flow of water from the shower, it can be caused by clogging of the aerator.To eliminate it you must:

  • Remove the aerator;
  • Rinse it under a stream of water or blow;
  • Set in its place.
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In the event of leakage of the spout must be replaced sealing rings or rubber seals.To do this:

  • Unscrew the nut holding the spout and remove it;
  • Remove the sleeve inside the spout with nut, with the help of the hexagon;
  • Get sleeve of the nut;
  • Replace sealing rings, which had deteriorated to the new;
  • Assemble mixer back, performing the steps in reverse order.

For complex faults, which are difficult or impossible to remove, complete replacement of the mixer in the shower is recommended for normal operation.

When troubleshooting mixers, it is not recommended to use gas or an adjustable wrench.All work can be carried out by hand.

Repair siphon in the shower

Broken siphon leads to a bad smell in the bathroom stall.To repair the siphon into the shower tray, remove the screen, unscrew the upper part of the trap and replace it with a new one.

Replacing sewer siphon is very time-consuming process.During this type of work will need rubber gaskets and special tools.Also, it may be necessary to eliminate clogging bending.To do so, disassemble and clean the siphon.

How to replace the cartridge in the shower

If you follow the instructions, the replacement cartridge in the shower is not difficult.First, you need to turn off the water of the total riser and lift the mixer lever to the top position.Thereafter follows to remove the cap from the blue and red dot at a small screwdriver.Loosen the screw beneath it possible to remove the lever mixer.

Shower cartridge

So look cartridge shower

Next, carefully unscrew the chrome decorative cap and nut, locking the cartridge, using an adjustable wrench.Having cleared a seat for the cartridge, install a new one.After that is necessary to make all of these processes in the reverse order.

How to replace the glass in the shower

Replacing the glass in the shower - the process is very simple, if the door, side and front windows.Replacing the rear wall involves the dismantling of the upper part of the shower completely, which complicates the process.

All windows are installed using sealing rubber.In order to remove the broken glass is necessary to eliminate a single rack cubicles, remove the seal and remove the broken glass.Install the new glass and do the same process in reverse order.

In order to eliminate the possibility of subsequent breakage of glass is recommended to protect them with a shock-resistant film.This method is suitable for ordinary untempered glass.

Other repair shower

The showers may experience various problems.Many of them are related to leaks in pipelines and connections that are hidden behind the shower panel.These types of problems is easier to prevent than to fix.The panel is connected to the rear walls of the cabin, and for access to communications is necessary to make a complete dismantling.The exception is a shower box, which is not attached to the wall, and repair, so is easier.To troubleshoot problems with it, you can just push.

In addition, there may be minor damage such as wear of the rollers and the door handles.In this case, before you fix the shower did not have to learn complicated instructions as simple repair.

Rollers shower

So look door rollers shower stall.

As a result of the aggressive impact of different means or mechanical damage may occur corrosion on metal parts.To eliminate them, you must:

  • Sanding damaged area;
  • With deep damage to apply avtoshpaklevku sanding and again;
  • degrease the surface;
  • blow paint from a container.

When the flow booths required sealing equipment.Prior to this, remove old sealant and clean the frame with soap and water.Dry, degrease and apply new sealant.