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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heater solyarogaz - guide and reviews

Heater solyarogaz - guide and reviews

So, again, on hearing the age-old problem of heating of country houses in the winter.

course, no discounting the Russian construction of a conventional oven where you can cook and dinner, and giving heat.

quite justified option of installing a conventional or improved "stoves", which has been known since time immemorial.

All of these options do not require large expenditures, as well as fuel goes dead wood from the nearest landing, and wood waste will be what to do with.

will not we here to consider and options for steam heating to a particular type of fuel, the more so for the holiday needs when coming in the winter does not happen often, it will be too big and inefficient investment.

But how to ensure rapid heating of the room, and possibly even a normal night at the winter dacha?


For this purpose there are different options, depending on the presence or absence of electricity in the country and supply.

as a possible option for heating buildings cottage can be seen solyarogaz under which it can mean a variety of devices on the principle of action.

Such a device can run on conventional diesel and to give heat in closed combustion mode.

reviews solyarogaze are listed below and are positive.This kind of stove, which is the main fuel for a diesel fuel or in a simple way - diesel fuel.

Such ovens may have different power and excellent job with the tasks of heating a small garden, garage or greenhouse.

However, given the standard fuel consumption, fuel tank capacity is sufficient for continuous operation of the oven for 16-20 hours.On this stove can heat up and even cook food.

solyarogaz heater running on gas is an infrared device that generates heat using the heat-radiating surface of the ceramic, rather than by direct gas burning.

The instrument is used for heating of country houses, greenhouses, garages, as well as to accelerate the drying of surfaces in the construction and repair.

This device can be connected to the mains gas network or to the gas cylinder.

Medium (solyarogaz) consumes about 200 grams of liquefied natural gas per hour and heats up to 20 square meters.The device is quite compact and weighs a little more than a kilogram.

If necessary, stay in a holiday cottage in the winter, provides a comfortable temperature inside the house with a relatively small gas flow.Video


solyarogaz heater made in a plate is a box structure which houses the heater block, filter, jet, fiberglass wick and the fuel tank of 2.5 liters.

As fuel may be used illuminating kerosene and diesel fuel.

over the burner grate is of heat-resistant steel, which can be used for placing a metal pan to heat up food.

Work on one refueling is provided within 11-15 hours.When using the oven it is necessary to observe basic safety rules in the operation of the fuel equipment.


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reviews solyarogaze

Reviewed 1

After viewing the members of the forum of opinionsbought a stove for use in his garage, the size of 4x6 meters.Operating experience has shown that heating the premises occurs immediately after turning on, and in an hour of work is necessary to reduce the capacity of the stove, exhibits good heat dissipation.The smell is almost not felt very satisfied with the purchase.

Reviewed 2

cool thing, great heats a small cottage!Now it can be, and in the winter time.

Reviewed 3

bought a heater for installation in a greenhouse.Copes with heating, replacement of wicks takes place a few months of operation.I got the opportunity to operate a greenhouse during the cold season.