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August 12, 2017 18:06

Double sinks ( 26 photos ) : selection and installation , double sink with cupboard

double round sink
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Materials
    • Faience and porcelain
    • Gres
    • Glass
    • Artificial stone
    • Stone
    • Corrosion
    • bronze or copper
  • Installation

double sinks look very stylish and have a number of advantages over the single sink.Double washbasin helps to create the most comfortable conditions for simultaneous finding of family members in the bathroom.

double washbasin
Sink for Two


1. Increased adoption of water treatment area.You will be able to create in peace and quiet apartment in the morning, because at the same time can wash two people, which is especially important in the collection to work or school.

2. Compliance with cleanliness for the whole family.For example, a sink can be given at the disposal of the children, the other - for adults.The result is a maximum isolation of children from adults.In addition, you can use one sink and one disinfected.

3. Organization of individual space.The private sink man settles personal zone at its discretion.For example, you can put gel install shelf with cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

double sink - clean for the whole family
double sinks in a vintage interior


1. Have the requirements for free space.If you have a small bathroom, then to the installation of sanitary devices will have to wait.

2. The price of the product.Are the double sinks are usually expensive, which makes think before purchasing such a washbasin.However, the lack quickly offset by a welcome calm and comfort in the house.

3. The need for cleaning.To harvest now requires twice as many costs as you need to clean more than one sink and two.

designer double sinks
double sink in the interior
double wash basin with silver finish


choosing a double sink bathroom, pay attention to the material of its manufacture.

Faience and porcelain

most familiar to the majority of shells are made of faience and porcelain.Ceramic products are of beautiful appearance, environmentally friendly and hygienic.They are well fit into any bathroom interior.This product is not afraid of scratches, temperature changes.However, because of their fragility can not sink to withstand shock loading, crack and fail;

double sink made ​​of porcelain
washbasin for large families
double sinks , faience

Porcelain Gres

unlike ceramics is composed of granite chips.These sinks considerably stronger than ceramic, they are practical, they are not afraid mechanical impact of heavy objects.

Double sink of granite


A wide variety of double washbasins made of glass allows you to use a lot of colors.This material is matte, glossy, and very smooth.Glass is widely used by designers because it can take many forms.In the production of dual use equipment for washing glass, hardened past, so this plumbing is not fragile and is not afraid mechanical damage.On the glass does not remain traces of contamination, it can not be odors and moisture, but if the water is very hard, can form plaque on the surface;

double sink made ​​of glass

Artificial stone

duo of artificial stone set very often.Composite sinks are durable and safe can withstand mechanical stress and chemical environment, but such products are heavy.

Double sink of granite


washbasins natural stone have a beautiful appearance.However, they can absorb the dye particles and odors, so for them need constant care;

double sink made ​​of natural stone


Dual instruments made of stainless steel is rarely installed in the bathroom, as this material is well suited for kitchens.The basis of this selection is often a design project.This plumbing can be a source of excessive noise in the bathroom.

stainless steel double sink

bronze or copper

use as starting materials of bronze or copper can create beautiful products.At the same time, such devices rather capricious and operating them need constant care.

double sink made ​​of copper


installation steps are identical installation simple washbasin.

Double sinks are of the following types:

  • embedded;
  • attachments;
  • overlay.
Surface- type double sinks
Surface- type double sinks in the bathroom interior

most simple - sink invoice design, available in the cabinet.To install it, it is only necessary to mount the faucets and siphon.

cheapest - a wash basin mounted version, but it is more difficult to establish.In addition to the connection to the water system, also need to attach it to the wall with towers.

double sinks mounted
installation hinged shell scheme
mounted washbasin
multilevel double sinks, wall mounted

Embedded samples are installed in the countertop using the tie.Other works like installation of other double sinks.

When choosing a double sink appreciate space in the bathroom.Otherwise it is very practical and is very convenient to use.A variety of shapes and designs allows you to create any design that surpass any picture in a glossy magazine.

double sinks for spacious rooms
Use double sinks
snow-white double washbasin

learn how to independently install a double sink in the bathroom, look at this video: