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August 12, 2017 18:05

Frameless furniture

Just a few years ago, frameless furniture was perceived only as a curiosity, and the fruit of an extraordinary imagination of designers.But now she is actively entered into our life and takes its rightful place in the interior.What is this and how to choose furniture for the design of its own home?


  1. little history
  2. advantages frameless furniture
  3. Recommendations for choosing frameless furniture
  4. Photo frameless furniture


stories for the first time, this design study appeared in the sixties of the lastcentury.Then frameless armchair-bag caused quite a sensation in the furniture world.His perceived quite wary and did not hurry to use in interiors.However, after some time, people were able to appreciate the invention and began to actively use it in their everyday life.

first chair, ball-shaped or pear, used only in children's rooms.This is easily explained by the convenience and safety of such furniture.Now the range of items has grown considerably, and frameless furniture has become an integral part of the interiors of offices, bedrooms, living rooms and home libraries.

advantages frameless furniture

chairs, ottomans, bed frame without foundations have a lot of advantages:

  • are lightweight.Furniture of this type has a weight of no more than eight kilograms.This is achieved through lightweight fillers - foam beads;
  • variety of forms.Pyramids, pears, cubes, turtles, cylinders, flowers - all this is not a complete list of frameless furniture options;
  • Available in different sizes.Furniture frameless can have very different sizes, allowing you to choose the best option for each room.

Recommendations for choosing frameless furniture

If you have a question - how to choose the frameless furniture for the home, you can help the following recommendations:

1. Practicality.Frameless furniture should have several removable covers.This is a prerequisite, it is so you can easily wash them and return to the original appearance of the furniture;

2. Material.Cases for such furniture may be made of different materials.It is recommended to give preference only natural products, such as leather.Leather options will serve you for a long period of time and will be able to decorate any interior.Also prefer flock, nylon, chenille, etc .;

3. Design.Any frameless furniture in the interior must be appropriate!That is why when it is selected should pay attention to such nuances: colors, shape, size, the presence or absence of decorative elements.All of these parameters should be in harmony with the general interior space and overlap in some places with him;

4. Purpose.If you pay attention to the photos displayed on our site, you'll notice that there are very different types of frameless furniture.For example, there are models that can only be used indoors, while others - from the outside.If you need furniture for the garden, pool or garden, then preference should be given to products made of mantle tissue.They will not deteriorate under the influence of natural factors and beautifully decorate the landscape.You also need to pay attention to the presence of such furniture special handles to make you more convenient to carry objects from one place to another.If furniture is needed for domestic use only, then there is the choice of material will depend on your preferences and financial capabilities.

Photo frameless furniture