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August 12, 2017 18:07

What lamps are now in vogue ?

Wall lights are often used in the interior for the local and general lighting of rooms.They are compact, attractive design and also easy to install.As for appearance, the fashion trends for a long period of time is considered a classic, high-tech and design of antique.As you know, the style chosen for the interior of the room.You do not know what lights are now in vogue?We recommend you visit the below photo of the most stylish sconces on the wall, according to the site itself electrician!

  • Retro design
  • Classic
  • Hi-tech

Retro design

So, first of all consider the most beautiful antique wall lights.In 2016 trendy considered lamps with incandescent Edison, as in the photo below:

Edison lamp

addition quite attractive look lighting from wood and metal devices:

Wooden case

Retro lighting in the room

The lamp in the form of candles

This may also include no less beautifulsconces on the wall in the loft as this option:


If you want to choose a stylish lamp for the hall, bath or loggia, think about buying a product with performance under the old.This is a win-win, becauseretro style is always in fashion!


lovers of classic design we recommend to pay attention to the wall lamps with a dark rag shade or light shade, depending on the interior.Classic looks nice in living rooms, corridors, and along the stairs to the second floor, which can be seen in the photos below:

Lamp with rope switch

A classic lighting fixture

neat shade

Lighting in the bathroom

Modern classic

Highlighting the staircase
Besides stylish classic bras may look good inthe bedroom over the bed, as well as in the kitchen over the table, if the interior of the rooms is also consistent with the fashion trends.A distinctive feature of the classic fixtures switch is in the form rope.


Well, the last variant of registration, which is a fashion in 2016 - is a modern style, called "Hi-Tech".These wall lamps are made of chrome-plated metal, glass, plastic and even a stone.The combination of different materials with unusual shapes makes bras not only fashionable, but also quite stylish.Most of these lamps used to illuminate the mirrors in the bathroom, in bedrooms, halls and children.To see examples of beautiful bras you can in the photo, which we have prepared:

Modern lights as torches

High tech

Lamp in the form of a bird

The idea for the nursery

Glowing animals over the bed

Interesting idea for a child

LED device on the wall

Lighting in the bathroom mirror

It should be noted that high-tech is most often usedLED bulbs and ribbons, which not only saves energy, but also have a bright glow.

recommend also view the video, which demonstrates the idea to assemble the fixture with his hands:
unusual homemade light wood
YouTube Preview

Here we provide photos of the most stylish,at the same time fashionable wall lights, which are popular in 2016.We hope that our examples of beautiful sconces on the wall like you and help to choose the appropriate option for your own home!

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