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August 12, 2017 18:05

Solid wood furniture

main note home furnishings play in the overall appearance of the house.Solid wood furniture is classified as luxury goods, so not everyone can buy it.If you are one of those lucky ones who have to go to the store for an oak table or chair on curved legs in beech, then this article can learn how to choose furniture from solid wood and not to miscalculate.


  1. wood Quality Control
  2. Breed tree
  3. Woodworking
  4. What usually make solid wood furniture?
  5. Photos of solid wood furniture

wood Quality Control

The store is very difficult to determine quality wood used in the manufacture of furniture or not.Responsible manufacturers carefully inspect the material and reject the damaged fragments.Excluded are those parts where there are knots, annual rings are too frequent, unwanted layers, because they reduce the strength of the product.The buyer can only see if there is on the surface of blotches, spots, strange stains.Their presence - evidence of putrefaction, which began in the material before using it in production.

Breed tree

properties of solid wood furniture depends on the species of wood.Therefore, each of the varieties produced certain items.

  1. Pine.It is soft, so it is suitable only for the production of accessories (for example, frames for mirrors), or frames for sofas and armchairs.If it makes some of the objects, they are not intended for too frequent use.However, in the shops you can find a variety of pine furniture.This is due to the low cost of the material.
  2. Beech.Excellent material for light objects.Since it is well bent, bent pieces of furniture made of solid antique from this wood.
  3. oak and ash, maple and beech are hardwood.These rocks make it possible to vary the shades of the palette from the very light to dark golden.From such a timber is obtained real elite furniture made of solid wood.Today, maple and ash almost stopped making home furnishings because of the lack of material.But the oak tree, by contrast, is widely used in this area.
  4. Birch is most popular in furniture manufacture.It is strong enough, tolerates mechanical action.The main difference from the oak - a shorter life.Outwardly, it looks aesthetically pleasing, but we must try to select such items on the surface of which a minimum number of knots.


production process necessarily involves treating the wood surface by special trains, which will not allow to evolve putrid processes and exclude fissuring and swelling.The outer surface must be treated with varnish, protecting from UV exposure.This is especially important for outdoor furniture or articles intended for the bathroom.

What usually make solid wood furniture?

In the manufacture of drawers and cabinets, tables and chairs made of solid wood panels are special.They are different: glued, whole, some contain knots, while others do not have them.Glued panels made from high-quality wood, then they are faced with veneers prepared.The result is a solid billet.From this material produces exclusive furniture made of solid, it is expensive, but its performance high.

To determine the model, color, texture, it is necessary to take into account the overall design of the interior, its style.Finding Your Way in the commercially available wood pieces of furniture you will be photos posted on the site.Each item or set will serve not just for decades but for centuries, bringing joy to your grandchildren by its beauty.

Photos of solid wood furniture