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August 12, 2017 18:05

Trends in interior design in 2015

With the end of 2014 the trends in interior design have changed significantly.If you have previously been in a trend of neon colors, but impersonal interiors today are replaced by calm, bright and rich colors, unusual styles and trends.


  1. Photo trends in interior design in 2015

say that a new trend in interior design is very difficult now be present as Year of the Sheep (Goat) yetthere will be more characterized by a mixture of flavors and styles.In living rooms and bedrooms, we meet unusual combination of furniture from antique wood and plexiglass, imitation absence of any finishing work on the walls (bare brick) and screen printing, delicate flowers in the upholstery and coarse woolen cloth.Therefore, the apartment design still must be one that is right for you - the individual.However

5 key ideas still in the lead among the trends in interior design in 2015:

1. Classic .The main direction - closer to the natural, the natural, the better.More wood, stone and metal - fashion trends in interior design in the new year just spoil them.Actually everything: wood paneling in the rooms and wooden furniture, chipped stones on the walls and leather furniture, wrought in fragments of the interior and the glass with metal in furniture.At the same time the furniture can be the subject of another of my grandmother's bedroom, but she just fit better into the overall concept.

2. Yin-Yang or white-black .Black color we always a little afraid of his sullenness, but the trends in interior design, examples of photos that are on the site, saying that white it is in harmony, making the room bright and unusual.Chess board on the floor or on the wall of musical keys, zebra stripes or gobelenovskie monochrome drawings - all this looks impressive, attracts attention and fascinates.But as far as decor, gold frames on the walls, mirrors, silver candlesticks perfectly complement and set off the interior.

3. Scandinavian style .The latest trends in interior design regularly remind about it, adding and refining the details.This year, it is preferred to recreate the warm, self-colored shades on the walls, soft, frameless furniture, lots of hidden niches and the same number of open shelves.Variety of room bright accessories (large paintings, jugs, table lamps, etc.), as well as panoramic windows.

4. Look around (look around) .Modern trends in interior design show that nature has given us everything we are looking for.The most beautiful colors, combinations, materials - all this has already laid her.We can only learn how to use it, bringing beauty into everyday reality.The main colors of the interior are selected for the following: forming an ideal picture of relaxation or a favorite landscape, choose the main color and are carried into effect.For example, a person likes to relax on the beach, then the key colors - gold and azure-blue and white.In this direction, and worked as a designer, skilfully combining, diluting and adding to them.

5. Style Country , perhaps not out of fashion even in the next decade.Since the latest trends in interior design dictates it as one of the modern and successful, who play in their own home and to stay in the trend is not difficult.The highlight is that the walls are selected bright-colored shades, but the elements of decor, ornaments, furniture covers, cushion selected in colorful, gypsy colors.This flashy content is excellent extravagant people, self-assured and brooked no monotony.

fashion trends of interior design in 2015 provide an opportunity to realize his dream, without looking at the styles.After all, what they offer - it is to feel oneself and to recreate it around.Photo

trends in interior design in 2015