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August 12, 2017 18:05

Furniture for anteroom in the Khrushchev

Selection of the correct hallway interior will create a cozy atmosphere, even in a small room.Unfortunately, the layout of the hall in "Khrushchev" apartment does not allow to use any style and furniture.Because the small size of the premises should pay special attention to the selection of style, some features and ideas can simply be unavailable.All you need is the desire, imagination, patience and a little knowledge on how to choose furniture for the small hall in the Khrushchev.


  1. limited hall space in the Khrushchev
  2. Colors
  3. Maximum minimalism
  4. Photo Furniture for anteroom in Khrushchev

To begin to understand that in order toYour entrance to Khrushchev was attractively decorated and at the same time remain user-friendly furniture should be chosen using the three simple rules.

limited space in the hallway Khrushchev

To hallway remained comfortable and free enough to use it is necessary to calculate the free space correctly.Try to use the minimum amount of furniture.The free space must be at least one extended arm for the entire length of the hall.The ideal solution is to install only a small bedside table (any style), a locker and a small mirror (or the mirror must be installed on the entire height of the ceiling), which will visually increase the room.


correctly pick the color.If there is a strong contrast with a touch of wallpaper or color will be placed too chaotic, entrance will not be comfortable.

Maximum minimalism

to come to Khrushchev was so to say "cute", you must give up some things.First, we should choose a model with a minimum of furniture design.The more details on the furniture, the more it will fall into the eye and the entrance hall, it will seem even smaller.Since the main objective to maximize the room visually, and thus create a unique style, while retaining the comfort and convenience of these options should be avoided.Style furniture

Pay particular attention to the choice of furniture style.It is best to choose a simple classical model because they look best, but you can experiment.Note that the style of furniture should be in harmony with the style of the entire room.

Pay particular attention to the choice of color, however, as a rule, hallway furniture Khrushchev should be, as in the photo, pleasant, warm colors that will visually increase the space.It is best to use white or blue.In addition, you can use the contrast method.For this wallpaper should be of white color, while the black furniture.

To plan and creating a comfortable interior in the hallway Khrushchev was successful, it is best to gather all their ideas on the selection of furniture still in its infancy.For this you can use as an example of photographs in this article.

Photo Furniture for anteroom in Khrushchev