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August 12, 2017 18:05

Waterproofing of bathrooms in the apartment

most important stage of repair bathroom is right waterproofing bathrooms .The undeniable significance of this process is to protect against the negative effects of the emergence of excess moisture inherent in this type of premises and are expressed devastating impact, both on the facing materials, and the plumbing in general.Thus, further causing irreparable harm to all the work done to repair.Individual advantage in waterproofing of bathrooms in the apartment of a multistory building is to minimize the effects of flooding neighbors as a result of the breakthrough water pipes.In addition, this process will protect the walls, floor and ceiling of the large fluctuations in temperature, which in turn have a positive impact on their durability.


  1. procedures for the use of bituminous caulking
  2. Procedure for installation of back-lining insulating barrier
  3. Video waterproofing bathrooms with their hands

To date, worked out an optimal waterproofing technology toiletswith his hands, implying the use of the following materials:

  • bitumen putty, which include a wide range of universal materials of coating, easy to apply on a different basis.Their main advantage is efficiency, reliability and functionality;
  • different Wood banding Gidrobarer impregnated with bitumen, copes with its basic functionality, but much more difficult in the stacking process of repair work;
  • cement-polymer compositions are ideally suited for insulation work on the walls of the room (laying of tiles).

procedures for the use of bituminous caulking

1) First of all, you need to prepare the room.To do this, all the old coating layers are removed, to the concrete base, after which it is thoroughly cleaned, rinsed, dried, it removes rough bumps, applied at the end of the deep penetration of the soil is suitable for your chosen putty.

2) After the primer has dried, under the instruction prepares the selected gidrobarernaya mixture and applied to the joints of the walls and the floor, as well as the corners of the room a smooth transition to the rest area.It is mandatory application of insulation up the wall by 20 cm. Then the next layer is applied.The required average from 2 to 4 layers of coating material (after each layer is applied only after the previous drying, drying in a draft-free indoors).

Procedure for installation of back-lining insulating

1) To start the barrier on the cleaned surface held preliminary layout, then all the gaps, corners and joints are sealed sealing tape (it is important not to forget to paste over the surface of the wall at 20 cm from the ground level).

2) Next, depending on the selected back-lining material, it is necessary according to the instructions pokleit cut film, watching it with a firm grasp of the basis.In addition, it is important to lubricate all joints with mastic between the sheets.

3) The final stage is the "pridavlivaniya" Gidrobarer mastic asphalt.After that, the room completely dried.

Another way to waterproof floors in bathrooms is to create a combined layer, during which an initial layer of bitumen putty laid web material while maintaining the above-described technology.

for quality waterproofing the walls used plaster of cement-polymer solution , especially suitable for laying tiles.The technology is similar to the whole process.On the cleared, leveled and double-primed surface is applied waterproofing material in two layers, going from the bottom up, starting from the corners and joints, previously glued with a special tape.In this space waterproofing process can be considered as completed.For greater clarity, see the video at the bottom of the article.

Video waterproofing bathrooms with their hands