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August 12, 2017 18:05

Rack ceiling with his hands

Modern technologies allow to create unique designs that can boast not only for its aesthetic qualities, but also practical properties.One of the brightest representatives of modern innovation is the rack ceiling.What is it and what is its advantages - try to understand.


  1. What rack ceiling?
  2. Construction suspended ceilings
  3. Mounting rack ceiling
  4. Video installation rack ceiling with his hands

What is a rack ceiling?

First of all, it should be noted that the rack ceiling is directly related to the total number of the most alternatives to perform finishing.Can I install it myself?Of course you can.But only if you're not going to overestimate their strength.The fact is that in order to set the rack ceiling with his hands at least you need special tools and not anyhow any building business skills that will contribute to the implementation of installation works without error.

Why such a complex in the process?For a person who knows nothing.A newcomer will have to deal with a set of parts, suspensions, tires, galvanized profiles and the main panels.But by and large, ceiling mounting rack with their own hands will not cause any special difficulties, if you adhere to a few tips which experienced masters.And in order to not confuse anything, you can trace the sequence of actions and illustrative examples of the final result in the photo and video footages install suspended ceilings with their hands.

But before you take action, you must first understand a little the essence of the design.

Construction suspended ceilings

On the constructive side, hanging suspended ceilings, ultimately, create a surface that consists of aluminum slats, ie panels.These rails may be quite different width sizes, texture and color, allowing you to make a unique design made of any room.

So, if you want to achieve is almost perfectly flat surface, in this case, it is desirable to use a smaller panel widths.If you need to create the relief, then it is advisable to use a wider options rails.It is also possible to apply paste of contrasting color, which will give a general construction of individuality.

Concerning this construction, mounting devices must be said that it is mounted on aluminum or steel rails, which are located at a certain height in a perpendicular position to the rail.Scientifically referred to as cross-members with a special profile in the form of teeth or comb, and which cling to the rack without additional fasteners.

Mounting rack ceiling

Before you install aluminum suspended ceilings with their hands, you must first attach special corners or around the perimeter of the guide.By the way, they will serve as a decorative design of the joints between the wall and the ceiling.Besides hangers need to be hold and traverse, and accordingly, the entire design of the ceiling.

And note that in areas with a small area, such as a standard toilet or bathroom, hanging suspended ceilings can be installed under the simplified scheme.Namely, a suspended ceiling can be fixed on the traverse freely lying on the rails, mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling.In other words, when the application does not exceed the width of 120 centimeters, can be dispensed without using hangers.

Video installation rack ceiling with his hands

For clarity, we offer watch the video tutorial, from which you can understand how self-install rack ceiling.