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August 12, 2017 18:05

Gitter grid fence with his hands

Whatever the your own piece of land, it is equally needed at least in some form of enclosure.And as practice shows, in most cases, the most alternative of becoming a fence gitter grid.


  1. Installation instructions
  2. Photo Gitter grid fence with their hands
  3. Video of mesh fence installation Gitter own hands

What is grid Gitter?In fact, it is nothing like a modern alternative to once-popular Rabitz.Today, thanks to the use of new technologies, this type of fence a little stronger, a little altered, became more practical and reliable.As a result, he was entrusted to be a fence all municipal facilities, private sector, industry and other areas.

By and large, these protections are essential if you want to ensure the isolation of a large enough area of ​​land.For example, pond, pasture or common garden.Yes, and the cost it will be much more profitable to any other options.

Made a fence of galvanized rods, and he comes not to the rolls as netting, and in magazines, as a simple welded construction.Sectional width may vary, provided the standard dimensions, usually of the order of 250 centimeters.The height can also be any standard dimensions but fit within the 200 centimeters.

main feature of this type of fence is that the bars, from which it is made, have a curved shape.For this reason, it is often referred to as a projection in 3D.

Installation instructions

you ask how to make a fence from the grid Gitter their own hands?In fact, to install a fence from the grid gitter his hands do not have to possess some special skills.

First we need to make the appropriate layout and dig wells.After they set their concreted pillars and to impart stability.Then, to set the posts and attach the mesh itself.Nothing complicated in fact.

Usually marking is performed using a simple construction of the roulette, but to correctly install the poles, it is necessary to use a special building level.For clarity in the article below you can watch a video about how to set a fence from the grid Gitter own hands.

Most importantly, the depth of the hole dug is not less than a quarter of the length of the column.This is to ensure the stability of the balance.In addition, one can not discount such a factor, as the soil freezing.If because of the specific areas the land is frozen deep enough, you should be digging wells and the appropriate depth.

viewing photos and video about the installation of a fence from the grid Gitter own hands, you will be able to understand how to properly pour a solution of the pillars, and how to fix the mesh itself.

The main advantage of this type of fencing is quite a high degree of strength, simplicity of maintenance and, most importantly, durability.This fence will be enough for at least twenty years.It is possible that during this time he loses a little color, but the changes are so small that at first glance, no one would guess.

eventually installed a fence from the grid Gitter their own hands will not only be a reliable guard your private area, but also a good decoration in a relatively democratic price.And this factor, just plays a significant role, as in the case of a large area of ​​the material will need quite a lot.

Photo Gitter grid fence with their hands

Video installation of the fence from the grid Gitter own hands