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August 12, 2017 18:05

Growing turkeys at home - practical tips for beginners

The benefits of the meat of this bird, the percentage of protein in it and things like that, you can talk a lot.As well as discuss the features of cultivation of turkeys, especially difficulties in maintaining the young and other nuances.But if we summarize the views of relevant experts and those who are engaged in breeding turkeys at home, the conclusion is one - it's pretty lucrative, who would not say that.How to organize it on his farmstead, which take into account - all of this will help you understand the proposed article.

Author faced with the fact that not everyone understands what is the difference in terms of the turkey and turkey.Some even believe that it is quite different, although related birds.In fact, these words - no more than synonyms, though their semantic load is really different.It just so happened that everything is made from turkey, called turkey.That is, with regard to live specimens talking turkey (turkey), and a dish of his (her) meat - turkey.According to the classification of this bird belongs to the family indeykovye, but this professional and so well known.


selection and arrangement of space to grow

turkey - the bird is large, so use it for breeding, for example, the old chicken coop will not work.It will have to remodel or build a new structure.This is someone as comfortable.What target?

on the number of individuals, which is scheduled to start.In addition, on 1 turkey will take at least 2 m² for walking.Plus - the calculation of some perspective.

Perches, nests should also be large size.The height above the floor of the first -. About 0.8 m length of the bars is determined by the size of the room, this is understandable.But how many are needed?Each turkey will need about half a meter "personal space."Here on this and we should proceed.


Exemplary slot size (cm) - 70 x 50. It is set at the height of half a meter at the rate of one - 3 - 4 females.This is quite enough.

Drafts should be avoided completely - this bird does not like them.Therefore, knocked out of the board (plywood, chipboard) shed in which a plurality of slots - not an option for turkeys.We'll have to think about what and how to seal the premises (on the construction of a hen house here).

for effective poultry rearing requires regular refreshing air in the house.How to organize it - at the discretion of the owner.But the choice of, in principle, is small.Or forced to put the hood, or permanently to plow all the windows and doors for ventilation.The first option is preferred for turkeys, as in winter artificial ventilation will not lead to abrupt changes in temperature.

And if we gather a scheme with automatic elements (nothing complicated), you will not need the personal involvement of the breeder turkeys in this process.As an option - to set button inclusion of the fan in the apartment building.This kind of remote control.


For turkey considered comfortable + 18 ± 2 ° C, without sharp fluctuations.Allowed temperature decrease and to -5 (but brief).As for places to hatching eggs, there is a strict requirement - not less than 10 degrees.Why?When the temperature is lowered turkeys instinctively sit down on the eggs for their "rescue" from the cold.As a result - youngsters will be early, and care much more difficult for him.Yes and the risk of death of the individuals increases significantly.If the norm is not more than 2 for a dozen, you can lose in this case, and 4, and 6 of poults 10.

floor must be permanently dry.A simplified version - the litter of shavings, sawdust or straw.But if you expect a year-round growing of turkeys, it is necessary to arrange a flooring of boards.That it does not freeze, they come from a thickness of not less than "tens".If necessary, can be laid under the floor insulation.The only thing to consider - the material does not absorb liquid.It is selected in relation to the local climate.Suitable and expanded clay, and penoplex.In the latter case, the heat insulator must be laid with a certain inclination to ensure drainage.

If the house is no deck, the "floor" should be constantly stir.At least - every 3 days.Why?Weight turkey significant, so the litter in the form of straw and the like quickly crushed, becomes stiff, which affects the conditions of detention.In this regard, this bird is demanding on comfort.

Selection of the turkeys

desirable to ask, what exactly turkey it is advisable to grow in the region.But many experts advise to pay attention to the rock elite, such as the "Big 6 (or 9)", "Universal", "BYuT 8".Such males gain weight about 20 kg in just 4 - 4.5 months.And the females they are not far behind - up to 12 kg.The profitability of this "home" turkey production is estimated at no less than 50%.More than attractive, especially for beginners.

turkey - big

Care poults

If adults do not require attention, what the kids need constant look closely.

content Features:

  • 1 feeder - about fifty kids.
  • Put turkeys in one enclosure with youngsters other poultry can not be - only separately.It is necessary to understand why.Vision turkeys, to put it mildly, weak.If they are young to keep any other, not the fact that turkeys anything from food get.Their union is simply the ones that more bright.For example, chickens.
  • In the early days of temperatures in the sector of their placement - not less than 36 ° C.It is recommended to reduce the daily to gradually increase to the level of 26 - 27. But how much, an interesting question.It is impossible to give accurate advice.So we have to constantly monitor the behavior of toddlers.If, for example, they decrease at a time when 1.5 - 2 degrees do not experience discomfort (and it will be immediately noticeable), then everything is fine.But the more significant differences do not make temperature - turkeys, even adults, this is quite sensitive.

As a complement to the point on arrangement turkey house.It turns out, is not so simple in growing turkeys.Young animals need not only heat, and adjustable.If you can not buy automatic prefabrication need to mount.For example, supplying power to the powerful incandescent lamp through a rheostat.But it is quite troublesome.If during the day, all members of the household at work, one way or another will have to think about automation as the lighting and heating system - sensor and the rest.

Features feeding turkeys

yn-3 During the first two or three weeks of feeding of young animals is recommended to feed.Why should they?In this case, you do not have to think about any supplements, as everything needed for normal development of the turkeys in the food already.For malyshni perfect fodder "PC-11", "Start", and similar in composition.

can feed the same things and chickens.But then we need to think about what else should be bringing in food.Poults need slightly more protein, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates.Consequently, the need to acquire additional or special mixtures, or cook them yourself.It is clear that the latter is much more difficult for beginners poultry farmers is unacceptable.In the absence of practical experience in precision components to observe the dosage is unlikely to succeed.

In the first week of life turkeys feeding their frequency - 3 hours, at least.

Food for kids placed in small containers with low bumpers (eg, cardboard lid from the box of the shoe).But the "dishes" to be sure of a soft material.In turkeys delicate beak, and if they give food in containers of clay, glass, or the like, this can cause damage.Indyushata have no shortage of food.But to get involved in its abundance is not necessary, since the working life of feed - up to 3 days.Anything short of food should be thrown away.

Water for drinking

It should also be kept in the public domain.But be sure to cool (warm kids may refuse to drink) and absolutely clean.It is for this need to be monitored closely.The slightest contamination of water or of the drinkers body initiates the development of various infections, and this is for turkeys may have the most disastrous consequences.

Care adult turkeys

basic requirements for the care reported in claim 1.What else should be considered?

  • feed Dosage for 1 individual is made on the basis of per kilo of weight it: for males - 2.9;for females - 2.6.From the age of 2 weeks, you can gradually add turkeys to eat greens.Especially useful are considered nettle leaves and dandelion, corn grits, green onions.By the way, this bird is happy to consume and dairy products - yogurt, cottage cheese (to give only low fat).
  • Bird Walkers should be daily.Constant presence in cramped conditions is fraught with obesity turkeys.
  • When space organization it is necessary to fence.Turkey hunt to various herbs and insects.The latter does not matter for the host, but if the bird will go to the garden, then the problem will be planting, and very serious.


few comments

  • Recommended age for slaughter of poultry (in days): males - about 125 - 130, females - about 105. By this time, they gain good weight.
  • Since turkeys in terms of incidence are in the "risk zone", you need to have on hand all necessary at least for primary care.Especially if the vet / clinic far.In this case, the owner himself unwillingly becomes a "doctor."What may be needed medicines (drugs) - a separate issue, but before proceeding to purchase turkeys, this issue should be thoroughly understand!
  • should not forget the need to regularly disinfect turkey house.This bird likes to walk (weather permitting), so the house is empty most of the day and problems with disinfection should not be.
  • Teen turkeys by nature - "guleny".Some people may not return after a walk and go "on business."They must be constantly (driving home) to count.
  • If turkeys are showing a tendency to "air travel" (this happens quite often), they cut off the wings or restricted freedom of movement by setting the grid on top of the paddocks.