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August 12, 2017 18:05

Breeding of quails at home - all the subtleties and nuances in a single article

Among the birds living in the Russian Compound, traditionally excelled chicken.Unlike other domesticated birds, it provides owners not only meat but also eggs, and with enviable regularity.Unfortunately, we still have very few people know that she has a good "alternative" in the form of quail breeding them - quite a profitable business with a payback period of about 3 - 4 months.About all the intricacies of breeding of the reader will learn from this article.

There are several species of quail, but mostly assigned to the home of most of them - purely decorative.For breeding in our climate zone it is advisable to choose a Japanese breed.These quails have good productivity.Females begin to lay eggs (and their usefulness probably aware all) about the age of 6 - 8 weeks, although the discussion forums found the information that on the 30th day of life.In a year this amounts to about 300 pieces.

1 Resulting some instructions with the exact dimensions of the cells for quail, place of installation and the like does not make sense, since each of us has his own house and living conditions (the construction of a hen house here).Knowing the basic rules of their content will allow all to arrange at their own discretion, in accordance with the climate characteristics, the area and the needs in poultry meat and eggs - just for households or even for sale.But in any case it is profitable business - without a doubt.

Features quail

  • They do not require much space.On 1 m² get along well to 45 - 50 individuals.
  • most convenient and effective way of breeding - cell.
  • Quail, unlike other poultry is not exposed to various diseases.
  • All that is required for their breeding - good regular meals, ventilation, lighting and heat.

Easy to care for quail on what the focus is in many articles on this topic - is appearing.It's not the content;with this much difficulty did not.Key to successful breeding of quails - attentive to them.Namely - daily (preferably) inspection of individuals.The notion that if I arranged normal lighting, regularly sing and feed the bird, then that is enough to make it well swept and gain weight, not quite correctly reflects the specifics of breeding quail.What can cause a lack of attention (systematic survey), it will be discussed below.

Stages of growing quail

Unlike chickens, quail are not categorized on laying hens and meat.With them, everything is different - first female woodcocks are used only for eggs.This year, their ability is limited, then the bird is already fattened for meat.

That is a process flow diagram follows:

  • growing chicks. already noted - from birth to 6 weeks (stop at this figure as the average).
  • Content-quail hens (during the year).
  • Fattening.At home breeding birds are not necessarily all the individuals used as laying hens.Some were initially prepared only for meat.In this case, their slaughter is carried out after a couple of months after birth.About expediency judged by the weight of quail - 120 g is considered the norm.


At the age of 1 month, individuals are seated.Males and females - separately.They are easy to identify on the plumage.In female quail color more dull and ugly.

Unless you plan to buy the birds, it is necessary to select individuals not older than one month of age.And you can buy quail at any time since they lay eggs all year round, without interruption.But it is advisable only for those who can not re-sell the bird, and he throws it.

Cause that's what - quail youngsters already accustomed to a certain diet, and its change to anything good will not.Therefore, along with individuals from the owner should buy a bit 'his' forage (with the expectation of at least 3 weeks), as well as to take the exact recipe.Such forethought will eliminate the risk of problems in future breeding birds and allow it to smoothly adapt to the new conditions.

basic requirements for breeding and maintenance of quail cells

  • Minimum height - 220 mm.This is due to the fact that the quails are very mobile and like to jump.Failure to do so breeding conditions often leads to injury specimen head.
  • dimensions.Partially already said - to 5 dozen quail enough 1 m2.This bird has an interesting feature.If hens anguish fraught with decline in egg production, for the quail vice versa - reducing performance triggered an excess of free space.Experts recommend to first determine the number of individuals who are supposed to breed, and only then design a cell is based - a dozen quail 0.2 "square of living space."
  • material - only the metal.Corner profile, galvanized wire mesh or otherwise.
  • size of the cells is calculated so that the quail could stick one's head, but the outside is not selected.The fact that the trough is advisable to place the cell next to it.This will reduce the degree of contamination of quail homes and facilitate its maintenance.
  • Tray in the cage should be at least 2.Otherwise, the eggs are simply mixed with the droppings.Because quail is carried directly on the floor, it is necessary to arrange the cell so that the egg gently rolled into suitable and reception capacity.


  • During quail breeding is impossible to forget that the cell needs not only a regular cleaning and periodic disinfecting.
  • According to those who already hold (or doing it before) this bird, for her house is better tinkering yourself.Purchased cells although look impressive, but they have one drawback - a certain size.Therefore, it is necessary not to engage in selection scheme in accordance with an appropriate place for breeding of quails, and his pick for the dimensions of the house, which is not always possible or convenient for the hosts.



For optimal quail + 19 (± 1) ° C.But this ideal.Falls below 15 and above 23 temperature rise should not.What can cause non-compliance with this condition?

  • At -5 ° C the bird dies.
  • Lowering from 15 quails effect on egg production.Naturally, for the worse.
  • more than 25 ° C - quail resets feathers, and its ability to carry an egg was also sharply lower, until the complete cessation.

Features feeding quail

From this bird's not like with the usual for us chickens.For diet, they are demanding, which is another argument for - the content of quail has its own nuances.They need to feed not just quit, and cook, and by prescription, is different depending on the age group of individuals.


For them, the best food - boiled eggs chopped.Dishes need to take a flat and wide, so that it could fit on perepelenok and eat without any restrictions.Gradually (approximately 2nd day) in the feed is introduced cottage cheese, corn grits.On sale there are special supplements for young quail;they also should not be neglected.Watered them too specifically - not soggy, and certainly with boiled water. And the first three days after they were born, with the addition of a chloramphenicol.



about days 7 - 8 in the feed ration is introduced (by analogy with chickens).

Adult quail

In this category fall into 4 individual week of life.Essentially, the same cereal mixture, as for all poultry, but with the addition of certain ingredients.

  • lime, chalk.
  • Fish meal or bone (about a day).
  • Eggshell, small stones.

Given the impact of diet on quail productivity, it is desirable to diversify by adding chopped ingredients:

  • vegetables, herbs;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • grain waste.

About expediency location feeders outside the cell has already been said.

Feeding advice

  • On one quail - about 30 g of cooked food.
  • Power - only the regular, at one and the same time (2 or 3 times per day).

Why quail eggs does not carry?

happens and is therefore the most common causes of this "disease" should know.


They can be caused by different reasons.The sharp sound, light, movement breeder quail serving cell or egg samples - all this scares individuals, and they can not help that some damage.There are cases when even the birds break the head.

Lack of vitamins

Quail quite sensitive to power quality, so painfully react to changes in eating habits.As a result - the loss of the oviduct and a temporary loss of productivity.Self help the bird in this case can not be - here without vet services is indispensable.But if you do not pay attention to quail at once, and the specialist may be powerless.That is why the author at the beginning of the article stated that all individuals require careful attention.