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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to start a business on rabbits breeding and how to succeed in it - practical advice

breeding - rabbit -like business About fertility of these animals is known to all, and given the large demand for their meat and skins for the breeding business is not just a lucrative and highly profitable.But it is only "one side of the coin."For example, the aspect of raising rabbits as high mortality, especially among the young due to the different infections, some clouds such a rosy picture.

But a stable family income is guaranteed in any case.For those who are seriously planning to go rabbit breeding as a business, this article will not only be useful, and will become a "guide", assistant in organizing their own business.First, we analyze in detail, how to start a business for the breeding of rabbits.

evaluate the possibilities of breeding rabbits


Not at all, but in relation to themselves - the presence of land, time and labor.It is possible to designate only the general guidelines for the area under the rabbitry (forms of ownership will be discussed below):

  • LPH - enough of the local area or segment in the country;
  • IP - to engage in small businesses have to think about the site at least 50 - 55 m²;
  • CK - in the case of the organization of mini-collective farm area will need a minimum of 800 - 900 "squares".


fact that on its territory the full owner of the host - it is clear.But how to be with the adjacent areas and infrastructure elements?Not only in each region, but also in a particular administrative education, there are rules for sanitation, which complement the corresponding federal regulations.

In particular, such a point as the minimum distance from the rabbitry to adjacent buildings, fences, roads, water reservoirs and so on.Even if the houses adjoining (Cottage) area in size and is suitable for a rabbit, then the impossibility of compliance san / norms no point in continuing.We'll have to look for another site.Accordingly, it is unlikely to have already received all the issue as the LPH.

Another nuance - what to do with "manure"?Storing it on your site, even if households and agree to tolerate the smells and clouds of flies, will not work - the neighbors will not allow.

In addition, should take into account not only the advantages of such a business, but also "underwater" stones.

breeding - krolikov2

Benefits rabbit

  • Minimum investments.
  • Fast payback.
  • costs for the breeding and maintenance of small, and taking into account the fertility of animals, even it does not have to be purchased at the death of the young.
  • almost complete absence of competition in this market segment.
  • rate on low taxation.Depending on the business form, and it may not be.


  • rabbit breeding in one of the toughest san / requirements for the care and breeding of animals.
  • Most animals mortality in violation of the rules of detention.
  • If the production of meat is placed on the stream, you have to execute the appropriate documentation.The case is troublesome, but with a "fad" is facing any businessman, so this minus - factor is purely objective.

Meat - breed rabbits

defined with a form of business registration

Since we are talking about rabbit breeding as a business and not for breeding animals only for their own needs, have to pay taxes to the state.But how much is another question.

private farming

For those who have decided to start from scratch and at the lowest cost, LPH - the best option.Suffice it to have a certificate on the ownership of a plot of land, which is allowed to engage in rabbit breeding in accordance with existing regulations.

  • plus - no need for a mandatory tax payment.
  • Less - meat sales scope is limited.Sales will organize only neighbors (friends) or on the market.In the latter case, you will need a certificate of SES.

There are different opinions about the benefits of the LPH

first. permanent income, the availability of meat the family - this is an obvious win."Gotcha," that if the rabbit to make its main activity, you will have to leave the job.Failure to pay taxes on this small business then turn the fact that in future pension calculations, it would be minimal.Therefore, to plan breeding rabbits only in the form of PSF is not entirely rational.In fact, this is just a preparatory stage of the transition to a more global business, a kind of "promotion".But the benefits of such a beginning is beyond doubt.

  • Firstly, it will be possible to save the money needed to expand production.
  • Secondly, experience, understanding of the basics of rabbit does not in theory, but in practice it is difficult to overstate.It will be the basis, which will help to achieve success in the future.


second. If you do not grow and do not pay taxes, and a significant share of the profits put into the account, the pension will run across such interest, that is enough for himself and the children and grandchildren for many years.While taking into account the ever-changing Russian legislation all is not provided, so this argument is somewhat questionable.

Individual business

Plus - status PI provides ample opportunities, until the supply of meat in the shops and other retail outlets.You can open, for example, and its own stall.

Cons - payment of taxes;high costs.For what?

  • Register SP.
  • obtaining permits - certificates on the mini-farm and its phytosanitary status declarations GOST-R.
  • Hiring specialist boo / accounting.He does not have to pay a fixed rate.It is enough to conclude an agreement that he was involved in reporting.Papers in the IP a bit, but on their own to deal with all the subtleties of the same tax is difficult without professional education.Especially since the regulations constantly changing.


  • To obtain all necessary documents it is advisable to load the profile lawyer.Himself with this, in practice, can not cope with either the first or the second, or even third time.He will have to pay for the service, but everything will be done quickly and efficiently.When you consider how many will be able to save time and keep the nerves should be spent.
  • Those who decide to go all the way on their own, you need to start with a visit to the local office of Rosselkhoznadzor.This is where you can specify all the nuances of design, since our laws and departmental regulations are rewritten, corrected and revised almost daily.At appropriate sites hope is meaningless.Experience shows that their regular updating could be better.

approximate algorithm of actions

  • Tax.They need a passport, a receipt for payment of state duty.It will only have to write and record a statement.

Note!Here it is advisable to immediately clarify how to go to the preferential tax treatment.If the SP sells to / agricultural products, when calculating the tax can be used form of UAT, and this - just 6% of revenue.
  • Pension Fund.Similarly.
  • local administration.They say in what time frame to submit the documents for which particular list.


peasant farm - larger scale project.Differences from the SP a little, but should know about them.


  • Ability to deal with different kinds of activities, not just rabbit breeding.
  • Thus farms State grants certain privileges, giving subsidies.But this theory.It is no secret that in practice it all depends on the local authorities, the availability of useful contacts and the "extra" money.

tribal - farm - in - breeding rabbits

cons, in principle, there is, except for one - the human factor.The PFs may be several managers, each in his "chair" (depending on the directions of development).But profits for the entire mini-collective farm is common.How to divide the revenue?It is here that often, and there are conflicts.But if the rabbit - a family business, then do their own thing more than a good option for rural areas.

How to Succeed in rabbit breeding?

question how interesting, complex and so.Some have all turns out easily, for others every step of life's journey - overcoming obstacles.Much depends on personal connections, correctly drawn up a business plan.The author believes that the right to give only those recommendations that are based on his own experience.

Theoretical training

necessary to examine all the available information on rabbit - breeding characteristics, methods of detention animals (patching, Shed, and so on), feeding, signs of their disease than can help yourself, and the like.Very useful thematic forums where people share opinions, ask advice and get some clarification on the problem posed.To learn how to do a good rabbit hutch, here.

Useful love

the case of PSF, the district will be found for certain breeders-fans who are happy to share their experience, because any one of us always flatters someone's attention.Opt-in would not advise - check.In organizing the SP or CK can be found on the Internet colleagues.But in this case, you should immediately designate their region, that they do not feel competition.A normal exchange of experience - it is normal practice of human relations.

correct choice of meat breed

breeding rabbits Suffice it to list the most popular among breeders, "German sheep", "Giant" (gray or white), "Soviet Chinchilla", "Flanders".The weight of such carcass 4-month specimens - about 3.8 - 4 kg.

Select porodu- this one.Equally important, where to buy.On the "flea" market, with the hands - is not an option.Buy only need young people who are engaged in breeding rabbits.To find out it's easy - you just have to phone (various ad enough) and arrange a time to visit your dealer.On the site you can not only understand that this is a serious person who is not trying to sell "nekonditsiyu", but also to get good advice on the content of this breed animals.

Elaborate order sales of meat (and skins)

Even if the rabbit started only in order to provide for his family, the surplus will be.Firstly, already mentioned about the fertility of animals.Secondly, any, even the most delicious food, eventually "bored."Feed continuously households rabbit alone will not work.What to do?

  • first.In advance to work to find potential buyers of rabbit meat.Among the neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances people.
  • second - to master the technology of its conservation.Stew has no less sales than fresh rabbit.
  • third.Learn the rules of procedure and sale in the local market.When small amounts of meat, you can negotiate with someone from the sellers to sell products through it.A certain margin accelerate the process of "agreement."

Careful attention to each rabbit

This has already been said, but to emphasize once again worth it.


Here "discover America" ​​is meaningless.Rabbit - is the daily work, and we need to implement it regardless of the weather, the mood, it is a weekday or a holiday and so on.

The author hopes that this material will help to organize the rabbit and to achieve great success in this business.Good luck to you, dear reader!