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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a pump station for questioning - User selectable

Before owners of country houses that are not connected to a centralized water supply system, often there is a problem that is associated with the water supply.And this problem should be solved somehow.And even for the garden or vegetable garden is quite suitable water from nearby bodies of water, extracted with a pump, the house this option is unacceptable.This requires an individual pumping station, which is enough power not only in the regular watering of plants, but also around the clock water supply to the house.

Choose a pump station.What does it consist of?

For right choice of pump station, we must first find out what it is: which parts of it are used, and what should I look for when buying directly to a particular model.

Pump station - photo

pumping station - photos

So, first we have to make sure the pump is equipped with a check valve.It is designed to improve product life and maximize the level of its operational safety.By its main features include the protection of the pump from working "idle", in other words, if you suddenly stop the water flow, it will not draw in air instead.

In addition, we need to make sure whether the device input filter (its main function - protecting the system and check valve, in particular from possible soiling from outside).If the need arises, such a filter can always be disassembled and cleaned.

Go ahead.The pump unit is also required to be equipped with a special tank, divided into two parts: the first water will be placed, and the second - the air, but at very high pressure.In this case, the device even after a power outage has the ability to operate a certain time.Thus, the original battery is precisely this tank.In addition, the air in one of the parts of the tank for the water supply.So that she did not get back into the system, a check valve is installed.It turns out that the water is simply no other way out except in the aqueduct.

The construction of the pumping station

design of the pumping station

should be noted that the existence of such a reservoir in the pump station provides the owner a few undeniable advantages:

  1. increases the life of the device asthe number of on / off cycles is significantly reduced.
  2. The tank is always a certain water reserve for a "rainy day", from twenty-five to fifty liters, depending on the size of the product.This stock is quite useful for household purposes when the power supply is stopped.
  3. In addition, the system generated a certain pressure, which will be enough for the water to the kitchen, the bathroom or the bathroom.
  4. Finally, you do not need to be equipped with an additional storage tank in the attic.

system operation of the pumping station

The principle of operation of the pumping station in the country

principle of operation of the pumping station in the country

This device is pretty simple, and you can explain it like this.First of all, the tank must be filled with water.The device switches off automatically but instead activates the standby mode lasts until the second part of the tank when the air will not have the desired pressure to us.Actually, that's all - you can turn on the device and use the water in full.And only when the pressure drop in the device, it switches off automatically.There are no restrictions in this regard is not, the cycle can occur as many times as required.The pressure level is monitored closely automation.Moreover, if the pump overheats, it automatically shuts down and restarts will take place only when the system cools.As used cooling water that circulates through the pump.

Determine the place of installation

So, we chose the device is to decide exactly where to install it?If only summer vacation home will be used as a summer residence, it can be done in almost any convenient place, but only on condition that this place will be located not far from the pond.At the same time we should not forget about the height of suction, which can range from seven to ten meters, depending on the specific model.Also remember that some pressure is lost due to friction with the pipe, approximately 1.1 meters by 10 meters of pipe.

How to choose a pump station for questioning

How to choose a pump station for questioning

But when the operation is planned only for the winter time, the device is installed only in a room where the temperature exceeds the markzero.Otherwise, the water simply freezes.By the way, the pipeline is carried out from the source of water to the house should be located below the level at which water freezes, and the well itself, moreover, should be also insulated.

If the pump is turned on the tap flowed liquid is mixed with the ground, then do not worry.Most likely, the limit in a well drained.In this case, turn off the unit for a short time, so the water level is again reached desired.The end of the hose in any case must be equipped with a check valve that prevents fluid motion returnable in the event of failure.But when it is planned to transport water from an open body of water, such as lakes or rivers, such a valve is desirable to further equip special protection.

It should also be noted that when choosing a suitable pump should pay attention to the characteristics of the reservoir, in particular, its reproduction.In order that the device was able to maintain a permanent pressure in the pipes, the reproduction should be at least 1.7 cubic meters per hour.In this case the pump power must be high, but the performance in any case slightly smaller than that of the water source.

Otherwise, the water flow will exceed its arrival.Subsequently, the water will flow along the ground, in the then completely stopped.And finally, when buying, pay special attention to the lifting of a liquid depth.If the water depth in the well does not exceed eight meters, it can safely be equipped with pumping station.If the depth is greater, then it will be better to buy a submersible pump.

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