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Drainage Systems

August 12, 2017 18:06

Drainage of the foundation with his own hands ;sewerage ;waterproofing

closely spaced groundwater - this is the fundamental reason for high humidity in the house and speedy failure of the foundation.In order to eliminate these troubles, it is necessary when laying the foundation to fulfill its waterproofing and drainage works.If this list of works was not made in a timely manner, you can make them at home and after construction.drainage and wastewater The device requires some physical effort, but it can run on their own, without the involvement of specialists.

Drainage in the house circuit

drainage scheme in the house

drainage Types

method for performing drainage depends on the design of the house.If the building has a basement or ground floor, near-wall drainage is performed and have it close to the foundation.In the absence of these facilities operate circular drainage.Its feature - the location at some distance from the walls of the building, depending on the type of soil and ground water depth it may be up to four meters.

First step - cleaning and waterproofing work on the foundation

work on waterproofing the basement - a prerequisite of efficiency of the drainage system.When you need to bare the foundation waterproofing - dig on the outside of the trench depth to its base.The width of the trench should provide the convenience of work, it is usually 0.8-1 m. Its surface is purified by removing old waterproofing, soil remnants, other contaminants.If necessary, it can be coated with antiseptic.After cleaning, the foundation must be dry.Drying of the basement in a natural way may take several days or even weeks, so it is advisable to use a heat gun or hair dryer building.

Waterproofing can be done in different ways:

  • Okleechnaya - with the help of web materials, such as roofing material;
  • Obmazochnaya - using bituminous mastics;
  • penetration - with the help of special tools on the basis of cement with chemical additives.

For private home without a basement waterproofing usually apply okleechnuyu, pasted on bitumen mastic, and follow the gravel backfill the trench.In addition to the goal - waterproofing the basement - this method improves the thermal insulation and extends service life.The advantages of the method are that it does not shrink, and allows you to immediately after backfilling with gravel to build a blind area - an extra measure of protection against the erosion of the soil next to the foundation.

Do not forget to grease the foundation of waterproof paint to the drainage works

Do not forget to grease the foundation of waterproof paint to the drainage works


drainage system Drainage system ring type used in private construction is performed at a distance of about 1 meter from the walls of the basement.Begin drainage device, as well as on stage, waterproofing, with the digging of trenches along the perimeter.The depth of the pit should provide a drainage pipe laying the foundation below the level of the base, its width depends on the pipe diameter and the thickness of the filling layer, and is usually 0.5 m. You also need to create a bias toward wells at least 1 cm per meter of pipe length.

simultaneously digging pits under manholes - they are usually mounted at the corners of the house, they need to audit and inspection of the drainage system.In most low spot to dig a trench under the collector well, which will collect all the waste water from the drainage system.

bottom of trenches and pits leveled and covered with a layer of river sand in 15-25 cm, ram it, pre-Strait water.The bottom is lined with geotextile - special cloth, overlooking the water and protects the soil from clogging the drainage.Fabric width should allow fully wrap the pipe with backfilling and to overlap.The edges of the fabric temporarily fixed to the walls of the pit.Poured on crushed stone fabric with the size fraction 50 mm, filling thickness - up to 20 cm

Prepare perforated pipes..You can use normal for external drainage, pre-drilled at a distance of 6-8 cm with a drill, drill diameter of 2-6 mm.The pipes are laid into the prepared trench, connect and covered with gravel with a layer thickness of 10 cm, and then cover the free edges of the geotextile.In the basement complex configuration uses connecting elements for sewer pipes.

The connecting elements of the drainage system

connective elements of the drainage system

pipes attached to the manholes and sewer.Pit for the collector device was prepared similarly to the trench, as well as capacity use perforated tank of suitable size.To place better collector at a distance of not less than 5 meters from the walls of the house.To avoid the pit wall heave strengthen and organize a sandy base.The top of the reservoir is placed on the ground level and covered with a lid, the depth of the reservoir should exclude the weight hit him groundwater.From collector operate water drainage off-site non-perforated pipes in sewers or natural waters.After installation, the trench system and a pit covered with earth.

Performing this drain requires global investments, it allows to perform the draining wet areas and to protect the foundation of the house from moisture.With the right device drainage system remains dry foundation that extends its service life and increases the insulating properties.Also we advise to read the information about the device surface drainage with their hands.