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Cesspit And Drain Hole

August 12, 2017 18:06

Sump of concrete rings with their hands - Building technology

In this lesson we will learn to do the cesspool of concrete rings with their hands, and a closer look at options for creating a cesspool at his home.It is worth noting that the pit of concrete rings can be made in different ways is a first - fill the bottom of a concrete solution and thereby create a tight design and the second way - is to create the bottom of the bulk material, thus making a septic tank system.

Picture cesspool of concrete rings

Sump of concrete rings

Sealed cesspool of concrete rings

Sump of concrete rings with the function of a sealed raking - a definite plus for the soil and the plants that grow nearby.But making a sealed cesspool you are directly dependent on the arrival of Sanitation machine that once a month pumps fluid out of your sump.Of course, if your family consists of only a few people, and in the winter or summer, you will not use the cottage or country house, then it is to build a sealed cesspool akualno unnecessarily, fee sump cleaning services is minimized and made appeals to them very rarely.

And of course one of the main advantages of the sealed raking is a clean water well, which is located on your site.Tk is leaking cesspool is the main focus of infection, which is carried in the groundwater of the sump and can get into your well.Of course, seasoned builders say, if you build a cesspool of 15-20 meters from the well, if your water is not afraid of pollution, but the practice shows that this information is not always reliable, besides there are also neighbors who also have cesspoolsand deposits and circulation of groundwater analyze very difficult task.

To summarize, if you are a small family and you do not go out so often to nature, then sealed the pit of concrete rings - this is the choice that you need.

Rules arrangement cesspool

  1. Septic Tank should be located 15-20 meters from the well.
  2. About 10 meters from the holiday home.
  3. at 4 meters from the fence.
  4. depth of the sump must be no more than 5 meters.

So after a hole is ready for us the desired depth comes the time of installation of concrete rings if you do not know how to dig a hole advised to view this article.After the concrete ring will be omitted there comes a time when you need to insulate sealed base of the well and just seams between the rings, the isolation process can be done with concrete or with the resin mixture, which can either prepare yourself to do this, melt the asbets (on fire)in a bucket and pour over the joints between the rings, but to fill it will be very inconvenient without a special pump, therefore it is advisable to use all the cement.

Pit, because it is best to dig about 3 meters deep will completely deflate content using Sanitation cars.

next step is to cover the bottom surface of the concrete slabs of the well to ensure the safe entrance of the machine, for pumping waste.

Septic tank with drainage system

Septic tank with drainage system before was very popular in part due to the fact that the sewer was not in every home and just simplywater resources are used within the family, the time to go into the land and just simply be disposed of naturally mixed with groundwater.However, water consumption is growing, and with it the growing needs of the person, which is why a cesspool with the drainage system just simply can not cope with a large number of accumulated throughout the year, or even several months plums.

But it is worth noting that the cesspool can be done with a drainage system falls asleep on her bottom bulk material, and pour concrete.Then the water goes into the ground, and under the condition that the pit is full it will be possible to cause sewage truck.As a result, to collect and pump water will be cheaper, because it would have to pump less water.

But note that this will contaminate groundwater and possible unpleasant smell around the house.

With regard to the construction of this design, the work is essentially remain the same the only thing that really changes is the pillow so that we will be doing at the bottom of it consists of:

  • layer of sand.
  • Layer rubble.
  • and a coating of heat-sealed geotextiles.

Which version sump stop

So a reasonable question arises, what is better to choose a sealed container or drain.Website advises you to make a sealed pit of concrete rings, so you take care of your backyard ecology Participate and drink clean water from your well, which will not be subject to contamination of ground water, as well as suggest reading material about the septic tank in the countrywith his own hands - this article will allow you to better understand the situation.

Video cesspool of concrete rings