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Construction Of Wells And Wells On The Site

August 12, 2017 18:06

Deepening the well with their hands

Sometimes cottage well, which perfectly worked for 5-10 years (about how to dig a well, we wrote earlier) starts silt and give less and less water, which is sometimes not even enough for a comfortable existence without unnecessary vodozatrat.

But before we consider the deepening of the well hasten to warn you that it is often a decrease in water level in the well - this is a temporary measure, which is seasonal.The fact that such amount of water is reduced in winter and autumn and especially spring hearth rises, so watch out for the water level in your sump before implement emergency measures to deepen it.

The best way to learn about the water level, and what is involved in the decline - is to ask your neighbors can deal is seasonal.

stage of profound well

This lesson examines the example of my own experience of deepening the well, it may be different from the standard, but the main task that we set before the recess, namely the increase in the water level we have achieved so start.

preparatory process

  1. pumped out all the water from the well by means of the drain pump.
  2. Set a good ladder into the well.
  3. Remove the excess clay from the bottom - this is done using buckets.
  4. the handle buckets of tie rope, and by the end of the rope a special hook - it will protect us from the failure of buckets on the head of a man who works in the well.(Safety).
  5. sliced ​​valves 12 mm to secure the well ring (so they do not sagged).

Probably you will be of interest to consolidate what we have become well ring?It's very simple, the fact that an increase in the height of the well and the work associated with the digging under the lower ring of it due to weight gain, which gives the upper ring - can quite simply sag and go into the clay, respectively, damage and block the aquifer.

Fastening reinforcement rings made of 12 mm, and this is done from the top of the ring - this is very important, because if you consolidate only the lower ring.Then, the supporting structure of the lower ring can not stand.Before clogging valves need to drill a hole in the concrete ring and then just drive the valve.

then start to dig under the lower ring, the clay is still raising buckets.By the way if you decide to deepen the ring significantly, then we recommend you do not spend all the forces to lift the bucket together with the help of a drum.

We continue to dig until the impermeable layer - waterproof layer usually consists of a solid portion of the dry clay, and of course if you already has several springs, if the springs have not yet appeared, continue to dig until they appear.We deepened the well at a distance of about 90 cm !.

Now the final stage - the lowering process of the well concrete smaller diameter ring, it should be noted that the diameter of our rings was originally about 100 cm And the lower the ring we decided to overlap the rings, so the concrete rings that we began to lower the inside had a diameter of, the ring has laid down very well, and even a little more room around the edges.There we poured gravel and did so a filter well.

Drop into the well one more concrete ring slightly smaller diameter

lowered into the well one more concrete ring slightly smaller diameter

Note that in the picture above shows the installation of small diameter rings and fasteners install sample rings.

This process of deepening the well is completed, it should be noted that the well depth in this manner has been running for about 5 years and what you want.