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Construction Of Wells And Wells On The Site

August 12, 2017 18:06

What is the best pump for the well - choose the pump

When selecting a pump for the well must be guided by the principles of the competent and justified the water supply.

primarily know the depth of the well.Because the pumps are:

  • surface;
  • submersible.

can have both automatic and manual mode.

If you know the pump operating conditions, the depth of the well, then you will not be difficult to make the right choice.And if not?Let's try to understand how best to pump well.

Submersible pumps are designed for areas with deep-seated water up to 80 meters, but not less than one meter, have a higher power at work is partially or totally under water, that is, within the well, with the well diameter shall be not less than100 mm or 4 ".The main application is to raise the water from great depths for later use in the water supply.Water can be not only houses, cottages, and industrial and agricultural purposes.They are also used for irrigation or watering.In submersible pumps are very well protected casing, which eliminates the ingress of water into and cools the engine.

Submersible pump for wells

Submersible pump for wells

second important factor when choosing an artesian well or pump a sand content in water and the presence of water in the well.

Submersible pumps are:

  • vortex;
  • screw;
  • centrifugal.

Vortex used to lift water from the well with a maximum sand content and low water content.A device of this kind creates a great low pressure water supply.The performance of this pump is not very high.

Vortex pumps for wells

Vortex pump wells

Screw used for lifting water from wells with low sand content.A distinctive feature is the ability to carry out water supply from wells, not only, but also from open reservoirs.Pumps of this type are characterized by a low price.

screw pump for sample wells

screw pump for sample wells

Centrifugal used to lift water from the well with a high content of sand, it is designed to pump water from the deepest wells.Such pumps have high performance and reliability.

Centrifugal pump Sample

Sample centrifugal pump

surface (not submersible) - the body is removed from the place of water pumping, with a maximum depth of suction up to about eight meters, the minimum depth may be only a few centimeters.So that this pump hardly suitable for deeper wells.

Despite the different power pumps, both species are very compact and can be pumped a significant amount of water.

So on what the pump to choose?

should also take into account two main parameters in the selection:

  1. performance;
  2. head.

water requirement per person per day is about 1000 liters.Multiplying the number of people living on 1 m3 of water, you can get the required amount of water needed.

further water consumption for the purpose of watering the garden plot or garden, for example, need to take into account the size of land.2 m3, or 2000 liters per day will usually suffice.

To determine the necessary pressure to fold such magnitude as the height in meters of your home, the well depth, add an additional six meters and multiply the result by the head loss factor in the pipeline, which is 1.15.

Provided that well away from home, it is necessary to consider the fact that for every 10 meters of pipe length which is placed horizontally, is lost more additional pressure of one meter.Ensure maximum water flow rate can be achieved by the accumulator.

The simplest and most reliable way to water extraction from wells, though not very convenient stays the hand pump, which will help you out in case of a power outage.Most definitely install it on their sites, because it will help you out in case of problems with electric pumps, the lack of electricity.Do not forget that the depth of the well to the use of such a pump must be no more than eight meters.It is worth noting that the hand pump is the cheapest of all the available.

should be said that choosing the pump should be especially careful, because the right choice is characterized by reliability, efficiency of water supply system in your home.It is better to entrust this matter specialists who are ready to calculate the required capacity and pressure, as well as to carry out installation work.You just need to follow the recommendations on the use and enjoy comfortable accommodation.

Video - how to choose well pump