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Pipes And Welding Work

August 12, 2017 18:06

Rules for the choice of welding machines

welding machine - an indispensable tool for DIY, it can be significantly reduce the cost of work on the construction and repair of houses.Mounting fittings for the foundation, fence, gate or garage door - all needed welding.Every time hire a specialist welder is expensive, it is better to buy a welding machine for home, learn how to work with him and subsequently to save significant amounts.

Which welding machine for home pick - recommendations for selection

Which welding machine for home pick - recommendations on choosing

What welder to choose for the house?To deal with this issue, it is necessary to provide, what are the modes of welding, as well as which cell phones are used for these modes.The use of different welding modes for different materials are shown in the table.

Table - variety of welding methods

table - varieties of welding

Electric welding machines come in three basic types:

  • Hub welding transformers carrying AC welding.They are interrupted by a magnetic circuit by controlling the magnetic gap is changed welding current.These units are extremely reliable and efficiently used for welding in MMAAC mode.Used for welding carbon steel, when it is not high quality weld is required.
  • Welding rectifiers operate in MMADC mode, that is, the rectified current.With these units can be welded carbon and stainless steel and aluminum alloys.weld quality is considerably higher.
  • Welding inverters operating according to the model presented in all modes.These are universal machines, weld any material of high frequency current.

Most amateur artists involved in welding from time to time, give preference to the inverter device.Their higher price is more than compensated usability and versatility.However, if you are more interested in a low price, you can choose an ordinary welding transformer.

Selecting down welding transformer

main characteristic, which is necessary to pay attention to when choosing the welding step-down transformer, it is the working voltage.Welding transformers can be operated by three-phase or single-phase 380/220 V. more versatile combo models that can be connected to a three-phase network, and the phase voltage between the two phases, and a voltage of 220 V.

second parameter is the welding powertransformer.Models with Power ~ 380 have a higher capacity and cause a lower bias voltage on the network, but not everyone has the ability to connect to three-phase network.The stated capacity of the transformer must not exceed the maximum allowable power of your network.

When choosing should also consider the range of operating currents and the size of the electrodes used.For carbon steel welding current range 80-160 enough A commonly used electrodes from 1 to 6 depending on the thickness of the preforms.

Weight and dimensions of the welding transformer are important in the event that you are planning to move it.Since all welding machines of this type are quite heavy, it is better to give preference to units equipped with wheels and a handle for ease of movement.

Rules for the choice of the welding machine

Selection Rules welder

Selecting welding rectifier

Welding rectifiers working on pulsed rectified current, thus increasing the stability of the arc, reduce the formation of spatter, reducing electrode consumption.In general, the use of rectified current provides a more smooth and thin weld seam, which is important for decorative elements.Welding

rectifiers can be operated with three-phase and single-phase alternating current on, and the three-phase rectifiers connected in a bridge circuit or single-phase.Connection of three-phase scheme provides greater stability of the arc and a lot of power, but again, you need to focus on the ability to connect to three-phase 380 V ~

When you select should pay attention to the range of welding currents, ease regulatory regimes, the thickness appliedelectrodes.Regulatory regime and the welding current from the rectifier is usually carried out in steps.

Selection of welding rectifier

Selecting welding rectifier

Selecting welding inverter

Welding inverter - universal device, thanks to a wide range of welding conditions it is very popular with craftsmen in various fields.Its price is higher than other welding machines, but the size, weight and power consumption make it possible to use inverters for welding in all conditions.

What to look for when choosing a welding inverter?The main parameter, as in the previous cases, the supply voltage is network- 380 or 220, wherein the three-phase inverters have a large capacity.From power and length of life depends on: a more powerful inverter will overheat less and last longer with equal loads.

second important parameter - the range of modes and welding current.Select it according to the table depending on the metal thickness.

Table - selecting the welding electrode depending on the metal thickness

Table - selection of the welding electrode, depending on the thickness

metal to the inverter to be used in homes and private construction, enough range 60-160 A. Smooth adjustment will more accurately select the welding current and improve weld quality.

Another parameter that has a value - duty cycle, causes the ratio of uptime to the time of use of the unit at maximum current regimes.The higher this index, the longer the welding inverter can operate without overheating.In practice, the required value of the duty cycle can be calculated by the ratio of the welding time to the waiting time for a change in the electrode or the preparation of details.For example, at the stated 80% duty cycle of the welding time is 4 minutes with a mandatory pause of 1 minute.In practice, there are significantly more pause, but the safety margin will not damage the unit.

also important to have additional features, the most popular ones:

  • Hotstart, or "hot start" - an abrupt increase in the current at the initial moment of welding, that facilitates the emergence of the arc process;
  • Antistick - option dramatically reduces current when the electrode is stuck and it allows you to take away from the base metal easily;
  • Arcforce, or "afterburner arc" - used for welding vertical joints, improves weld quality.

These options are implemented in almost all modern models of inverters.

Welding inverters

Welding inverters

All welding machines are equipped with two cables with clips of type "crocodile" Electrode Electrode.As well as terminals for connection to the welding machine.When you purchase should pay attention to the length of the cable - it should be at least 2 meters.

Connecting the welding inverter

Connection welding inverter

Selecting any welding machine also important to look at the warranty period, the availability of after-sales service and the proximity of the service centers.The country of origin is not important, many Chinese models outperform European counterparts in functionality, at the same time have a lower cost and at the same time very reliable.

So in this article we looked at how to choose the welding machine, and on how to learn to cook, electric - on our website.