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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sewer pipe for the toilet - and Application

most people, far from the intricacies of plumbing, sewage pipes phrase says absolutely nothing (fun in English means vesel—Ď, so that the word is clearly not borrowed).Respond to the question of what it is, can only be those who have encountered problems with it.A repair or replace it - exercise is definitely not a pleasant one.

Sewer pipe for the toilet

sewer pipe toilet

sewer pipe is often an extension of the sewer.It is set for output from the apartment any "waste" of water and waste.One end sealed rubber for sealing the toilet, and the second - is supplied by the internal connector wiring sewer.

There goes everything: water from toilets, sinks, bathtubs, washing machines and dishwashers.So the smell of all this mixture has, to put it mildly, unpleasant, and better yourself it is not removed.However, the presence of certain knowledge, the task forces for everyone.

distinguish the sewer pipe from other snap - to have a good capacity, she always made the most of volume.Its length is arbitrary, and the form can be indirect.Also, it is not only vertical but also horizontal, sometimes - with corners.

In the Soviet past for withdrawal of apartments set fragile, despite its severity, cast-iron pipes.Now almost everywhere put, lightweight, robust and durable plastic.

During the construction of the building sewer riser mounted vertically, branching pipe per-apartment.In a situation that may well happen in reality, for example, someone pulled on the ninth, sending about seven liters of dirty water down.The water has had time to run, say, to the fifth.As a result, you can see the effect popmy pumped liquid from pipes and hydraulic locks apartments eighth, seventh and sixth levels.To avoid such cases, the sewer riser output to the ceiling, leaving uncovered.If the system is correct, "pump" simply evacuates air from the top and the liquid from the toilet floors below the knees is not received.This system is in the wisdom of plumbers and bears the name of the fans.When it is absent, housing inevitably becomes persistent smell of sewage.

By the way, a similar system is used in low cottages.In order to install the sewer pipe was the meaning of the private home should be more than two stories and have several bathrooms.Also, the system is a must lovers swim in their own pool, or for those who use more some devices capable of releasing into drains large volumes of water.In addition, sewage pipes put in when the house is close to the septic tank (that word called individual treatment plants).

Also, according to experts, the sewer pipe is needed for all ventilation pipes sewer system.It helps to avoid the smell of faeces, which appears due to the small diameter siphon today if five or six days did not use some instrument, let's say, a shower.

During the installation of the sewer pipe you need to know and take into account such simple features:

First of all, the size of the pipe is unacceptable to do less than the circumference of the riser where it will install.Usually, it is about 110 centimeters.For obvious reasons, the sewer pipe edge should be placed in the room where the bad odors will not disturb anyone (often vent.kanal or mine).

gasket for the outlet knee should be performed in a warm space, and it must end with the cold.Follow this condition is necessary to ensure good traction.Also paving fans communicate outside of the building, will have to contend with a disgusting sticky touch of green, whose education in the first year of use - is inevitable.Plaque will be on the roof and the buildings that are located above the end of the pipe.Of course, we should not "pick off" her in the attic."Cocktail" of odors will inevitably seep into the room on the top floor.

Many owners of private houses have problems when the house is set over two sewer risers.A large number of tubes spoil appearance Type of construction on the roof.However, this problem is solved, we just need to use a special device.

In the attic you can install only one sewer pipe, the other "connected" to it through the vacuum valves, which are made of a weak spring and gum, necessary for tightness.As you might guess, the problem of such a valve is to suck unpleasant smell as soon as the feces start out on the sewerage system.

In general, the installation of the sewer pipe - it is as obligatory, and so uncomplicated.This process is a little different from the installation of sewers.It is enough to be smart, and the bad smell of human waste is no longer disturbed, giving way to a much more pleasant aroma.

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