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August 12, 2017 18:06

Make the bar with your hands : manual , video and photos

Own bar in the apartment or house to create a unique effect in the room lively Parisian cafe or conservative Irish pub.That is why the idea of ​​creating a bar counters in kitchen spaces, enjoys enviable popularity lately.In addition, building a bar in the kitchen or in the dining room allows the best use of the internal volume of the room, emphasizing its beneficial virtues.

The bar counter with his own hands

bar counter with his hands

Through the bar you can make a clear zoning of the room, separating the cooking area from the reception area.Also, the bar can be used as an auxiliary element for serving table, expanding the workspace cook or housewife.

spectacular bar, in perfect harmony with the interior of the kitchen, will expand the inhabited space visually.

Modern building materials market can be used for the construction of the bar a large number of modern materials, and a huge range of leading stores gives you the opportunity to create the bar in your home with your own hands using a minimum set of technical skills and tools.

First of all, draw on graph paper, or create a special program drawing of your kitchen or living room.Using the computer to design the bar will allow you to consider all options for its location, size, design features and simulated lighting in such programs give the opportunity to get a photorealistic image of the proposed design, which you can show to interested members of the household.With the use of graph paper you will only get a flat drawing, but, nevertheless, this approach avoids creating an unattractive design.

selection possible options bar

Thus, we consider the most common design of bar tables, standard solutions that are very common when creating interiors.

most attractive option is to create a classic stand as a separate self-contained element which has a fixation with special consoles.It is recommended to create the bar so that the maximum height of its working surface was 1.1 - 1.2 meters above floor level.This height allows the use of special bar chairs, a distinctive feature of which is a special foot stand.These seats can also be equipped with backs and elbow nodes.

Another popular option is the construction of the bar to combine the dining table and the actual rack.In this approach the height of the working surface may be about 0.9 meters.With this structure, using conventional chairs.

Option bar

Option bar

The bar can have a working surface, is located on two levels.That is, the higher the actual working surface of the bar may be directly adjacent to the dining table.This option may be advantageous to regionalize the room, while lower part is in the dining area, and the highest part is located in the living room.

Photo - bar

Photo - bar

also for large size of the room you can see the location and version of the bar in the center of Kitchen-dining room.In this design the bar can be integrated properly in the kitchen "island", which is popular among professional chefs.In that case, the inner surface of the strut can be used as a space for storing utensils.

Consider one of the options of manufacturing the bar with your hands.

reserves necessary materials and tools

So, to begin construction of the bar, we need to collect the following property:

  1. bars -wooden width not menee5 see,
  2. -obreznaya boards with a minimum width of 2.5 cm,
  3. ..
  4. -gipsokartonny sheet or fiber board,
  5. on decorative ceiling modding,
  6. -napolnye plinth,
  7. -krepezh: nails, screws,
  8. -shpatlevki to work on wooden surfaces,
  9. -Colors and sealants,
  10. are elements of decorative finishing.

technology woody bar

Once you have calculated the geometric dimensions of the proposed bar and its configuration - can proceed directly to work.At the core of the framework of the bar will be pieces of wood.Of these, it is necessary to create a "skeleton" of the structure, leaving the necessary allowances for finishing units (plasterboard paneling on the sides, on the table top).Try to make the design as a more rigid as possible, using connecting elements.Wooden bars can be fastened together by means of finger joints, or butt, using steel angles and screws.

One of the sides of your future of the bar can be attached directly to the other interior elements, such as a kitchen table, work items of furniture or a wall.On this side of the frame number of power components can be reduced.At the other end, which will not be attached to the side of the structure - the power "skeleton" is necessary to make the most hard, with lots of connecting elements.As fastening fasteners may be used and conventional nails whose length should exceed the thickness of the power bar is at least half.

Driving bar

Driving bar

After you create a power frame it must be docked to the other elements of your interior.Freeze frame bar to the wall with screws is possible with dowels.In case of connecting the bar with the other elements of furniture can be used as fastening bolts extending through said pieces of wood furniture and walls.

In order to align the upper surface of the bar in this area frame can accommodate extra bars or adjust the level of construction with adjustable feet.In any case, the horizontal level of the top of the work surface should be checked with a spirit level.

For facing lateral ends of the bar, you can use drywall or fiberboard sheets.When designing a stand, you can provide internal working compartments, open shelves.As well as decorative lighting elements.With the introduction of wiring do not forget to leave a hole for electric cable.

top coating operation can be created using conventional finished countertops, which are sold in abundance in good building materials stores.However, if you're doing the bar, for example, for the rest of the room in the sauna room, in a countertop, you can use a well-crafted edged boards, hold them together with a frame rack conventional nails.

The bar of the table top

Barstand of countertops

After fixing power rack treat the gap formed between the frame elements.They can be filled with a special sealant designed for use on wood.Also treat the filler gap formed when overlaying sheets of sheathing.Carefully treat the joints of cloth, prepare the design for the final color or decorative materials processing (eg, self-adhesive film).At the final stage, you can decorate the outer side surface of the bar decorative elements, such as spotlights.

Option beautiful bar kitchen

Option beautiful bar kitchen

However, the simplest design of the bar in a small kitchen will be finished countertop.One end of it can be attached directly to the wall, as the other end of the support can be used stand ready, which are also sold in the shops of building materials.

The components of the bar

Components bar

Video - Bar Part 1

Part vtoroi

Video - bar with your hands Part 3