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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to plant lawn grass : planting technology , lawn care

It would seem that could be easier than to grow grass?Meanwhile, to get a well-kept green lawn, you need not only the right to plant lawn grass, but also to prepare the soil for planting, and later to properly care for a young lawn.

How to plant lawn grass

How to plant lawn grass

Types lawns

Lawn - this is not necessarily cropped classic-style green grass.It can be flourishing - Moorish or meadow, sporty - resistant to abrasion, or garden.From the variety of lawn depends on the choice of seeds for planting and aftercare, for example, the frequency of mowing and fertilizing, watering and aeration.Soil preparation for different types of lawns is made on a single technology.

lawn Sample

lawn Sample

When to sow the lawn?

There are no strict rules seeding the lawn.It should be taken into account during the preparation of the site, the soil on the germination of grass.That is why the best time to begin work on the design of the lawn considered period from mid-May to early September.On average, work on sowing and germination of lawn takes 4 to 6 weeks, and their best finish to snow and frost.

Site preparation

first and most important step, which produces the future layout of the lawn, clean it from the weeds and alignment.Careful preparation will save you from weeding and facilitate haircut has grown lawn.The time necessary for the preparation of the site - from 1 to 4 weeks.

  1. lawn markup is carried out in accordance with the site plan, with just lay flower beds, ridges, paths and tracks.It is convenient to carry out the markup with the help of pegs and strings.The strict geometric lines are not suitable for all types of lawns, flowering meadows and lawns harmonious look, if you do not have clearly defined boundaries with right angles.
  2. plot treated with herbicide common action.Areas particularly stubborn overgrown weeds with higher germination of seeds to be processed in several stages with a two-week intervals.Young May vegetation more susceptible to herbicides.In the autumn treatment of the seed can take before winter and germinate in the spring.Consumption of herbicide depends on the affected area and the type of weeds chemical.

    Herbicide portion

    processing section herbicide

  3. After pozhuhnet grass and withered, a site free from shrubs roots, debris, dead grass and leveled.If the soil is poor in the area and requires the introduction of a large number of fertile soil-ground, you can finally get rid of the weeds, having covered the entire area of ​​the lawn geotextile.This non-woven fabric will not allow weeds to germinate seeds, lawn grass and nothing will stop.

fertilizer and soil preparation

second phase, which lays the favorable conditions for fast and friendly sprouting grass and its subsequent growth.The need in the fertilizer depends on the soil type.She should be fertile, loose, well-flowing and retain moisture and contain a sufficient number of elements to ensure rapid growth.Lead time - from 3 to 7 days.

  1. necessary to determine the composition of the soil, its moisture content and texture.If the soil is acidic, it is made chalk or slaked lime, clay and dense areas with heavy soil loosened by the addition of vermicompost or compost.
  2. simultaneously make mineral fertilizers in the amount recommended on the package of seeds.When spring sowing focus on nitrogen fertilizer, causing rapid growth of grass and autumn bring more phosphorus and potassium, facilitating winter seeds.When making vermicompost, rich in nutrients, reduce the dose of fertilizer.
  3. Primer and additives are distributed evenly over the area, loosen and lightly moisturize.Soil should be friable measure, but not to stick to the instrument.
  4. Aligned rolled special section of the roller with weight from 50 to 100 kg.If the detected irregularities, holes - they are cut or spiked then rolled again.

    The process of rolling lawn soil for special roller

    process of rolling lawn soil for special roller

  5. After leveling the soil must mature at least a few days.Not bad, if you will be a week - during this time can go up the weeds, the seeds of which were on land with humus or were brought by the wind.They will need to weed or the soil with a rake gently proryhlit.

    The process of loosening the soil with a rake

    process of loosening the soil with a rake

Seeding lawn with his own hands

sowing rate is usually indicated on the packaging of the seeds, they may vary for different types of lawns.Do not skimp on the amount - "bald spots" on your lawn short will remain bare, very soon they occupy the weeds, and you have to repeat all over again.The time required for planting grass, small - if the lawn is small, you may well cope in a day.

  1. Mentally divide the turf for several identical plots and divide the seeds produced by the same number of parts.This is necessary for the uniform flow of seeds.
  2. If the soil is dry - pour it out with a hose nozzle, providing a fine spray.After watering the soil should be slightly to absorb the water and become evenly moist and loose.
  3. Seeding is best done on a windless day.The prepared batch of seeds scatter in the area in two ways: first, along it, and then across.So the seeds will fall more evenly.

    Seeding lawn with his own hands

    Seeding lawn with his own hands

  4. After sowing a lawn rake lightly loosen the French, the seeds fall asleep, and rolled roller compacting the soil.
  5. remains only seeded lawn watered from a watering can or hose with a fine spray.Watering should be moderate to avoid waterlogged soil.
Lawn Care

During the emergence and rapid growth of grass for your lawn you need regular maintenance.He is regular watering, remove any remaining weeds, as well as mowing young grass.Prior to the first haircut is not recommended to walk on the lawn.

  1. Watering green lawn needs only by spray, so as not to erode the roots of young plants.When watering the lawn is necessary to humidify the soil at least 5-7 cm, ie, in the zone of active root growth.

    Irrigation of lawns

    Watering lawn

  2. After about two weeks the first shoots appear, and reaches a height of 6-10 cm, depending on the type of lawn will need to be carefully cut.It is desirable to use the lawn mower is not very heavy, not to damage the fledgling turf.
  3. Subsequently lawn mowed regularly, as more often happens haircut, the more power the plant directs the formation of a strong root system.

Mature considered two of three lawn with grass growing evenly.This requires not only the lawn watering and shearing, but in the aeration, as well as additional fertilization.At the same time, strong and healthy root system will not allow weeds and ascend to germinate seeds accidentally hit, and your lawn will long to please you with lush green grass.