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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a doorway

In an effort to

original and tastefully arrange your house each owner tries to use not only the imagination, but also the makings of a design.To help Skilful hands come building materials, where there is a great variety to date.To find the online workshop for repair or decoration of the house will not be difficult, but much more difficult to find full information about the proper design, such as the doorway.Options for its decor very much, and in this article we'll look at each of them.


  • Secrets doorway decor
  • Design Advantages
  • Forms doorways
  • nuances in preparation for the work Types
  • finishing doorways
  • Making doorway.Video

Secrets doorway decor

If, during repair work at your home you practice a certain stylistic concept, always raises the question of decorating the interior doors or their complete dismantling, leaving the open doorway.

in modern apartments and houses often can see the interior doors in the traditional design.Visually, this element acts as a delimiter and spaces typically represents the doorway Lutkov colored wood without additional piles.But when a special need in the door not opening can be arranged in the form of an arch, plastic or drywall trims, as well as decorate the stone or tile.The design technology of finishing doorways world is given special attention, as it has its own rules and standards.And since the space element is often subjected to shocks and other mechanical damage, then before you issue the doorway, you must consider that it is better to use for decoration.Choosing is strong and impact-resistant materials.

original design of the doorway will allow you to not only bring a touch of style to the overall ambiance, but also beneficial to save space, for example in a small apartment.

The best option that does not require the presence of interior door, a passage from the kitchen to the living room or from the living room entertaining.The same options are acceptable to the transition from the office to the library, from the kitchen to the dining room.The most popular idea of ​​placing and execution of doorways can be seen in the photo.


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Design Advantages

Three factors that determine the need for open aperture:

  1. Giving the building stiffness.The technical characteristics are often positioned in doorways bearing walls, so residents have to pass equip with additional shelving or cabinets.
  2. Combining space.Embodying their creative ideas, some designers try to make a doorway in the wall, or to extend it in order to combine the living room and the kitchen, living room and office, and so on.
  3. Separation of the room.The construction of more walls with an open aperture in the room does not require special coordination with ZHILSERVIS, moreover, thanks to a design can be zoned space and a large room to receive two compact.

Design Advantages:

  • reduction in costs for the purchase of the door leaf.No matter how you tried to decorate the entrance hole in the wall, and whatever materials that is used, the door will buy a whole expensive;
  • door design requires minimal maintenance, unlike quality door;
  • rejection of the installation of interior doors - a significant expansion of the visual space of the room.

Forms doorways

Doorways come in different shapes:

  1. Rectangle.Invariable component of this design is obnalichnik and door leaf.The rectangular shape of the door opening allows it to divide the space between them, and is a stylish element in any design.If for any reason you need to remove the door, the door opening on the design better reflect immediately in order to decorate the void, and further it does not attract attention to themselves and eyes.
  2. One popular option is the arch of the doorway.Make it very simple, but the main thing here - to the premises, which connects this design, have been furnished in the same stylistic direction.It should not "burdening" the room, and its size depends not only on the wishes of the owners, but also by used to create arches materials.In turn, the arched structure is rounded in the form of an ellipse, an asymmetrical trapezoidal and with slopes.
  3. The term "imitation of the arch" means the use of the semi-circular segments on a rectangular design.Special plates are mounted on the corners on both sides of the niche, forming a nice rounded shape.Select and focus on a doorway can be achieved by the use of different colors, lamps, curtains and other accessories.

nuances in preparation for the work

To begin facing the doorway you must foresee the existence of such construction tools, like:

  • hammer and electric jigsaw;
  • hand sawing and sturdy knife;
  • pencil markings;
  • building level;
  • chisel;
  • bit.

In addition, you will need to putty for surface preparation.Making a doorway without a door should start by cleaning the surface of various types of pollution.Then you need to align and putty visible irregularities.

Once everything has dried, you can install decorative elements, but before that make them the correct layout and pruning.Restrictions in the use of various materials for finishing no, it all depends on consumer preferences.

finishes doorways

Today stylish draw the doorway can be different ways and materials.Modern interior design offers the following types of decoration:

  • finishing doorways with plastic panels;
  • plaster or polyurethane moldings;
  • opening paving decorative stone;
  • design doorway ceramic tiles;
  • creation of arch;
  • traditional painted rectangular opening.

With its arsenal right tools, materials and hands-on experience, you can arrange the opening of interior with their own hands:

  1. Plastic.

plastic panels - the most popular type of design of rectangular openings, as they have a number of indisputable advantages, such as:

  • ease of operation and installation;
  • ease of care;
  • low price of plastic;
  • resistance to damage.

Depending on your preferences, you can buy a panel of any color and with imitation wood.Using a mounting adhesive or liquid nails can be easily and quickly fix the plastic in the doorway.

finish - molding design - materials - montazh22

  1. polyurethane or plaster.

most common polyurethane or plaster moldings in homes with the design of a specific topic, for example, in the Byzantine style.

With intent to work with these materials, should take into account such things:

  • scenery is quite capable to make their own in the presence of finished parts;
  • need to understand that this decorative motif is out of place in a room with different styles;
  • in a small room is best suited melkorelefnaya stucco, it does not weigh down the aperture;
  • polyurethane can be painted in any desired color.
  1. stonework.

most stylish and expensive type of décor without opening the door.If you have experience in laying all the work you can do with your hands.

The main advantages of the doorway finishing decorative stone are presentable appearance design, durability and compatibility with other materials.Furthermore, the stone is durable and easy to clean.

To finish the room apartments have to pick up a stone of medium size.Fastened it on a special tile adhesive, liquid nails or plaster.


  1. Clinker.

as interior decoration is often used clinker tiles, decorated by brick.This version of the decor looks very impressive both inside and outside the premises.Today tiled finish opening the door combined with window openings of the same materials, so that the room got its own style.


  1. tree.

Wood panels for interior decoration are openings in horizontal and vertical versions.Visually, you can decorate them with carvings.

1394295121_triumfalnaya Arch

  1. Textiles.

Hide minor flaws of the opening, or to issue the door stylish design will help textile disguise.

Alternatively, you can use to decorate:

  • curtains or drapes on the doorway.Depending on the style of the room can be made longer or shorter.

For these purposes, window blinds fit perfectly in the classic version and the special pick up.Decorative curtains can be made of wood, beads, shells, clay, candies and dried fruits.Flight of fancy in their creation should have no boundaries, the more unusual - the better.


Bamboo curtains on the doorway - a perfectly acceptable and environmentally friendly option.It looks great in any interior, easy to clean and resistant to UV light;

  • pelmets are original framing of interior without opening the door, besides, they perfectly complement the curtains;
  • blinds on the doorway are used quite often, especially when there is a need to distinguish between the space.

At any time, they are easily raised and lowered.Such interior walls can be practiced both in the office and apartment.Blinds are opening as sliding, glass, mobile and veneered.Japanese rope blinds bring to the interior design of a special glamor and sophistication.

Making doorway.Video