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Choosing An Apartment

August 12, 2017 18:07

Saga of choosing an apartment 4. Registration of the transaction with the help of a notary

Sale apartment through a notary - verifying professional authority

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So you have a long time (if ever) did not face notaries and first came to the notary office.First ask to see your license and notary passport.The license for the right of notarial activity is issued only to persons with a legal background, with a certain experience of legal practice, have passed the special exam.Obtaining a license is accompanied by an order of Justice Office of the District, which operates the notary.

can act differently - to call the Chamber of Notaries (which shall be a member of a notary) or a territorial body of justice, and to clarify whether works such a notary at such address.And it is better to combine both actions, then notary fees when buying an apartment will be provided at the appropriate level.

Buying an apartment through a notary - the rights and opportunities

From the distant 1933 year, except public, private notary there office in our country.And now the last fraction is about 90%.Rights (and responsibilities) of both categories of workers are exactly alike, and cover the full range of services provided by the legislation.Failure to comply with notary actions stipulated by law, can be appealed in court.

However, we do not recommend to resort to such serious measures.As in any other activity, the notary may specialize in solving certain issues.And if he refuses to earnings, do not insist.For you it is important to find a specialist versed in detail it in the legal aspect of real estate transactions.Moreover, it is better to clarify the specialization of a notary, before starting to express their problem.

Notary services are paid in the private and public notary offices.price range can be very important, and not always a higher price guarantees high quality of issued documents and service level.In gosnotariate rates legalized.They can be either higher or lower prices at different respective "private owners".

due to the large load notaries public, private office, you usually find a quick and comfortable service.However, in the first case there is practically impossible to fraudsters paws.It turns out that notaries public are absent in a number of regions of Russia!

notary services when selling an apartment - to check private specialist

choosing not the most highly paid professional, you can contact several other notaries with the question that you were advised to buy an apartment through a notary performed with such a(name) an expert, but you have something embarrassing.For example, the low price of his services or his office.All notaries each city, even more aware of everything that concerns their colleagues.

Asking this question is best not to the notary, and one of his assistants.Although corporatism, in some offices, you will get the information you are interested in.Summarize them and "is divided into 16", you can decide.You can talk with visitors waiting their turn (at the time of your visit any).

notary services when buying an apartment - exterior signs and current quality of services

The external signs of "quality" I'll take the notary's office.An experienced and competent specialist will have time before you came to get a presentable location in the city center or to "pass" the street with a beautiful sign and quality repairs, solid furniture and necessary equipment.Another important factor is the availability of qualified assistants, in this case the sale of the apartment through a notary will be under reliable legal protection.

If you are offered a deal to spend an inexpensive hotel room or closet on the outskirts - is not to tempt fate.You can, of course, apply to the Chamber of Notaries or territorial body of justice, but is it worth losing your time?

Do you remember what was written above about the scams that are prone to theatrics?So pay attention to the fact that the documents are made out on the forms of strict accountability to the hologram.These forms must be original series and number of the forms themselves.In addition, after registration with your full name written notary, put his signature, official seal, the document receives Roster registration number.An appropriate entry in the registration book, and you undersign it.

Much can be understood after a preliminary conversation with the notary.After all, he - an element of the law enforcement system and would have to warn you about possible "negorazdah".Ask a question about the future notary transaction.Ask highlight the difficult moments, especially, who has a contract of sale apartments, a notary, a professional will not be confused in answers.

Even if you are not a great expert in the law, the more likely you will be able to distinguish the professional from the surface nachёtchika.Especially if it is in a conversation with you will get rid platitudes.And you will be able to judge the interlocutor, the notary on the issues that he will ask you.