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August 12, 2017 18:06

How do I install the toilet bowl on the tiles with their hands

When carrying out large-scale repair and finishing works in the bathroom or the toilet is usually made and replacement toilet.Depending on the situation, it may be performed before mounting on the floor laying tiles or the finished lining.What is the best - set toilet bowl on the tiles with their hands, or still make this process before laying the flooring?Such questions inevitably arise from anyone who picks repairs first.To determine which method of installation easier, and is ideal for a specific case, it is necessary to consider both options.

How do I install the toilet bowl on the tiles with their hands

How do I install the toilet bowl on the tiles with their hands

Laying floor tiles on a free from the various plumbing accessories surface, of course, it made a lot easier, so most artists prefer to just such an approach.The more so because it is a sequence of execution is considered to be technically correct.

Figured cutting tiles - a very difficult task

Figured cutting of ceramic tile - a very difficult task

But there are also such a situation, for various reasons, when laying tile laying "for later" when the sanitary devices have to be installed.In this case, you will have to show mastery of cutting tile, and - in straight-configurations, since it is usually foot toilet has rounded corners.Fit tiles under the toilet base complex shapes via cutting - is difficult, especially because of floor tile has a large thickness and a high strength.Therefore, those who have no experience in such work, cut out her own could right the first time and did not get.However, since the cases are different, this option should also be considered.

Laying tiles around a previously installed toilet

Article Contents

  • 1 Laying tiles around a previously installed toilet
  • 2 two ways to install a toilet on a ceramic tile
    • 2.1 first method of installation -in cement mortar
    • 2.2 second method of installation - on the regular floor anchoring
    • 2.3 Video: installation of ceramic tiles in the toilet

must be emphasized at once that this option does not match the right technology.And you have to be a true virtuoso, the work was successful, and the result looked neat.If, due to some reason, there is no way to dismantle the established toilet, but really want to replace the tiled flooring, you should remember about some things which can not be avoided.

It is very difficult option , but sometimes you have to resort to it

very difficult option, but sometimes you have to resort to it

  • Tiles in this case should be started from the toilet, as if the tile is first laid out on the surface, there may be a situation where it would be almost impossibleengage with a complex shape.So first leg framed the toilet, and the rest has tiles will go away.
  • It should be borne in mind that it is desirable to arrange the tiles symmetrically with respect to the front of the center of the toilet legs.
  • Using this method of installation of flooring, it must take into account that the flow of the material will be considerably greater than in the case of a continuous veneer floor before installing the toilet.In addition, in preparation for the implementation of such work, it is imperative to have in reserve at least a couple of extra tiles - in the event of failure of cuts from the splintering of the material.
  • work is carried out will require tools that can be found not in every home, but, unfortunately, without them in this case can not do.

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
y 1 Perform straight-cuts tiles, which will surround the leg of the toilet, it is best to make a template.
But some masters are the measures taken shape at the place, and immediately transfer them to the tile using a marker.
measurements begin to produce with the right rear corner of the toilet legs.
y 2 This process should be carried out very carefully, with the obligatory account of the planned thickness of the gaps between the tiles, as they too have their own width.
when performing measurements of a mistake can spoil the whole tile.
pack 3 By transferred size on the front of the tile drawn region that should be cut.To
while cutting tiles does not burst, and the cut portion can be easily separated, contoured portion is divided into a small sector in the form of a not very wide strips.
up4 Further, on a special machine, mounted with a disc on a stone, or with a small "grinder" is made of 125 mm cutting lined with segments, which are then immediately deleted one by one with a pair of pliers.
5 pack After removing the tiles intended site is fitting in place.If
neckline neatly installed around the toilet legs, the edge line of the resulting curve is processed until smooth using a round file.
eg6 Next, you need to take measurements for the cut on the tile to be laid on the side of the toilet legs - this will be the most complex configuration of straight-shape, so it must be very carefully vymeryat.
pack 7 In this case, not an extreme one of the tiles need to be removed, and make a cutout in the middle of one of the parties.
eg8 After transferring and presentation of the points of measurements, for him, as a marker, is marking the curvilinear cut, and then to delete section is divided into individual strips.
addition, removable fragment is separated from the total tile dashed notches that allow easier to break off sector.
eg9 then removed portion is cut into strips sector, after which they are individually cut or broken off by a cut with a pair of pliers.
up10 In the illustration shows the sequence of well-removal sector.
rounded first side portion is cut off and then, in turn, deletes the rest.
y 11 A in this illustration shows how easily parts can be removed with pliers.
y 12 cutting out the desired shape from the side of the tile, it is placed in the designated place for it.
Then, focusing on its location and on the rounded front of the legs, vymeryat tiles, which will be laid from the front of the toilet.
For this purpose it is defined part which should be removed.
y 13 Here we must note that the facade tiles should be ideally suited to the side of the inside and the outside.
y 14 dimensions are transferred to the tile.Next is
markup sawing and breaking of - well, by sector, as described above.
edges of tiles are processed, and it also fits into place.
y 15 Likewise vymeryat, drawn and cut tiles to bypass the second side of the toilet.
should be noted that shaped cut tiles can be made with the help of polishers, setting it on a stone disk.But to make such a process efficiently and without injury, you need to have experience with this tool.
Another way to cut a straight-shape on the tiles is drilling holes around the contour of the marked tiles sector.However, in this case the cut edge will turn out gear, and above it will have to work hard to bring it to perfection.
y 16 The next step is already possible to carry out stacking cut tile adhesive.
composition is applied to the surface of the floor and on the back of the tile and spread with a notched trowel.The direction of the furrows on the floor and on the tile must be perpendicular.
Tiles stacked, pressed, its evenness horizontally controlled by a building level.
If necessary, lightly rap tiles with a rubber mallet.
y 17 Installation is made in the same sequence as the cut-outs.That is, first, laid back, side and front right side of the tile, and then, in a circle, front, side and rear left side of the toilet legs.
y 18 Further, already the basis of tile layout, framing toilet vymeryat, cut out and placed on the glue remaining elements of the floor covering the entire area of ​​the toilet room

can be seen from the displayed technologies that bypass the tiles already fixedtoilet - one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes.In addition to cutting out laborious parts of this complex in the treatment of the material, difficulties also added due to the fact that the work is carried out in extremely cramped conditions.Even if the toilet is installed in combination bathroom, for it is usually assigned one of the corners of the room, which is also quite difficult to carry out marking and lining.

is not easy to become extinct, to plot and cut a few tiles in such a way that they coincide with each other, both on the domestic and on the outer edge, and beautifully framed the toilet base.

Normally markup does not work perfectly symmetrical, so each of the tiles have to be customized for individual measurements.And if you decide to do the work of the pattern, for each element will have to prepare its a pattern.

Another point that should not be overlooked - is that the floor in the bathroom a few tilts up.If the toilet was installed on the concrete floor, and the whole family used to his height, when it is modified, perhaps someone she seems uncomfortable.Therefore, if you had to use this method of reconstruction of the floor, you should try to stack the adhesive mass is not too thick.

By and large, the installation of ceramic tiles around the toilet already installed - this is not a good idea, as this process takes too much time and effort.Simply will carefully dismantle the toilet, even if it is imbedded in the floor with the help of concrete, smooth the surface, lay a tile, and then return it to the place - the event will take much less time and save money on the purchase of spare material flooring.However, a very high probability that the base earthenware bowl, even with very careful dismantling, yet will crack and will have to shell out for a new one.

two ways to install a toilet on a ceramic tile

The best option - to install a toilet on an already lined with ceramic tiles floor

best option - install toilet on already faced with ceramic tiled floor

There are two ways to install a toilet on a floor surface with tile cladding.One of them is very simple and is suitable even for those homeowners who are "not rich" in the instrumental "arsenal".The second method of installation - a little more complicated, but it is this technology is considered the most accurate.

first method of installation - in cement mortar

This method is well suited in the case if the new toilet will be installed in place of the dismantled.However, it is possible to use it and when in the house there are no tools needed to fix the plumbing accessory to the floor.

The easiest , but not the best way - to set the toilet onto a concrete solution

easiest, but not the best way - to set the toilet onto a concrete solution

In order to carry out the installation of the toilet on the tiles in this way will require a concrete solution or adhesive for ceramic tiles, cement-based marker, chisel, hammerand two spatula - narrow and medium width.Self assembly process is carried out in the following sequence:

  • toilet installed on the space provided for and connects to the sewer pipe rigid or corrugated adapter.The fitting connection is necessary to hold in order to make sure that all the elements are joined together perfectly.
  • Next, the base of the toilet legs circled marker.
  • Then, the toilet is removed, and the place of its installation, in the encircled area, using a chisel and a hammer on a tile made incisions.This process should be done carefully, so that when strikes were the marks only on the front cover of the tile, but not formed cracks.It is recommended to carry out this work in goggles to chips crumbs coatings do not accidentally hit in the eye.
Application of notches on the tile in place of the future installation of a toilet bowl

Application notches on the tile in the future site of the toilet installation

  • Instead of cuts, the circled area can be chaotic stick waterproof masking tape.About the same is able to create a rough foundation on which to consolidate a good solution.It is important to ensure that glued tape did not extend beyond the edge of the contour.The next step
  • concrete mortar made of sand and cement in a ratio of 2: 1, or diluted tile adhesive.The latter solution is preferable, as it quickly hardens and has a fine grain powder that is much easier to concrete, which may come across large fractions of sand.Ready solution will require 3 ÷ 4 kg.
  • next step, ready mix is ​​laid out on the prepared and moistened area tiles with notches or pasted on her masking tape.
  • Then, the lower section of the toilet legs too wetted perimeter and the device is set to a specific place for it.Under its base with front and rear sides of two stacked plastic lining thickness is 5 ÷ 7 mm, a width of 50 ÷ 80 mm.These elements are necessary to create a "cushion" of mortar between the tile and the toilet.It is important to put the bowl on the level during this operation, as it should be without imperfections, perfectly horizontal.
  • solution was speaking beyond the edges of the bowl foot, just going with a spatula, and a connecting seam gently leveled.Gaskets can be removed only after the solution is tightly adhered, and the rest of them are deepening, you must also fill out a solution and level.tile adhesive drying time indicated on the package, and the concrete should stand without operating at least 3 ÷ 4 days.Toilet use is possible only after complete solidification of the solution.

disadvantage of this installation method is that if you have to disassemble the toilet, then remove it completely does not work does not always - usually ends splintering base.

second method of installation - on the regular floor anchoring

Proper installation of toilet technology on ceramic tiles involves the use of special fasteners

proper toilet installation technology on ceramic tiles involves the use of special fasteners

According to the existing technology, this installation method is the most correct, therefore, set to the toiletare all necessary for carrying out its fasteners.However, in order to implement it, it will require some tools - in particular, require electric drill and drill bit suitable for drilling tiles.

Kopeobraznoe drill with corundum or diamond coating - the perfect solution for drilling solid floor tiles

Kopeobraznoe drill with corundum or diamond coating - the perfect solution for drilling solid floor tiles

In addition, for installation work will be needed:

  • wrench.
  • FUM tape or other preroll (such as flax and hemp «Unipak» paste).
  • Silicone sealant.
  • marker.
  • Sandpaper.
  • spatula.
  • Assembly kit for the assembly of the toilet tank and toilet bowl as well as for fixing the whole structure to the floor.

to work is successful, it is necessary to start to get acquainted with some useful tips to help execute it better and more quickly:

  • Since using this method of installing the toilet, have to drill the tile before work is necessary in targeted under the holesKern points to scratch the glaze to drill steadily risen to the surface and during the start of drilling from slipping off.