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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorative panels for interior walls

Decorative panels for interior walls - is optimal variation nt to I in cases where you need to quickly transform a room with minimal decoration material and its installation.

Decorative panels for interior walls

Decorative panels for interior walls

Great choice of such a finishing material, produced from natural and synthetic raw materials, it allows you to choose the option that is well suited in price and appearance for a specific interior.The panels can be easily installed on the surface of walls and ceilings, and do not require lengthy preparation before installation.It is these advantages, as well as the aesthetic appearance of the panels, made them popular enough for widespread use.

Decorative panels harmonize perfectly with the other finishing materials, so they can be safely combined with wallpaper, close, or contrast with them in tone, as well as painted walls.

Criteria for selection of decorative wall panels

Article Contents

  • 1 Criteria for selection of decorative wall panels
    • 1.1 Functionality panels
    • 1.2 Video: examples of wall panels for decorativepremises
  • 2 Species panels on the shape and material
    • 2.1 Product form
    • 2.2 material manufacturing
  • 3 characteristics of the various wall panels
    • 3.1 panels of wood
    • 3.2 panels chipboard and MDF
    • 3.3 fiberboard panels
      • 3.3.1 Installation fiberboard panels
    • 3.4 Gipsovinilovye panel
    • 3.5 panels PVC
    • 3.6 Cork panel
      • 3.6.1 Installing cork boards
    • 3.7 acoustic panels
      • 3.7.1 Installation of acoustic panels
    • 3.8 3D-panel
      • 3.8.1 Installation of gypsum-3D panels
      • 3.8.2 Video: master class for installation of gypsum panels 3D-
A wall lined with 3D- panels

wall, lined with 3D-panels

panels for finishing indoor must comply with certain requirements ,so when buying these features it is necessary to pay attention:

  • to produce a finishing material used must be environmentally clean raw , which is in operation will not be subject to the process of decomposition and release at the same time dangerous to human health.
  • panels must be made of non-flammable and does not contribute to the spread of fire material.In addition, when it does not create smoke in the premises of the fire.To determine how decoration material is safe, you should pay attention to the marking at the time of purchase to be applied to the packaging.If there is no marking fire safety class, and the goods are not escorted certificate of conformity, it is better to abandon the acquisition of right.

Criteria for assessing the fire hazard classification fire hazard materials increasing.When labeling NG (non-combustible), there are no other properties of fire
Flammability G1 - slightly flammable T2 - moderately combustible G3 - combustible G4 - highly flammable
Flammability B1 - flame- B2 - moderately combustible B3 - flammable
emit smoke when burning or smoldering D1 - small smokiness D2 - mild smokiness D3 - high smokiness
toxic combustion products. T1 - low-hazard T2 - moderately dangerous T3 - highly dangerous T4 - extremely dangerous
Distribution fire RP1 - does not apply WP2 - loosely spreading RP3 - moderately spreading WP4 - strongly spreading
  • Finishing material should be selected for resistance to humidity . depending on the purpose for which it is purchased premises.
  • general requirement on all panels - strength and elasticity.If you choose you need to consider and what effect will be given to the material.For example, if the panels are purchased for a child's room or rooms where there will be pets, then choose easy to clean and durable to the mechanical load scratched material.
  • panels must quietly endure temperature extremes, as some of them may be installed near the battery and windows.
  • Easy to clean and resistant to cleaning agents also an important factor in the choice of finishing material, especially if it is installed in the kitchen, hallway or in one of the corridors.
  • very important selection criterion is the ease of installation of panels.

Functionality panels

Applying for walls Decorative panels can not only transform the interior of the premises, but also to get rid of the problems that can not be solved, just pasted wallpaper:

  • For this finish can hide irregularitiesand other flaws walls. cables or pipes -
  • communication line can be carried out behind the panel.
  • When installing panels on a framework crate , it is possible to build them warm - and soundproof material.In addition, the sale is a panel already fitted a layer of insulation.
  • panels made of artificial materials, often very reliably simulate natural.

Video: examples of wall panels for decorative premises

Species panels in form and material

This decorative finish can be divided into different types according to the form in whichit is produced, and manufacturing materials.

Product form

Today the market can find a panel of the following forms of release:

  • tile. It is produced in the form of rectangles and squares of different sizes, different colors and textured images.Tile combines well with each other and with other materials, can be used to design an entire wall or panel its parts.
Decorating the walls tiled panels

Finish tiled wall panels

Thanks definition forms, this type of finish gives room orderly, lining the surface.Mounted on the panel such crate , made of wooden bars and mounted on the wall.The size of tile panels can vary in length from 300 to 980 mm, width of 250 to 500 mm, which allows one to create a mosaic surface texture selecting different drawings.

  • Reiki .This type of panel has a rectangular shape and is in fact the same lining, manufactured not only of wood, but other materials, natural and synthetic.The length of rack panels ranges from 2400 to 3700 mm and width - from 150 to 300 mm.Their minimum thickness of 8 mm and a maximum up to 12 ÷ 15 mm.For recessed installation of rails on crate using special mounting - clamps .These panels can be mounted , both horizontally and vertically, as well as so-called « herringbone » .
One of the most common variants - in the form of wainscot panels

One of the most common options - panel in the form of lining

This type of panel is most often used for the decoration of the premises with a small area, since they are not visually reduce the space of the room.Between a rack panels are connected by lock "thorn-groove" or just slots into which special narrow tab is inserted.

  • Sheet panels are manufactured with a thickness of 3 mm to 10 mm and have a large size - from 1200 to 2450 mm.The surface of the sheet material simulates a variety of natural textures, such as stone, a variety of wood, cork and other materials, so you can choose the appropriate sheets for interior easily, decorated in any style.This type of panels are mounted most only to flat surfaces by an adhesive, but sometimes they are attached as well as other types of materials, for lathing .
Sheet panels allow you to quickly shut down large areas of walls

Sheet panel allows you to quickly shut down large areas of walls

joints between the installed panels are masked by special moldings, which give the surface accuracy.These panels are made mostly of sheet fiberboard or MDF , which decorated by various natural materials.

Material production

wall panels themselves may be made of various materials, and in addition, the surface of many of them additionally covered with a decorative layer.So, in DIY stores can be found finish:

  • natural wood of different breeds, with a varied textured pattern.
Wooden mosaic panel

Wooden mosaic panel

  • of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).These panels can be self-colored, or they can be applied any drawing, a painting or textured.
PVC panel with a color pattern

PVC panel with a color pattern

  • From acoustic foam VS and synthetic fibers, which serve as a binder for gypsum and polymers manufactured insulating boards.This type of panels on top decorated gipsovolokonnyh material or plastic.
Relief Acoustic Foam Panel

Relief Acoustic Foam Panel

  • Gipsovinilovye plates, which consist of a closed plaster on both sides of vinyl plates on drywall type.
A relatively new decorative material - gipsovinilovye panel

relatively new decorative material - gipsovinilovye panel

  • cork panels that are not only environmentally friendly finishing materials, but also absorb sound well.
Unbeatable advantages have cork panels

unsurpassed advantages of cork panels have

  • panels, which are based on fiberboard, MDF or chipboard .
  • 3D LCD panel, made of different materials or combinations thereof.
Gypsum 3D- panel

Gypsum 3D-panel

characteristics of the various wall panels

To know for which space is suitable or that type of material from which manufactured panels, we must consider their characteristics, as well as the facthow they will look in the interior.

panels of wood

Wood panels are produced in various versions - it may be smooth square or rectangular elements having a raised pattern, or assembled from several parts, and having a finished appearance.

Bedroom , wood-paneled

bedroom, wood-paneled

Most often, panel made of cedar wood, oak, larch, alder or maple .If their production is used very inexpensive material, its trying to disguise a more valuable timber with special formulations that will make clearer textured pattern and dark fiber.

The natural texture of the wood is always at its peak

natural texture of the wood is always at the peak of popularity

Wooden panels are ideally suited for registration of premises, because they are environmentally friendly, "breathable" material.You can use them for decoration of rooms with high humidity, but in this case it is necessary to choose material impregnated with water-repellent composition, and top coated with wax.

Panels of chopped wood

panels of chopped wood

Recently gaining popularity panel of chopped wood array are arranged in different variations, resulting which obtained relief drawings to view the structure of the material fibers and each knot in it .Such panels manufacturing technology helps preserve the natural beauty of wood, since it no traces of processing.For the manufacture of such boards used ash, birch and oak - all are for chips with a nice pattern.Finished plates are covered with varnish or wax.

panels chipboard and MDF

Chipboard (CPD) - is a composite material made on the basis of wood shavings and sawdust.To link these wood wastes are used phenol-formaldehyde resin, which can range from 5 to 17 % of the total weight.Cooked mixture passes this pp gloss hot pressing, and then turns into a slab.After this panel is most often covered with wood veneer and laminated .

Quality MDF or chipboard panels outwardly difficult to distinguish from the natural material

Quality MDF or chipboard panels outwardly difficult to distinguish from the natural material

MDF - can be deciphered as finely-dispersed fraction, ie the plates are made of of grinded timber.The panels are formed by dry-pressing and serve as a binder for the raw urea resins, which are less toxic than formaldehyde.MDF E1 classified, ie they have the lowest degree of danger to human health, that gives them the most widely used in residential premises.Other characteristics are similar to the parameters of the DSP.

chipboard and MDF can be "masked" under any type of wood, and quality material sometimes quite difficult to distinguish from real wood.

Some characteristics of chipboard and MDF surpass even wood - plate durable and tough enough , but if necessary, easily treatable.Wood particle boards have a lower flammability classification than natural wood, have sound - and insulating properties.

The disadvantages of conventional particleboard and MDF may include low moisture resistance, when wet since they swell and their thickness increases by 5 ÷ 30%, resulting in deformation.Therefore, this material can not be used for finishing wet rooms.However, apart from the usual particle boards for rooms with normal humidity, and made moisture-proof wall panels, but they have a higher price.

hotel lobby , decorated with MDF panels

Hall Hotel, decorated MDF panels

is necessary to know also that the phenol-formaldehyde resin, a part of the panels, are extremely harmful to human health, and they will stand out from the plate during the whole period of their operation.Therefore, undesirable to use DSP to furnish any residential premises.Such material may be suitable for putting in order the walls of halls, migratory corridors and other well-ventilated space.Anyway, before making a decision on the purchase of chipboard panels, should be familiar with their performance indicated on the label or in technical documentation for shipment.

Key Features DSP:

material parameters Features use in a residential area
Classes DSP domestic production safety (the content of phenol formaldehyde per 100 g of dry material.)