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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a kitchen faucet

It would seem - a ridiculous question, how to choose a kitchen faucet.Go to the store and purchase that most had to taste good, the range of these products is very wide.But here is the rub, that such diversity can easily confound.

How to choose a kitchen faucet

How to choose the kitchen faucet

rely solely on external data - it's an amateurish approach.When choosing a kitchen faucet should be carefully evaluated a number of criteria, each of which is important.Try to understand what is necessary to pay special attention.

«Controls» kitchen mixer

Article Contents

  • 1 «Controls» kitchen faucet
  • 2 shape and spout design
    • 2.1 Video: Diversity of modern kitchenmixers
  • 3 Fitting mixer
  • 4 faucet manufacturing material
    • 4.1 outer covering
    • mixer
  • 5 Additional functions mixers
  • 6 And a few words in conclusion
    • 6.1 Video: tips on choosing professional kitchen faucet

by the principle of controlling the intensity of the water flow and temperature, kitchen faucets can be divided into three main groups:

1. twin valve once completely dominated in the kitchen interior.They were, their supporters and now.

Dvuhventilnye mixers remain popular to this day

dvuhventilnye mixers remain popular to this day

Classical arrangement of taps - two valves, placed on the left and the right and spout, standing in the middle.The valves are equipped with metal, plastic or ceramic handwheels one form or another.Each valve is responsible for filing a separate cold or hot water, the streams are mixed in the central chamber with a further transition into the spout .

scheme is simple and reliable , provides good temperature of the water.Often you can find the opinion that these are the mixers considered optimal if water heating is carried out independently in the gas column.

as valves in such mixers are used head parts.They are, at the resemblance may differ structurally:

Crane parts with a rubber gasket

Crane parts with a rubber gasket

Bushes with progressively movable valve, equipped with a rubber gasket.Progress crane - is a few turns of the flywheel.The main disadvantages of such a scheme is considered to be sufficiently rapid wear of the rubber seal, as well as the appearance of backlash in the rotating parts.You may experience difficulty and with accurate temperature control, especially if water in the system is very hot (for example, a stand-alone boiler).The fact, that the rubber gasket when heating is substantially increased in size by changing the value of the lumen exposed to water, and to maintain the desired temperature have to make adjustments.

Crane parts with ceramic valve

head parts with ceramic valve

Bushes with ceramic valve are arranged differently.Two ceramic plate with holes are turned relative to each other, changing the cross-sectional area of ​​the lumen for the passage of water.Such cranes rotation range is limited - there are parts with one turn and a half or even a quarter.Cranes are easy to use, but do not like polluted water - a grain of sand or pieces of metal slag, falling between the ceramic plates can cause their rapid wear.However, in pre-mechanical water filtration need, probably, all types of mixers.

Dignity dvuhventilnyh mixers but, as a rule, low prices, still and that the substitution of defective, leaking or klinyaschih Books is not difficult.These parts are inexpensive, if desired, you can install and "rubber", and ceramic valves as landing threaded portion have not fundamentally different.

Двухвентильные смесители нередко исполняют "под старину"

twin valve is often performed by «old»

manufacturers of sanitary ware are not removed from the production of twin valve, on the contrary, even give them interesting retro shape , calculated on the original kitchen interiors lovers of "antique".

2. most common on standing at the moment - it is single-lever mixers.Anyone who has tried to put them into practice, with very little reluctant to return to normal dvuhventilnye if the need arises.

Bestsellers - lever mixers

Bestseller - lever mixers

Ease of use is evident - and the flow rate and water temperature are regulated by a hand lever movement in two planes.Thus, during normal, upper arm arrangement, the movement in the vertical plane opens or closes total flow, and in the horizontal - regulates the flow of hot and cold water for mixing.

This installation is provided in a special mixer cartridge connected to the lever.

Inside the cartridge mixer set specific design

Inside Mixer is a cartridge specific design

cartridges may vary by internal device.They are ball type - they posted hollow ball with holes for the passage into the hot and cold streams, and to exit from further supply water spout .The ceramic cartridges that height control function is performed by tightly lapped ceramic plate.

There are products where durable plastic used instead of ceramic.However, it is durable only to the manufacturer (usually such products come from China), but in practice it turns out , that after 2 ÷ 3 months there is a need to replace the cartridge.The only questionable virtue - these products are very cheap .

Layout single lever faucets can be very different.The lever can be on top, in front of or behind the spout , right or left, in vertical or horizontal plane.There is a choice , based convenience and personal preferences of the buyer.

special kind of single-lever mixers are a model in which the lever controls only the intensity of the water flow.Mixing the flow to the desired temperature is rendered in a special cleaning device - the thermostat.

The thermostat always maintains exactly the exposed water temperature

thermostat always maintains accurate temperature of the water exposed

The special design of this device ensures a constant flow temperature, which can be pre-set the thermostat wheel.

Approximate thermostat setting scheme

Estimated installation thermostat

scheme This scheme is particularly useful in the case where the hot water in the circuit there are very high temperatures, in excess of 55 - 60 degrees.Completely eliminates the risk of scalding your hands, and it is extremely important if a family has young children.

3. Mixers electronically controlled were in use recently.Of course, their cost is much higher than that of conventional mechanical, but the facilities and much more.

Modern Approach - faucets with electronic control

modern approach - mixer electronically controlled

Start the water can be light touch to the most mixer or the control panel.It is possible to accurately control the temperature, flow rate.The very touch panel can be located on the mixer body, and the spray head spout , and sometimes it is a constructive part of the most cleaning.

The touch control panel can be located even on the head of the spout

touch control panel can be located even on the head of the spout

sensors can be set on the motion for a mixer - with no any action flow independently overlaps , and ruled out the probability that out of forgetfulness orowner inattention water is consumed wastefully.

In the kitchen, the mistress often hands are stained by certain products.Do not worry - you can touch the back of the hand mixer or just hold your hand underneath to run the water a given temperature.

Electronic faucets are constantly being improved, are equipped with new and exciting opportunities, and we must think ahead of them a great future. remains hope that their prices will fall, making these devices more accessible to the average consumer.

shape and design spout

On Easley in in Always pay the utmost attention - it this part mixer immediately catches the eye and determinesthe appearance of the entire product.However, appearance - appearance , but the spout must meet the requirements and ease of use it in a kitchen.

  • spout must be a turning point.This is especially important where the wash fitted with two (and sometimes even longer) containers .Sector rotation is to ensure the free movement of spout in any of the parties.
  • spout must have the optimum height, so that it did not interfere with washing large dishes or set the water in her . However , excessively high "gander" can lead to splashing water from the sides of the bowl sinks.Tips here to give difficult, since much will depend on the depth and geometric shapes itself sink.

Conditionally Spouts divided into low (up to 190 mm in height), medium (240 mm) and high (over 240 mm).The best, perhaps, seen the average size, but still need to proceed in the selection and the design features of the existing sink faucet if not sold bundled with it.

  • Pay attention to the overall design of the mixer and spout .It can be cast - these models features high strength, and the absence of joints and connections reduce the likelihood of leakage.However, more often get prefabricated model - lights are much easier to use, but take care of them will already be difficult.
The original design of the hinge movable spout

original design of the hinge movable spout

Often spout is even complex hinge structure of several parts.This significantly extends the range of its capabilities.Such models typically produce proven producers, and worry about the reliability such assembly is not necessary in this case.

  • In form Spouts can be very diverse - this issue aesthetics, perhaps, comes to the fore.Someone like direct or rectangular, others prefer to be S- or shaped U-or other
The configuration of the spout can be very different

Configuration spout can be very different

There are flexible Spouts , shape and length of whichIt can be changed in a certain range.

Flexible spout

flexible spout

Very convenient if at the end of the spout is equipped divider - water flow aerator.Some models provide a choice of jet configurations - from ordinary or aerated to divider-soul to change the angle of the cone created by the water.

many housewives may seem convenient to spout could be converted into a flexible shower with sliding watering.

Noteworthy mixers who spout turns into a pull-out shower hose

Noteworthy mixers who spout turns into a pull-out shower hose

In this case, the mixer body is hidden retractable hose into a metal ripple or without her (commonly used high strength and highly flexible PE-X polymer).He connected with shower attachment, which in the normal position is the head of the spout .

Mixer with Two Spouts

Faucet with two spouts

There original mixers that have multiple spout .So, if necessary, you can use the lower, shorter, and when washing dishes are dimensional objects, it is possible to switch to high.

Video: Diversity of modern kitchen faucets

Fitting mixer

This is - a very important parameter , which must take into account when purchasing the necessary model.

Classical installation site - in a corresponding hole cleaning

classic place of installation - in appropriate washing hole

  • vast majority of mixers are designed for installation on the sink in the existing hole in it.Typically, kitchenware manufacturers provide a single size of mounting holes, corresponding to the standard system mixer mounting studs or protracted nut (Ø 34 mm).
Fastening mixer via pins

mount mixer via pins

Among plumbers have adherents and that, and another type of fastening, although the installation of a nut is a bit safer .

Mixer with the installation of a protracted nut

mixer with the installation nut on the protracted

If you plan to install a mixer on the counter near the sink, it is imperative to clarify the possibility of such an installation for the selected model.Thus, the threaded portion of the length may not be enough when a thick table top, and will need to choose a product with elongated pins or otherwise, in a special way to the mounting plane of the table.

Set mixer on the counter

Set mixer on the counter

not fallen into disuse and mixers with fastening to the wall.Sometimes - it's a fad, but it happens, and so that it is in this way will lead to the washing water mains, and to change their location is impossible or impractical.

Sometimes the mixer may be necessary to mount the wall

Sometimes it may be necessary to mount the mixer to the wall

Material manufacture of mixers

From manufacturing material depends largely on the quality and durability of the mixer.Of course, it is always reflected in the price of the product.

  • most inexpensive today are silumin mixers - made of aluminum-silicon alloy.In addition to the low cost of other advantages they have, perhaps, not.This material is fragile, short-lived, and it is better to abandon the purchase of this product so as not to be disappointed in a few months.
  • Steel products with stainless steel chrome finish - much safer and stronger.
  • Among metals absolute leadership refrained reflux raditsionnye bronze or brass.These alloys do not corrode , do not affect the chemical composition of water, show excellent results the strength and duration of use.
  • Faucets made of polymeric materials have proven themselves well, both in terms of strength and durability, and relatively low price. Nevertheless , they certainly can not compete with high-quality hardware.
  • in vogue ceramic faucets, for the most part - for its original look.Manufacturers in all ways praise them, urging customers to their high durability and reliability . Nevertheless , the practice of using such products has already given many examples of damage (chips, cracks and the like .) At impact.Metal mixers in this regard practical.

Exterior Coating mixer

This criterion determines and tidy appearance of the product, and ease of care.

The classic version - shiny chrome or stainless steel surface.It is very advantageous looks fairly scratch resistant, but it clearly visible spots, including from the dry water.Have fun shopping!