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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bottom valve for Shell: species in the mixer , the device and the selection

Bottom valve for sinks
  • What is it?
  • Pros application
  • Types
  • mixer with pop-up waste
  • system Push Open
  • device
  • Installation

What is it?

Bottom valves, though relatively recent, quite in demand in the plumbing stores.This product is spread throughout the world, including the CIS countries with the UK.The cost of utilities out there is quite high, so ingenious British invented a simple device to retain water in the sink.Another reason for the use of bottom valves is the absence of the mixer.To get water into the sink the required temperature, it is plugged in and it mixes hot and cold water.

adjustment state of the bottom valve held a special button or lever located on the crane.It is very convenient, do not need to independently raise and lower the cover.

The value of the bottom valve for sinks

In our country, many sets of faucets come with such valves.Stylish metal valve overcame a lot better in the sink than a simple rubber cap, the use of which is not always hygienic.

Bottom valve for sinks

Pros application

Use the bottom valve has many advantages, chief among them:

  1. Reduced water consumption.
  2. Easy operation.
  3. Attractive design.
  4. robust installation in the drain hole.
  5. Preventing the spread of odors from the drain pipe.
  6. Easy cleaning.
Advantages of the bottom valve for sinks


Bottom valves are divided into the following main types:

  1. Mechanical. system Click-Clack is based on the work of the spring, under the influence of which opens or closes the valve.It takes only one click on the product cover.
  2. Automatic. valve adjustment takes place by means of a small lever.Automatic - a small metal rods, the working of which is located directly under the washbasin.Man, however, acts on the lever, arranged in the mixer housing.
Mechanical foot valve Click- Clack Basin
Automatic bottom valve for sinks

Today you can buy a variety of valves, depending on the design and colors.It can be modern or stylized antique bronze, with Gorny or chrome finish.

mixer with pop-up waste

Such valves are the most common models. To control has a special lever that can be installed behind, side or top mixer. It comes complete with the entire set, it is actually invisible, but very useful detail.Lever is the opening or closing of the drain.

Mixer with pop-up waste Sink

system Push Open

Less common valves Push Open.Their main disadvantage - for the opening of the drain hole to manually work on the valve, ie the wet hand. But such a valve installed quite quickly and are much easier to maintain. It is also used for baths, bidets.

Bottom valve for sinks with Push Open system


bottom valve device depends on its type.So, automatic valves have such a device:

  1. plug.
  2. lever, opening and closing the drain hole.
  3. Spoke, which connects the lever to the valve.
  4. threaded connection, through which the valve can be connected to a drain pipe.
Device pop-up waste Sink

Mechanical valve - it is a single device that works on the basis of highly compressed spring.

Bottom valve - a device
Bottom valve - a device
Bottom valve - a device


Installing foot valve takes place immediately after the installation of the mixer, complete with whom he goes. For proper installation it is necessary to adhere to these steps:

  1. valve is inserted into the drain hole.
  2. Special knitting needles on the valve overlap pattern.
  3. to the arm and lug valve needle is connected, through which the opening and closing covers.

is necessary to pay attention to the drainage design, because if there is overflow valve bought special design.Then the siphon is connected to the valve through which the water is drained.Included water, checked the tightness of all connections.If no leaks, it is possible to diagnose the operation of bottom valve.If it is closed, and the water does not flow, and then quickly opened, it can be assumed that the device installation is completed successfully.

Installation of the bottom valve on the sink
Installation of the bottom valve on the sink
Bottom valve and install it on the sink

Thus, the bottom valve is a functional product that is easy to use and saves water.Set it can be independently, using the instructions.