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August 12, 2017 18:06

Electronic bidet toilet : features , prices , installation

Electronic bidet
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If the ability to install a bidet in the bathroom single room is not available, you will gain a modern multi-functional sanitary unit, as e-cover-bidet.What are the advantages and functions of such a cap, whether it has shortcomings and what is important to know the features of the installation on its purchase?

Electronic bidet lid on the toilet


cover-bidet designed to be installed on the toilet to make hygiene more comfortable.It consists of a seat and a cover, which closes the toilet.The main feature of this cover is a control panel located on the side.The buttons on this panel allow you to control all the functions provided in a particular model of a cover-bidet.The retractable seat integrated water inlet, and the drying nozzle through which warm air is fed.

A device electronic bidet


  1. Compared with conventional electronic bidet buying cover saves space in the bathroom.This cover helps turn an ordinary toilet in the device that combines the functions and toilet and bidet.
  2. cover bidet fits most toilets.It can be installed not only at home but also at the hotel, a medical facility, beauty salon, health centers and other places.
  3. In this cover there is a large number of additional functions.For example, the user can change the supplied water temperature include drying with hot air or heated seat.
  4. washing water in such caps is provided in several different modes - general, children's and women's.The stream of water that is fed, too, can change.It can be fed under high pressure, a pulsating jet, with bubbles.
  5. With the use of most electronic bidet lids do not need to worry about connecting the hot water supply.The device can only be connected to the cold water.
  6. Washed nozzle is automatically cleaned after use.
  7. cover bidet is very easy to install.All connections nuances described in detail in the instructions accompanying the product.
  8. Antibacterial cover is especially important for families with children.
  9. device is irreplaceable for people suffering from hemorrhoids because it allows you gently clean the area of ​​the anus and perform massage.
Benefits of electronic bidet lids
Benefits of electronic bidet lids

Cons One of the disadvantages of such a multifunctional device for toilet called its value. The more functions provided in the cover-bidet, the higher will be the price of the chosen model.As a rule, cover bidet prices start from 10 thousand. Rub.

addition to the high cost of some models, bidet lids may not be appropriate to set the toilet in the house, therefore it is necessary to remove sizes and after that go to the store before buying.You can also outline the contours of the toilet on the cardboard, cut a sketch of an appropriate cover and pick up the device on it in the store.

Disadvantages of electronic covers bidet


Carry out electronic bidet can be on their own.The configuration device, you get the very cover, console, electric cable, hose, which cover bidet is connected to a tank, as well as double, which cuts in the water supply.

unscrewing the hose through which the water flows into the tank of the toilet, at the point of exit screwed counterpart, allowing you to connect a hose for 2 - one for the cover and another for the tank.Further, the toilet lid is mounted on and connected to the network.

Installation of electronic bidet cover


In addition to all the usual functions of a bidet irrigation water jet at the bidet cover with electronic control is possible:

  • water heating;
  • heated seats;
  • blow-drying;
  • air ionization in the bathroom;
  • Deodorization of air in order to eliminate odors;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • antibacterial coating seat;
  • Automatic closing and opening of the lid;
  • hydromassage;
  • lighting;
  • fragrance and many other functions.
Functions of electronic bidet