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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a faucet with a bath spout : long, short , exhaust

Bath mixer with long spout
  • Pros
  • Long spout
  • Short Form spout
  • Exhaust Tips for Choosing

mixer has long been a mandatory attribute of modern life.Without this useful device is hard to imagine not only the bathroom, but also the kitchen.If the room is carried out water, then do not do without a mixer.For bath mixer with spout - the most popular solution.

It is necessary for us to live comfortably, as it allows to obtain the required water temperature.As water passes water pipes or piping cold, or near the temperature of boiling water.With the mixer from the water pipes is mixed in different proportions, and we can safely wash or wash the dishes without risking burns or frostbite.

Gold bath mixer


Mixers come in three types:

  • with showerhead,
  • with spout,
  • combination, where there are shower head and spout.

mixers, equipped with a shower watering can, there are usually only in the public showers, and the last two types of mixers can be found anywhere.Spout Mixer has several different names.Some call it "gander", others - "tap", and the third - "nose."It is a thin metal tube from which the water flows.

spout main purpose is to shape and direct the stream of water.

To produce the spout, as well as for other parts of the mixers, used mainly brass, which is then applied decorative coating, which determines the color of the product.For sinks, washbasins and baths should be chosen different in shape and size mixers.

Faucet with waterfall spout
Mixer without spout
Rotary mixer

Long spout

mixer with long spout - the most popular model.She demanded because long nose enables to sink the necessary manipulations, not pouring water all around.Another advantage with a long spout mixer is that it can be used immediately for two plumbing fixtures.This pattern is familiar to all without exception: in cramped bathrooms "Khrushchev" construction, sink and bath located nearby.Above the bathroom hung a long curved faucet to be rotated, depending on whether you want to wash your hands or a bath filled with water.

Смеситель с поворотным изливом в "хрущевке"

Swivel spout is very convenient to use in the kitchen.If necessary, you can unscrew the faucet spout to the side to make room for the dishes.The rotary mixer is also usually set when installed in the kitchen sink with two bowls.Plus, this design is that it does not take up much space, it is very important in tight spaces.

Lack of structure is as follows: the spout of the mixer is turned up and down very often and quickly breaks down, even if it is a high quality product.

Bent long nose is able to make notes in vintage bathroom interior, especially with a corresponding decorative coatings.If you want to create retrointerer, consider donating vintage spout beautiful gates and a shower watering can "antique".

Retro faucet for the bathroom


mixers with a short spout appeared on the market recently.This invention thrifty Europeans, who are trying to minimize the consumption of resources in all possible ways.Short spout really helps to save water consumption, but the savings will be quite small.In addition, experts say that a short spout helps to quickly adjust the water temperature.However, the difference here is only a fraction of a second.

Mixer with short spout

short spout creates a strong and smooth flow of water, reducing splashing to a minimum.Set it usually over a small sink in the bathroom or over the bath.In the latter case, it is equipped with more and showerhead.

Nonslewing short spout

short spout main advantage is that it takes up much less space than a long, so it is simply irreplaceable in small bathrooms, where every centimeter of space counts.

human desire to save space knows no boundaries, so recently appeared in the stores with a short spout faucets that are installed directly on the bath side.This design quickly gained popularity due to its ergonomics.

Mortise mixer not only allows you to free up space on the wall.Use it to fill the bath quickly.

Handling pressure and alter the water temperature, while in the bath, it is much more convenient if mounted bath mixer board.

Short spout of the bath board

Form spout

Depending on the shape of the spout, available on the market plumbing faucets can be divided into two large groups. The first group includes the classical spout faucets, and the second - the cascading mixers.

Classic Spouts one thing in common: they are all shaped tube - long or short, straight or curved.

for a bath or shower is usually chosen or very short straight mixers, or, on the contrary, long with one or two bends.Recent resemble the shape of the English letter S. But the kitchen sink should be plenty of space to it could fit as many dishes as possible.For these purposes the most suitable straight or bent at a right angle L-shaped mixers.

S-shaped spout mixer
L-shaped spout mixer
Unusual bathroom faucet

Cascading mixers «live» mostly in bathrooms.Their main difference is the almost complete absence of the spout.More precisely, the spout is, but its shape is so far from the traditional, we perceive it as something completely different.Typically spout cascade mixer is a wide metal or plastic panel having a narrow gap, and from which water is poured.The jet resulting in a broad and flat, creating a waterfall effect.Equipped with a cascade mixer bathtub filled with water twice as fast as usual.

Cascading mixers

Before purchasing see how to repair the mixer.This may affect your choice.


Despite the fact that our paper is devoted to a mixer with spout for the bathroom, we can not ignore the model with pull spout, which are used mainly in the kitchen.A key feature of these mixers is the tip of the spout is attached to a long flexible hose, resembling a shower, which allows you to pull out the spout of the mixer and to reach out to them to sink any space.The exhaust mixer facilitates dishwashing process.Using it is very convenient to wash large pots, pans and pans, sink itself, as well as to fill the water tank volume.

As we have said, this mixer is often possible to meet it in the kitchen, and the bathroom you can find it useful application.For example, something like this is used in beauty salons for hair wash.This is indeed a good idea, because sometimes we only need to wash your hair, not to wet the whole body, we assume, in order to wash away the hair dye, and do it over a sink with a conventional spout very uncomfortable.In this case, the exhaust spout can be very useful.

Retractable spout mixer
The exhaust spout mixer
Mixer with pull-out spout

faucets with pull spout are of three types. In some mixers in the role of a retractable nozzle acts as the tip of the spout, while others - shower head, which is attached to the spout.The third is a combined model: faucet and shower head placed on the sink separate from each other.

Tips for Choosing

Finally, to sum up the results and recall of the basic criteria of the mixer of choice for a bathroom.

Basic principles:

  • If you choose the faucet for a very small bathroom, the main concern of yours - it saves space, and the issues of functionality and aesthetics overshadowed.You should pay attention to the rotary mixer with long spout, which can serve both a bath and sink.
  • If your bathroom is large enough and there is no need to cut out every centimeter of space, the previous version - not for you.You can make sure that the mixers have been equipped with two sanitary appliance.
  • choosing a spout for the bath, it is necessary to consider its capacity.It depends on the diameter of the hole: the higher it is, the tub filled faster.
  • For bath is best to choose a short spout, so it makes it easier to draw water, and is more economical to spend it.But the length of the spout for basin depends on the size of the sink and on the purposes for which it is used.For a small sink spout is better to choose smaller, and for a large - more.
  • those who appreciate modern and practical solutions, will appreciate Mortice mixer with short spout, which can be installed on board the tub or sink.Note the cascade model - is not only convenient, but also very beautiful.
  • If you have anything to wash or be washed in the bathroom, or you often dye your hair, put on their masks and balms washable, you should think about buying a mixer with pull spout.This model is very practical, it can be used not only in the kitchen but in the bathroom, for example, for washing the hair, as do professional hairdressers.
  • When choosing a mixer with spout must also take into account the style of the bathroom.Short taps round or rectangular chrome-plated accessory are modern styles, but the long, curved faucets copper or brass colors more suitable for classical interior.
Mixer brown bath
Mixer black
Gilded gold-plated mixer with spout
Bath faucet with pull-out spout
Brass faucet
Glass waterfall faucet spout
Gold Plated Retro Mixer

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