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August 12, 2017 18:06

Removing Doors : step by step instructions

Every owner, started overhaul in the old apartment, facing the problem of dismantling the interior or exterior doors.It would seem that so tough - remove fabric with loops yes "to uproot" box.But not all so simple.As practice shows, if you want to get a smooth and beautiful doorway, remove the old structure should be correct.For information on how to make the dismantling of the doors we discuss in this article.


Break - not to build: features dismantle

Many inexperienced self-taught builders mistakenly believe that the removal of the old door quite a otkovyryat shoals off the wall.But in practice, things are not so simple.Often, an incorrect and aggressive dismantling destroyed not only the door structure, and part of the wall.Especially this situation is common in the old Soviet buildings, where construction of interior partitions using fragile gypsum board.

If you do not want when removing interior doors you have lost another part of the wall and to the need to be creative.First of all, decide whether you need an old door or you're going to spend her last journey - to the dustbin.In the first case it is necessary to carry out the dismantling careful not to damage the components, for example, if you want to rearrange the door of the apartment to the cottage.If the box and all of its elements you do not need, there is a faster and more "ruthless" way, which we will explain later.


But whatever way the dismantling of the old door you choose, the work should be carried out carefully as possible to prevent damage to the wall.Otherwise, after the removal of the box you have to spend time and money on puttying and plastering.

But first, a little theory.Any such structure consists of two upright posts, a horizontal crossbar and top of the door leaf, sometimes there is also a lower horizontal - nut.Often, old doors for his long life had to go through five or even 10 sessions of painting, becoming thicker by a few millimeters, and therefore heavier.

Painting has long concealed the slightest hints of the screw locations, nails and other fixings, but intuitively it is still possible to recognize where things are.So, usually between the partition and the door frame is a block of wood.Its thickness was chosen so that the vertical uprights positioned strictly perpendicular to the floor surface.In this timber nails hammered large length of 120 or 150 mm, two in the left vertical column, two - to the right, and one (sometimes two) - in the top horizontal bar.If the doors do not change 30-50 years, these nails certainly had rust, so just remove the box will not work.

To uproot from the bars of the wall, use a claw hammer or pry bar.Also, you need a hammer, an ax and a saw (hacksaw).

Gentle way to

In this chapter, we'll show you how to remove the door and a box so that they can be used in the future.


  1. Remove door leaf, palming off between the door and the floor crowbar to make the likeness of the lever.Slightly opening and closing the door, begin to lift the sheet, pressing down on the lever-mount.
    Better to do it together, as the old Soviet door quite heavy, especially if you are doing the dismantling of the front door.If the loop does not respond to your manipulations, they may have rusted or heavily clogged.In this case, apply grease (best to use anti-corrosion grease in a spray that instantly removes rust), wait a few minutes and try again.Complete removal of the web should be done in an open form, otherwise the door will be rested in the horizontal bar at the top.
  2. When the door leaf is set aside, you can proceed to the elimination of trims.To worry about the safety of the old architraves especially not worth it, because in most cases they are in quite poor condition and are covered with a thick layer of old enamel.Attach the edge of the ax in the opening between the clypeus and a box or in any place higher, if all the nails are covered with paint and can not see anything.With one hand holding the ax, the other - a hammer.
  3. gentle but confident movements hammer ax and remove the casing from a box.
    Dismantling the -door - jamb - analysis - web
  4. The enlarged gap you can see the very large nails.Move the ax under one of them and move the casing up to the maximum limit.Repeat the same procedure in other locations of nails.As a result, you should easily detach the entire casing of the door frame.
  5. Since frames are available on both sides, repeat the same steps on the other side of the wall.Unfortunately, almost always casing breaks.During the heyday of Soviet engineering and construction nails done very thick and strong, and trim set pretty thin, so just take them with rusted nails does not work.But, fortunately, to make new and more aesthetic trim today is quite simple and inexpensive.Moreover, if we recall that in the camp of clypeus has stuck to half a centimeter discolored enamel and it can not be even on the wood, it is reasonable to get a new frame for the door.
  6. So casings removed and before you left the door frame with steel hinges.Before you try to pull it out of the wall, remember that it is nailed to leveling bars long, 150-millimeter nails.Carefully inspect one of the uprights - if you can see the lower mounting point (nail or bar), turn away from it up about 20 cm If the fasteners are not visible, then pull back on the floor of 60-80 cm and a sawed rack..
  7. insert the tip of the ax Just above the resulting cutting so that it was between the doorway and wooden bar, and then slide the sure touch of the rack away from the wall.Thus, at the same time you remove the rack and pull out a nail out of the wall.
  8. Do the same with the other part and the upper crossbar.When removed the first rack, the dismantling of the door with his own hands is much faster and easier.
  9. Keep door unit, who served 30 years or more, does not make sense - you can now use more modern, durable and inexpensive materials, or to put the same tree, just fresher.

We describe one of the most problematic option of dismantling the door with large nails as fasteners.If you see that the elements are held together with screws then disassemble this box is not difficult - you just use a screwdriver.

Video to dismantle the door will help you more accurately to work:

quick way

If you plan to get rid of the old door and do not intend to install it in a different location, use the faster and easier way to dismantle the box.

to work you will need the following tools:

  • ax;
  • hammer;
  • crowbar;
  • hacksaw on wood.

How quickly dismantle the door:

  1. Remove door leaf, as described in the previous instruction - easier and faster to do this step anymore.
  2. Disassemble the door frame does not make sense, so it is easier to break.It is very easy to do if you make a cut in the central part of one of the uprights.
  3. Using a hacksaw make the cut, but not perpendicular and at an angle of approximately 45 °.
    dismantling of interior doors 6671
  4. If the door frame has a nut, it is also better to cut it down the middle.
  5. If the threshold is fixed in the doorway above the floor, it is easy to "root out" with the crowbar.
  6. plat will quickly pull out if the drive between them and packaged timbers sharp ax.Pull the handle of the ax that appeared a gap sufficient for the further work with the crowbar.

remind you that if the old door frame you will not need the rest of the wall still is useful to install a new door, so carry out the work as carefully as possible.

Dismantling plastic door

Plastic and metal doors have long ceased to be a novelty, and much less likely to be seen a massive web of high-quality wood than the usual design, radiant pristine whiteness.However, for proper operation, maintenance and adjustment is necessary to know some secrets that are known not all owners of plastic doors.

most important thing - to understand the functioning of the device and the loop in which the door is held.Then you will be able to use all its potential to the maximum, self-repair or remove the entire structure.The loop consists of several elements: steel tabs frame with fixing pins, distance sleeve located between the tab and the frame.

door Removing the balcony

If you try to dismantle the plastic door on the guidelines above, you will not work.The fact that such constructions have their own particular installation and therefore disassembling, so they must be removed in a special way.


Dismantling balcony door:

  1. Remove the protective caps covering the hinge.
  2. Take a hammer and gently knock axial mechanism, the door slightly open.
  3. When the bottom edge of the axial seem mechanism, grabbed him thin pliers and pull down until it is completely out.
  4. Heel door on himself, holding it tightly with your free hand (she is quite heavy), and lift up to 5 cm in order to free the pin of the lower leg.Since these structures are not fixed at the bottom of the loop, the door can be easily removed by slightly raising and take aside.

Deontazh door

device is a plastic door is different from the balcony, so the dismantling takes place a little differently.The main difference is that the doors have a reinforced construction and are not glazed windows.


structure of loops also another - they are more powerful and have reinforced anti-burglary system.The front door has a plastic loop as many as three in the balcony - two.This is due to the fact that the door is quite heavy, and two failed loop to the load.

In principle, the dismantling procedure takes place under the same scenario as at the balcony door, the only difference is that you need help - alone to remove the front door does not work.When you lift the door off its hinges, it is necessary to firmly hold, and this can only handle two.

Removing metal door

Most new buildings apartments come with input metal doors, but, unfortunately, they seem to be reliable only at first glance.In fact it is a regular sheet steel, no reinforced and especially not having insulating properties.The owners of these apartments prefer to replace the design of new or existing warm, but first we must somehow remove the painting itself.


Removing the metal door is pretty simple:

  1. Repel plaster slope near the door to open the attachment points of gate jambs.
  2. Since modern metal doors fixed with anchor-wedges or anchor bolts, try to loosen them with a screwdriver or wrench.
  3. If the fasteners can not be, they Hollow chisel punch.
  4. between the piers and the door frame is a layer of foam - cut it with a knife, to release the door.
  5. Lift the door leaf and remove it from its hinges in an open form.
  6. Then you can remove the door frame and install a better door.

As you can see, to dismantle the old door is a snap, whether it be wood, plastic or iron.The main thing - to do everything in a measured and carefully, so as not to spoil the opening in the wall, which is still useful to install the new door.