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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make interior doors with their hands

The most common interior doors ready to buy in the store.But can they do with their hands, from the collection of material and ending with self-installation.In this case, you will know for sure that the door turned out such as you would like.


Types of designs of interior doors

main objective of the doors between the rooms - this is to isolate the room from outside noise, smells and sights.According to their design, these doors are of two types:

  1. Paneled - from the shield doors are distinguished by the presence of the frame in which the panel glass.Panels - this is the part that is selected frames, as well as closing the frame, plastic or plywood.
  2. Shield - these doors are light and thus well insulate sound.Make a door shield type very hard with his hands, not a lot of help here, and video from a master class.It is her complex structure, it consists of a smooth sheet, it can then be oblitsevat veneer.The main advantage of this type of construction is good quality at an affordable price.These doors can be installed even in the bathroom.


coating for door

coatings are different:

  1. Veneering - a sticky film of a thin layer of wood on the door leaf.The thickness of the film of 1 mm.Below the veneer is usually the substrate, and on top it is covered with varnish.Lamination
  2. - a coating on a film base by pressing the film is either made of paper or plastic.
  3. Painting - paint the door in several layers, then it will last you many years.Exactly how much depends on whether the paint quality and care of design.
  4. Toning - a varnished surface.You can use a transparent varnish and translucent.This method is very well conveys structural timber.Typically, tinting doors, which consist of hard wood, soft toned if wood, it will be apparent slightest irregularities and scratches.


Types of doors

At the door there are several varieties:

  1. Swing - it is perhaps the most famous view, which is installed in the homes.They are open to one side.They are divided into single and double leaf doors.Happens also polutorastvorchatye - is when two of the door leaf have different widths.If the door opens to the left, they are called the left, if on the contrary, the right-wing.If the room is small, such a door is better not to install, because in order to open them, you need to free space.
  2. Pendulum - a structure that can be opened in both directions.They do not often use, because they require a lot of space to open.
  3. -in Sliding Doors - Sliding doors open thanks to the rails or the inside of the wall.These doors are used if space is limited in the room.
  4. Folding - these doors when opening the fold.They are practically noiseless, thanks to the presence of bearings, which are rollers.
  5. Konushennaya - a kind of hinged structures.Previously, they were only in the stable, so that they never called.Such doors like in the western United States.The apartments Konyushennaya door put a protection from the kids.

material for interior door

A few decades ago, the doors are designed mainly wooden.Today, the industry provides a large variety of materials to choose the interior doors and perhaps a photo in the catalog.Basic materials - is:

  1. Wood - for doors between rooms often take pine, a material that looks nice and inexpensive, especially if it is covered with varnish.But he has a defect, impact may be fingerprints and scratches due to soft rock.This type of door is not suitable for rooms with high humidity.Richer looks the door of oak, beech and maple, but she is worth many times more.dveri2-500h324
  2. Artificial materials - it chipboard, MDF.Get out they are not expensive and last a long time, they are not afraid of moisture and are exposed to little deformation.eeee - 5-0255060-500h358
  3. Glass - doors with glass inserts are not only a decorative function, but also functional: through the glass into the room gets light.The glass used is different, it is recommended to use the red-hot when they are broken, it shatters into small pieces, but the man did not hurt, so they can be placed even in the nursery.
  4. Metal - door leaf, completely made of metal - a rarity in the apartments.The metal is used in most fittings and other details.buhg1zgktko - 500h344

Door Manufacturing

Make the door with his own - a complex process, but possible.There are doors that are rather complicated to manufacture.And already learned to make them, you can proceed to more complex.To work you will need:

  • roulette and chisel, glue;
  • hacksaw and screwdriver, screws;
  • sandpaper;
  • for carton board or boards, and the frame rail or rails;
  • fiberboard;
  • accessories.

To make the door no special space is not required, it can be done in any room.The procedure works:

  1. beginning of the creation of interior doors begin to determine their sizes.If the box is not the threshold, then that box that is calculated taking away within 4 mm.If the box is the threshold, the gaps should be 2 mm on three sides and the bottom 10 mm lumen.The bathroom needs to be done from the bottom of 15 mm clearance to present active ventilation.The remaining three sides to make a 2 mm gap.ustanovka_mezhkomnatnyh_dverey_svoimi_rukami_2
  2. On a sheet of hardboard is necessary to identify the pattern and the doors had two blanks, always with a sharp right angles.Material should be taken only good, be sure to see that there was no damage, otherwise you'll have to spend extra effort in the door trim.
  3. To make a frame, you need to take the pine-inch tablet.As such, it can be any, but would not rotten and damp.If the wood has some knots, or chipped, it is possible to use it, they will not affect the quality of the door.It is preferable to take it pine because it's light, but can not be rotting for years.
  4. sipped from the board two pieces that coincide with the length of the door height, which will go to the counter.And three pieces of cut off, the same as the width of the door.All Templates are well polished sandpaper the edges to remove a large pile.
  5. first workpiece put on the floor face down.Sex before this need paved with newspapers.Top billet put two frame racks and top racks three transverse beams.To obtain a rectangle, you need to put on the ends of the uprights, which are at the bottom, two cross beams.
  6. is located at the top and bottom of the door, and the place where they will handle and lock.On the spot where the castle is, the thickness of the frame must be at least 34 mm.The following key-design 5 cm put a cross beam, sticking right angles.dver_mezhkomnatnaya_plan
  7. All boards mark, paint markings at the intersection to the assembly all was as it should.Also mark and fiberboard, where are the boards of the frame, this is done to mark the place where the adhesive will be applied.
  8. remove the cross boards and drill three holes.By making connections washed down half a tree.Sheep can be simple.Gashes do very carefully, a little better finished than to saw.Then you can neatly fit a chisel.After producing thorns, you need to re-arrange all the details, despite the fact that the projections did not work.Keep in mind, collect all the items you need on a perfectly level floor or table, because after the assembly of the frame and when the glue is dry, fix something is impossible.In
  9. where fiberboard is connected to the frame, it is necessary to smear the adhesive which is intended for a tree.Also fluff hammers finishing brush, moistened with glue, and the underside of the boards, put all the elements in place.
  10. bars at the top to insert the 25 mm screws, check again whether the precise angles and tighten the need to over-tighten, as long as the cap is not performed.If you are using solid wood, then for the hats of screws you need to make additional recess drill large diameter.
  11. Apply adhesive to the upper surface of the frame and the workpiece.Put on top of the workpiece and to combine all need to put the load on top.It is possible to fix the parts to drive for 2 small cloves.
  12. Open the door with varnish or paint.


installation of interior doors

Installing interior door consists of several stages:


  1. The most important point in the installation of doors - a mounting rack.If the box will not exactly, you open the door it will be possible only with the legs.Therefore, mounting the rack, be sure to use a level.
  2. Next you need to install the hinges.
  3. doorframes to insert into the opening and fix the spacer and wedges.Check its level and fasten with screws.
  4. door hang on hinges.Check how it opens and closes.If something interferes, then remove defects.
  5. slit, which was formed between the wall and the frame need zapenit, with closed door leave that is not box blew.When the foam has hardened well, then remove the spacer.
  6. Install the door trim.
  7. Set all fittings: door handle and lock.


So all the work on the creation and installation of interior doors with their hands.As the saying goes, "the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing."