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Children's Room Design

August 12, 2017 18:07

Pirates of the Caribbean - the interior of a child's room

more interesting, original and fascinating way to equip a children's room simply does not exist!Do you agree with this statement immediately, as soon as look at photos !And the truth is: can there be something more interesting child, has become a real pirate ship with all its attributes?Arrange in a style of your child's room, and you'll see: it was the best repair option!

baby room in pirate style

child with pirates style room

idea of ​​creating a "pirate ship" in the children's bedroom belongs to the American studio Kuhl Design Build (Minneapolis), which specializes in the magical transformations of ordinary rooms into true masterpieces.At the same time to create your own "ship", you do not have to exactly replicate her ideas!There are many versions of "pirate" design, and you can use any in your child's room!Choose:

  • equipment room as the cabin on the ship,
  • design performance in a marine style with the "ship's" attributes - steering wheels, the bridge, "ladders" (you can even instead of a ladder to pull normal rope, on which will be so interesting to go down!),
  • manufacturing personal the bridge for a child or even an entire part of the ship, where you can play or hide!
The bridge for the child

The bridge for the child

latter is quite possible, if the room has a ceiling high enough, or you have the option to connect it with attic.The bridge is mounted at the top of the room, and get on it can be special shaky ladder, created in the style of the ship.And if you do that extra "room" is wide enough, it can be safely play brave captain or arrange hiding places!Only need to be concerned about the fact that it is quite durable and reliable.

Pirates of the Caribbean in the interior

Pirates of the Caribbean in the interior

In addition, "a pirate room" may include attributes such as:

  • patterns in a variety of fish and other marine life, as well as sea waves and mermaids,
  • «ship"accessories - stands, railings, furniture, as if that was borrowed from the pirate ship,
  • rope ladders,
  • ornaments in the form of ships, pirate figurines, various themed drawings.
Making children

Registration desks

pirates room Also this bedroom can be decorated with the help of artificially "aged" wood panels, inserts of decorative stone, light plastic parts ... For a child it is especially important, because this finish does not lose its kind withtime and looks and beautiful and practical at the same time!

Искусственно "состаренные" деревянные панели

artificially "made old" wooden panel

Pirate nursery

Pirate nursery

Design a child

Designed by a child's room

Descend to the house of pirates

Descent for pirates house

Caribbean ship in the nursery

Ship of the Caribbean in the nursery

addition to seaschooner, in the nursery, you can also create an atmosphere of a spaceship or a high-speed vehicle, but, believe me, it was a pirate "spirit" is the most attractive and extraordinary!Even the developers of this idea claim that they have never been able to create something more vivid, expressive and extraordinary, and if you repeat their experience, you will realize how wrong they were!And do not be surprised if you start coming to mind memories of childhood, and you suddenly want to become a child again and to play in such an amazing room!

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