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August 12, 2017 18:07

Making LED lighting stair steps

If you are a proud owner of a two-story private home or cottage, a good solution would be to make the illuminated stair steps leading to the second floor.Today, it is better to use a special diode tape, spotlights or lamps installed along the stairs.The most beautiful looks, of course, the first option, to the same strip of LEDs simply installed and connected to the network.Then we'll show you how to make LED backlight ladder tape their hands, providing all the necessary photos, videos and diagrams.

  • Step by Step Installation
  • Choosing lighting scheme
  • expect materials
  • Installation work
  • Solutions

Step by Step Installation

Choosing lighting scheme

the first thing you need to decide how to place illumination steps stairs - in the wall on the sides, bottom, through one step, over the entire width or only in the middle.Examples of lighting you can see in the photo below:

also need to decide on the LED tape management process - it will turn an ordinary light switch, motion sensor or switch-through.From this also it depends on many things.When you decide all organizational moments, you can proceed to the calculation of materials and the choice of lighting elements.

expect materials

We recommend that you do the stairs with his hands illuminated as follows:.

  1. highlighting each level is indented from the edges of at least 5 cm
  2. at the top and bottom point of the flight of stairs mounted motion sensors.
  3. lighting Work is organized on the basis of Arduino controller.
  4. Optional light barrier must be installed to the LED strip is switched on only at dusk.
  5. As for the tape, its characteristics are as follows: 60 LEDs per meter, SMD 3528, the IP degree of protection not less than 67.

Note in your case, you can use other materials.For example, if you do not want to bother with an automatic backlight and understand all elements connected to the Arduino controller, you can easily control lights via migratory circuit that significantly simplify installation and system costs.When all the materials will be counted and bought, you can proceed to installing and connecting the LED strip on the stairs with his hands.

Installation work

So, to make the built-in staircase lighting on the second floor, proceed with the following instructions:

  1. Cut LED ribbon strips of suitable length.Do not forget that you need to cut it in the designated places as shown in the photo below: Proper cutting strips
  2. Solder the wires to the terminals for connecting the lighting to the controller.You can also use special connectors to avoid wasting time on the job with a soldering iron.Using a soldering Connector
  3. Degrease steps and sticking in a suitable location LED tape.If you can not make a concealed lighting landing, you can use a special aluminum profile that protects the lamp from damage.Outdoor installation profile Flush mounting
  4. contrast bottom and top of the steps set the sensors as shown in the diagram below.For information on how to connect a motion sensor to the light, we were told in the corresponding article.The scheme of installation of the motion sensor Sensors on the wall
  5. hide all the wires in the cable channel, which are mounted either side of the wall, or under a flight of stairs.
  6. in a suitable place to make settings box, which will be the controller for intelligent control of LED backlight stairs.Office lights
  7. Putting all the elements into one system, connect the controller to a computer and load the code that can be easily found on the Internet.Wiring diagram looks like this: Driving Arduino controller Odnomarshevy type of performance half-pace design
  8. Check the correct installation and if no errors are found, make the test LED stair lighting.Set up under her light mode and enjoy the fact that you were able to do.

recommend also view the video, which more fully discussed some points concerning this issue:
Overview intelligent controller
YouTube Preview
As looks dim light
YouTube Preview

Here on such instructions can make the backlight LED ladder tape by hand.As you can see, too much trouble to install does not, however, to have in a private home was an automatic lighting levels on the second floor, it is necessary to understand the connection Arduino controller.


recommend also view photos staircase lighting ideas, to be inspired, and choose the most suitable option for their own conditions.Here we provide several options for lighting fixtures, so you know how else to make the backlight levels.

ARBs installed along a flight of stairs:

Ideas for creating outdoor lighting on wood, concrete and stone steps:

Successful use of spotlightsin the interior:

Well, the most modern and at the same time a simple solution - the use of diode tapes:

that's all that I wanted to tell youhow to make LED lighting stair steps in a private home.We hope our guide with photos and examples of schemes was useful for you!

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