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August 12, 2017 18:07

Washing machine emits a knock at work - what to do ?

Present your life without a washing machine for many is simply impossible.The slightest violation of its work may cause panic among the owners.So what happens if the laundry has become followed by a thud.We must try to identify the causes of their own, to eliminate them or to cause masters.Next, we describe why the washing machine taps at work and what to do to eliminate breakage.

  • Reasons for failure
  • What does knock

Reasons for failure

typewriter began pounding during the spin cycle?No need to panic, the cause might not be breaking!This is what happens if the laundry in the washing process got off to a ball and with his spinning tank stiralki knocks on the wall.To avoid this, the drum is necessary to lay things are different in size.It occurs a phenomenon in typewriters "last generation".The new models are already "know how" to evenly distribute the laundry in the wash.

start pounding when spinning at high speeds, "jumping" and vibrate, can not correctly installed machine.To check on top of it put the level as shown in the photo below.Having established exactly, the result can be more secure and special silicone stand under stiralku.

Setting the level of housing

If these causes knocking - not your case, then the problem is more serious with the machine.

What does knock

happens that knocks new, recently installed a washing machine, if you have not removed the transit bolts.Check the instructions on their number: unscrew all you need.

reason that bangs the drum of the washing machine during the spin cycle can be:

  • broken spring or a shock absorber.Buck with a drum hung on springs, and the bottom is mounted on shock absorbers.Over time, and spring and shock absorbers are worn and may break, fail.Then the tank is skewed and can knock on the walls or other parts.Broken springs should be replaced by a new one.But if the order came from the shock absorber, it is necessary to change both at once.If you change only one specifically the failed, the load is distributed evenly and that there was a whole swiftly it will become worthless.shock absorber
  • counterweight.On the tank washing machine is attached artificial load - counterweight.He is to wash the tank with not rocking during washing and spinning.Over time, the fasteners may become loose.Then, disassembled machine, bolts, you just need to "tighten".And if the counterweight is broken, you have to buy a new one.This failure is rare.The destruction of the counterweight

During washing knocks drum of a washing machine for the following reasons:

  • The drum might get small parts that come off the clothes, or dropped out of the pockets (bone bra, buttons, coins, etc.).During the wash, they hang between the tub and the drum, knock on them.Details need to be extracted.To do this, remove the cover of the machine, loosen the attachment or completely remove the heater.Through the hole, and you can get any obstacles;
  • Worn bearings.This can ensure, palm pressed on the drum to rotate it in different directions.If the intermittent rotation of the drum, with difficulty, it means exactly "flew" bearings.Replacing them are best left to a specialist.Change will have all the bearings and seals immediately, otherwise the others soon will break down;
  • The failed pulley.So it happens that due to prolonged use of technology weaken tightening screws or nuts.The problematic element to be detected, tighten and to great effect to fill the sealant.

reason that knocking washing machine during washing and may be a line filter, which is usually mounted on the rear wall, but during operation can unscrew.Poor Attached, it will strike the body or tank.Therefore, you will hear a knock.The filter must be well fixed.

Sometimes machine knocks at a set of water, the most likely reason is that the water inlet filter is clogged.It happens that the equipment makes a noise when taking on water, due to the strong pressure in the water.

If knocking Indesit washing machine, then keep in mind that the tank is not collapsible, and glued to the models of this brand.This means that to disassemble it and replace the item (bearings) are unlikely to succeed.It is necessary, or completely change the whole to the entire inner filling, or buy a new washing machine.

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independently identify the cause and eliminate knocking it does not always work.Therefore it is better to use professional companies "Remontehnik" services.