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August 12, 2017 18:07

How do I know there is grounded in the socket , or not?

need for verification "of the earth" in the home network may occur if you just moved into a new house or apartment, and are not sure that the protection is working.There are special measuring instruments which allow to measure the resistance of the ground loop, but their high cost.At home, make sure you have a working conductor PE can be quite simple and without additional measuring devices.Then we will tell readers site itself Electricians how to test ground in a private home or apartment with your own hands.

  • Inspection Procedure
  • Circumstantial evidence

Inspection Procedure

So, to find out whether the ground is in the house to start to turn off the electricity at the introductory panel and dismantle onefrom electrical outlets.After that you need to visually see if the yellow-green wire to the terminal on the socket is connected, as shown in the photo below:

Proper wiring

If the terminals are connected only two cores, for example, with a blue and brown insulation (zero and phaseaccording to the colors of the wires), then you have no grounding in the house or apartment.And one more thing - if between zero and the ground terminal is bridge, then up to you in the room made the vanishing of electrical wiring, is extremely dangerous.

So, for example, in screw terminals are all three of the conductor, and you want to check the serviceability of grounding in the outlet.Please recommend that you check the efficiency of the grounding multimeter circuit.It is done very simply:

  1. including power on the instrument.
  2. Switch the Tester in voltage measurement mode.
  3. Measure the voltage between phase and neutral.
  4. Perform the same measurement between phase and "earth".

In the latter case, the meter will display the voltage, a little different from the first measurement, then ground in a private home or apartment there.On board there were no numbers?The grounding circuit is missing or does not work.To learn how to use a multimeter at home, we are told in the corresponding article!

Using a multimeter

If you do not have a tester at hand, you can check the quality of the ground with a test light bulbs collected from improvised.So, do yourself a test light, you can in the following way (1 - chuck, 2 - wire, 3 - limit switches):

control print photos

Using a screwdriver indicator you need to check where the phase, and where zero.It is not always a connection socket is made according to the rules.Perhaps, who connect the contact, mixed their colors and now the phase of the blue, that is not correct.

first touch one end of the wire to the terminal phase, and the second - to zero.The test lamp should illuminate.After that, the end of the wire, which you touched zero, move the antenna to the ground (shown in the photo below).

ground mustache

If the lamp is lit - the circuit is operating, the dim light - the state of the grounding circuit is unsatisfactory.The lamp is not lit, the "land" does not work.Here it should be noted that if the circuit is protected by circuit breakers, RCDs may fire when checking the grounding reliability, which also speaks about the health of the grounding circuit.

If you touched the wires from the control print for phase and earth, but the bulb is not lit, try to move the terminal phase trailer to zero to test circuit.This is the case when there is a chance that the connection was incorrect and the phase of the wrong color.

Circumstantial evidence

Here are a few situations in the event that you can be sure that the grounding in a private house, apartment or cottage is not connected, or at least does not work:

  • water heater or washing machine beats the current;
  • when the music plays in the columns, a little noise can be heard.

also recommend that you review the video, which shows how to check the resistance of the grounding circuit special meter:
Technology "earth" test instrument
YouTube Preview

Here on thisa method can be independently check the status of the protective circuit.We hope that you now know how to check the grounding in a private home or apartment with your own hands!

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