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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wiring diagrams RGB LED strip to the network

We recently saw you how to connect the RGB LED strip to the mains.We now consider in more depth the issue - the choice of a suitable circuit elements in the circuit.Today, lighting in the interior uses a 5-meter intervals, the total length of which does not exceed 20 m, and that's a look at each of the connectivity options with an amplifier and controller.

  • 5m
  • 10m
  • 15m
  • 20m


easiest and least zataratny option - connection of the material up to 5 meters.In this case, you can do without an additional amplifier and a 12V power supply.All that is needed - 1 PSU suitable power, RGB LED controller itself material.Thus, the wiring diagram multi-color ribbon of 5 meters is as follows: Connecting controller and BP

This option is rarely used because of the small length of the conductor.It is recommended to use, if you want to carry out the original lighting on the balcony.


This length will be sufficient to cover the perimeter of a small room, for example, the corridor.If the tape capacity is not too much that you can connect two devices to a single power supply and controller.What matters is that the latter power was higher than the two fixtures.To your attention wiring diagram RGB LED strip of 10 meters:

parallel connection

If you have purchased a powerful tape (more than 60 led per meter), it is necessary to carry out installation of the amplifier and an additional power supply.In this case, the project will look like this: Installation via the amplifier


With this extension of the material is not enough without the additional RGB amplifier and power supply.It is recommended to choose a high-power device is sufficient to be enough for the service of the two segments.Typical wiring diagram RGB LED strip no more than 15 meters is as follows: Illumination with two PSU

This length will be enough to create a covert illumination of the ceiling or mounted lighting in the kitchen.


And the last, the most difficult option - connection of multicolored ribbons, up to 20 meters long.Here we recommend the following wiring diagram, with two power supplies and amplifier: The project of the 4 segments

If you choose the right option for all power chain of the constituent elements, lights will operate for a long time without any problems!If the length of the material even more (30, 35 meters, etc.), we must act in the same spirit - add amps, and power supply.Visually see the process of connecting you to the video below:

How to connect wires
YouTube Preview

That's all most popular connection diagrams RGB tape with an amplifier and controller for 220 V!Select the most suitable option and proceed to the connection of wires.Nothing complicated assembly work is not what you can see by the article to which we referred at the beginning!

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