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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wiring plan, double outlet

One type is a double outlet - there are two electric "point" connection in a single case, which are powered by the same group of conductors: phase and ground zero.Sometimes electricians newcomers there are small difficulties associated with connecting conductors.To readers of "electrician himself" knew how to correctly implement the wiring, then we will provide a simple wiring diagram of double-outlet with earth and without it (in the two-wire network).

So, the first, and most important for you scheme is as follows:

wiring lived

As you can see, it's pretty simple.The main thing is to observe the rules of connecting veins, which everyone should know the electrician: "ground" is connected to the central terminal, a zero on the right, and the phase - to the left.It should be noted that the grounding pin must be centered, but the other two can be reversed, nothing wrong with that.Wiring plan, double outlet without grounding looks exactly the same, only the PE wire is connected is not, and therefore the central terminal must be free.

In that case, if you decide not to use a double hull and double variant (not to be confused now understand why), connection cables will look different.Dual socket (also can be called collected) - these are two separate electrical point in neighboring cutting grooves and connected together with jumpers (loops).

Wiring dual sockets with grounding looks like: On the ground

If your house two-wire network (without land), then in this case the connection of the twin sockets should be under the scheme without grounding: Two-wire grid 220

Please note that you can only use a jumper in the event that points to the power will be connected too powerful appliances.Otherwise, you need to create an offshoot of the wires on each product from the distribution box.

That's all that concerns the circuit connecting the double sockets.As you can see, is really nothing complicated electrical work there, and connecting two points earlier can handle even those who are not in touch with electricity!The only thing that I would like to tell you at last - buy quality products from manufacturers such as Legrand (Legrand), the ABB and Schneider electric (Schneider Electric).These companies produce products that will last a long time and without creation of an emergency!

also recommend reviewing the visual video tutorial on connecting the consignment and the inner socket:

Surface housing
YouTube Preview
Flush mounting
YouTube Preview
Using loop
YouTube Preview

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