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August 12, 2017 18:07

Rating refrigerators manufacturers for quality and reliability

People can not imagine my life without home appliances and, perhaps, the refrigerator is in first place on the demand of all the household items.This is an expensive commodity that is bought for a long time, and it must meet the most stringent requirements.If you have decided to make such an important purchase, we offer to get acquainted with a rating of the best manufacturers of refrigerators in 2016.

  • Atlanta
  • Candy
  • Samsung
  • Indesit
  • Electrolux
  • Bosch
  • Liebherr


We could not be included in our list of manufacturersreliable and good company Atlant refrigerators.It is the most popular brand of domestic production, which has available single-chamber and dual-chamber model.Atlant produces cheap home appliances, which in quality and reliability in no way inferior to imported.In any case, the choice really is best if you are looking for a durable fiscal fridge which is not imposed any special requirements.By the way, a new excellent design will be enjoyed by the majority of customers.It opens the domestic manufacturer and the rating took a respectable 7th place.



next line in the ranking of the best refrigeration equipment takes quite known Italian firm Candy.The brand produces good refrigerators, quality and reliability of which is impossible to find fault.Each device is tested on a mandatory basis, so perfectly able to work in all conditions.Also, a huge plus is the low noise level and good design of each model.The disadvantage is a fairly high price of goods.The cost of two-chamber appliances from Candy maker starts from 18 000 and up to 70 000 rubles.In any case, the opinion of experts uniquely - it's worth it!Kandy


Almost manufacturer Samsung is present in every ranking of household appliances.Average price category, stylish design that sets it apart from other Samsung companies, and the quality is definitely worthy of this brand gives the right to be in the top 7 best refrigerators in 2015 and 2016.Also, the firm models are virtually silent operation, easy to defrost the system and maintaining the same temperature on all shelves.The advantage is a large selection of high-quality refrigerators, as a premium.and economy class.At the same time, you do not have to overpay for the Samsung brand, value for money and they have almost perfect.That is why this brand is one of the leading sales in Russia.Samsung


Domestic company Indesit appliances are very common in the Russian market, and they also fall in our ranking of the best producers.The models differ in quality and assembly is quite adequate price.There are good embedded appliances, which are very popular with consumers.The opinion of experts and buyers of this company for the most part positive.Great demand good economy-class model and that of the availability of Indesit enters the ranking of the best manufacturers of refrigerators.Another feature is the presence of the company Indesit in the catalog of beautiful models of several colors, including "under the tree", so that the refrigerators of this mark will be a stylish look to any kitchen.Indes


bronze place in the ranking of manufacturers of refrigerators for the home takes firm Electrolux.Best Swedish brand of household appliances has become famous thanks to the economical power consumption and high quality European assembly.Food in the refrigerator of the brand for a long time remain fresh, thanks to a good cooling system.Also, in many models have fresh zone for fruit and vegetables, built-in water filter.Exposed temperature inside the appliance is maintained over the entire space, which makes it a reliable assistant in your kitchen.Manufacturers have taken care of the issue as the volume of products for large families who are called Side by Side, and small units, suitable for cottages.Reviews about Electrolux models mostly positive, what you can see for yourself on special websites or forums on the Internet.Electrolux


One of the best brands of refrigerators on the quality and reliability of a German manufacturer Bosch, which is ranked 2nd in the rankings.The company follows the latest trends and adds to their model, all modern technologies.That Bosch has developed a system freeze-dried or No Frost, which is now very popular.They have patented a special technique AgION, which provides a powerful defense against bacteria, thanks to a special coating with silver ions.In addition, models of the brand is very economical in power consumption, as well as easy to use and wash.Laconic design, ergonomics and a wide range of products makes Bosch an expert in their field.If you opt out of our ranking of this particular manufacturer, you will not regret.The high price justifies the present German quality and durability.Boche


No matter how good the previous company, but for many years the quality and reliability of refrigerator manufacturer Liebherr has no equal in the world.This is the absolute leader is not only ours, but also all sorts of other ratings.Legendary German brand produces annually more than 1 500 000 models and each of them can be called a "work of art".Appliances of this brand by the absence of noise, long life (up to 25 years of continuous operation), and of course, top quality.In the arsenal of the company lots of different models - one-and two-chamber product, including Side by Side, with the function No Frost, special machines for wine and much more.If you want to choose the best refrigerator manufacturer, we recommend to buy it Liebherr and it is unequivocally in the first place.Liebherr

There are other good firms, which were not included in the top 7 best manufacturers.For example, the popular brands such as the NORD, LG, Whirlpool , Gorenje and Japanese Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba.Also available with yet another top-rated models of refrigerators on the video:

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We provide you list of the best manufacturers of refrigerators in 2016.Choose a well-known company with a good reputation and not have to pay for costly repairs.This durable household appliances, which is able to serve you for many years without any unpleasant surprises.

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